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Whether you have rubbish from the garden or your yard, redundant electronics or furniture, building waste and rubble or other unwanted rubbish, it’s will no doubt to get in your way. There is a fast and efficient answer. Junk Removal Wirral provide a quick and cost-effective service in Birkenhead to get rid of all that unwanted rubbish. We are a full-service junk and rubbish removal solution, dealing with and removing all your unwanted rubbish, so you don’t have to worry about it. Just point, and rubbish disappears!

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Junk Removal has the solution for your old electronics. We take that responsibility for the safe and responsibly disposal of your old electronic items. We ensure your old and unwanted electronics get to the recycling centre and not the landfill.

What Kind of Rubbish Do We Take? In addition to electronic recycling, we also take care of all other rubbish removal in Birkenhead, provided the rubbish is non-hazardous and can be handled by out team.

We can handle residential rubbish like broken electronics and old furniture, commercial rubbish including office equipment and construction rubble and waste.

Renovating a rental property? No problem; Junk Removal can provide a fast and efficient waste disposal service throughout your project. We are happy to help. Here are some examples of the stuff we’ll take off your hands for you:

  • Old beds, mattresses and box springs
  • Old computers
  • Broken appliances such as old refrigerators
  • Old scrap metal and car parts
  • Unwanted or unused toys
  • Broken and outdated electronics
  • And much, much more!

    Full-Service Solution

    We offer a one stop rubbish removal solution. When you have junk that you need to have collected and taken away, simply give us a call and we’ll take care of it.

    We’ll visit your property, look at the job and get on with taking it out of any room in your house, even the front and back garden or yard. Show us what you need. and let us get the job done!


    We pride ourselves in being highly comparative. We let you know he rates and charges before we start working, and we only charge for the space your junk takes up in our trucks. This enables us to be completely transparent with our pricing.

    We have professional, dependable staff what hard work means. When our team arrives, they will get the job done quickly leaving the place clean and tidy.


    We want to ensure as little of your junk as possible gets to the landfill. – whether it’s electronic waste, scrap metal, or old office equipment – we look to get as much of your junk recycled as possible.

    Contact Us Today!

    Whether the job is big or small, we are here to help you manage your junk and rubbish removal. For more information about Birkenhead’s best junk removal services and how to get us working for you today 0151 808 0407.

    We will remove pretty much anything two strong people can carry: old fridges, appliances, old mattresses, furniture, garden waste, and building and renovation waste.

    Whatever junk removal you need to get rid of from your home or business, if it’s not hazardous material, generally we can take it away for you. We can even provide same-day service for your immediate junk removal requirements

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