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Maybe your business in Chester is moving to a new office. During the moving process you realize there is lots of rubbish, redundant equipment and furniture that doesn’t need to be moved. What are you going to do with the old desks and work stations, out of date computer monitors, office chairs and screens?

Why not call Junk Removal Wirral. We will give you a free quotation, and quickly clear out a any unwanted items from your old work premises. We will look to recycle a number of redundant items from your office, including furniture, VDU’s, computer towers, and cubicles.

House Clearance Chester

Many of our customers in the Chester area have used us to clear their homes when they need to vacate and not everything is going to the new property. We can quickly remove most items whether inside and outside of the property.

When you are moving, whether this is your home or your business premises, this is the time to have a clear out. That’s where we can help. We will clear all those unwanted items and then, recycle as many items as possible to avoid them landing up in the landfill.

We work quickly and efficiently so you can meet your deadlines. Our team want to get the job done. We know this is more of a problem for you and we can provide the solution. All you need to do is pick up the phone and we will provide a free estimate and start work as soon as possible.

We know every home and office has redundant items that need to go. If they were removed, then it would provide you with more space and the property would be more usable. For example, is there a store room or office which is known as the dumping room, where all the rubbish gets dumped and forgotten about. Out of site out of mind. Most places have one. You know it needs dealing with but that can just gets kicked down the road! Why not pick up the phone today and get it sorted?

Start to take your property back. Get rid of the junk and rubbish and start use your home, office, shed or garage again! Contact us today!

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  • ” First time using a service like this, great experience! ”

    Dionna – Mollington

  • ” We want to thank the team for doing an excellent job, very efficient. ”

    Corliss – Sealands

  • ” Some friends recommended JRW to us. Great service, glad we listened to their advice. ”

    Isaura – Hoole

  • ” The movers did everything as promised, everything went smoothly. ” 

    Cleora – Chester

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