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May 15, 2020
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House Clearance Wirral

There are many reasons why your house would need a clean out, and these could include your packing up and moving house, you cleaning out a residential property for rental, you may be organizing a house clearance for a deceased relative,  or you may feel that your house needs a good spring clean.  

You may wish to make use of the services of a house clearance company if the job is too much for you to tackle on your own. These services can include furniture removal, appliance pickup and residential junk removal. For an entire household of goods, you may need to use a larger furniture removal company to assist you in your home cleanout. But if the job is not too large, a “man and van” such as our operation  will be able to assist you. If your possessions can be moved by two men and a van, we are all you need. 

 A house clearance can be made simpler and easier for yourself by following a few basic procedures. 


  • Decide what to save and what to junk

Once you have decided to go ahead with a house clearance, your next step will be to sort through your possessions and decide which you will keep, which you want to sell or give away, and which ones are past redemption and belong in the trash. While you are going through your belongings you will most probably come across items that you had forgotten you ever owned and this is the perfect opportunity for you to throw out your accumulated junk and clutter in order to bring some organization into your home and life. 

As far as your clothes are concerned, professional organisers suggest that if you have not worn an item of your clothing for a year it is time to get rid of it. Your unwanted clothing in good condition is perfect to donate to thrift shops or to a charity. Your children’s clothes can also be donated to thrift shops or even to friends with smaller children who may be able to put them to good use. Baby clothes and baby equipment like car seats, cots, and strollers that your baby has outgrown, are popular with buyers, and will sell easily online.

Staying with children’s items, toys can accumulate at an alarming rate, and clutter up a home very quickly. But fortunately, they are quite easy to sell online. Parents are often very happy to buy second hand, as new toys are expensive, so any toys like construction toys, Lego, anything with wheels, dolls, cars, etc. that your child has grown out of, will be snapped up online.

When disposing of magazines, make a blanket decision that any magazines older than 3 months are tossed and together with any unwanted books, are donated to thrift shops or you could possibly sell them to a secondhand book shop. 

Kitchen equipment can make for cluttered drawers in your kitchen. Unwanted old plastic containers take up a lot of space in cupboards and will need to be sorted through, during a spring clean. Be ruthless in throwing out any duplicate items or items without lids. Be ruthless with smaller appliances that no longer work, or that you have duplicates of. These smaller items of household junk can all be disposed of easily through recycling depots or donating them to charities and thrift shops.


  • Larger junk items

If you are getting rid of items of furniture or replacing kitchen appliances, you will probably need furniture removal services for these larger items. Your old couch and chairs will need to be in good condition and have a fire safety certificate if you plan on donating it. Otherwise our house clearance team can assist you with disposing of unwanted old furniture removal, either recycling it or disposing of it correctly. As a last resort we would take it to the landfill, as we believe in protecting our environment and ensuring that as many items as possible are reused and recycled. 

We also specialize in kitchen appliance removal and you can rest assured and have peace of mind that we dispose of them correctly. Other bulky item removals we undertake are mattress removal, and we can even organize air conditioner disposal. Our motto is no mess, no fuss, and your rubbish is gone. 


  • Reputation of the House Clearance Company

It is important that you ensure the house clearance company you are planning on using is professional and reputable. If someone offers you cheap trash removal at an exceptionally low price, please be aware that they are probably dodgy fly-tippers who dispose of the rubbish illegally and with no regard to the environment. Another reason to avoid these rogue clearance companies is that if they are caught fly-tipping your junk, you personally will be liable for the fine for this illegal dumping.

Here are some signs that the company you are dealing with is reputable:

  • Registered as a licensed waste carrier with the local authorities
  • Hold up-to-date insurance including trade public liability insurance
  • Display their registered company number and VAT registration number if applicable. 
  • An invoice with their company details, and information where they are disposing of your home junk
  • Honest, independent reviews from previous customers

At Junk Removal Wirral we take great pride in putting our customers’ needs first.  We are customer driven and we treat our customers with the respect they deserve. Our aim is to do what we promise, in a timeous manner and at a fair price. We will carry out your house clearance with minimal disruption to your life. And we will ensure that we clear up after ourselves. So, if two people can handle what you wish to throw away, we can do it for you. We have the highest safety standards without affecting your insurance risk. Our reviews say it all!

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