House Cleanout, Selective Demolition and Strip Out, Wirral

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House Cleanout, Selective Demolition and Strip Out, Wirral

House Cleanout, Selective Demolition and Strip Out, Wirral

If you have been considering a makeover of some rooms in your home, you will probably need to remove existing fixtures, and some of the structures first. The mess will result in an inconvenience to your routine and even a small demolition job requires thorough planning if you wish to achieve the outcome you desire. Any demolition results in quantities of waste and rubble that must be removed.


What is a Strip Out? 

The selective demolition or strip out method is used when the existing structure has a suitable outer shell, but the interior needs to be renovated or refurbished. Strip out works are popular with the remodeling of kitchens and bathrooms as the outer shell is kept, but the entire layout is redesigned. The waste removed includes old tiles, shelving, flooring, and cupboard shells. Demolition usually happens while the normal daily activities of the home carry on, so it is important to plan carefully for as short a time-frame as possible, to minimize the discomfort that you will go through. We at Junk Removal Wirral are professionals at hauling away waste from demolitions. We will help you work out a timeline to remove your waste as your renovation unfolds. This will avoid a buildup of rubbish that could interfere with your renovation. 


Stripping the Kitchen 

As the saying goes, ‘kitchens and bathrooms sell houses’. A sleek, well designed kitchen adds real value to your home and an upgrade will not be money wasted. The creation of a modern kitchen that opens to your living areas is the style that appeals to most people. To create this open plan space requires the breaking down of walls and possibly the repositioning of plumbing and electrical points. These specialized tasks will require the services of a licensed professional, but other basic tasks such as removing work tops, cupboards, chipping off wall tiles and floor tiles, can be carried out by yourself. 

Because a kitchen is in daily use you would wish for this job to be completed as fast as possible.  At Junk Removal Wirral we can remove your breakout waste quickly and neatly, and sometimes, even on the same day you call us. We are also experts at removing your appliances like ovens, microwaves, refrigerators, dishwashers and washing machines. 

For difficult and complex demolitions, and any work on water, power, or gas connections we would recommend you use a qualified contractor. 


Bathroom Strip Outs

A beautiful bathroom will add value to your home so is a useful upgrade to undertake. Careful, forward planning will ensure that you have your new bathroom fixtures and tiles that need to be fitted, ready and waiting on site for when they are needed. Remodeling a bathroom is a job you will wish to complete as quickly as possible. Renovating a bathroom is a difficult, messy job requiring specialist skills such as tiling, plumbing, and fitting lights. You can save some money by removing tiles yourself but the other jobs of removing bathroom fixtures and sanitary-ware is best left to the professionals. Some of the breakout items may be recycled to secondhand dealers for resale. Junk Removal Wirral can assist with your waste removal, and our speciality includes hot tub removal. We can haul away old cupboards, toilets, basins, and shower partitions. You will be left with a clean, empty shell for your bathroom installation to begin.   


General, small demolitions around the house

The items removed in a strip out may be in good enough condition to recycle, so remove them carefully as there is sure to be someone out there who can use them. This includes old appliances and bathroom fixtures. 

There are some small demolitions that you may manage to do yourself. We can collect the waste materials either for recycling or disposal. These include:

  • Shed cleanout or demolition
  • Metal, wood, wire, or plastic fence demolition
  • Renovating the wood, metal, or roof sheets on your patio
  • Removing rubble from your garage cleanout
  • Any other internal household strip outs


Useful tips for recycling strip out materials


  • Fixtures and fittings


Dismantle fixtures and fittings carefully by unscrewing the components without destroying them. Keep cupboard handles and door handles as these can also be recycled. Our team can assist you with removing these items for recycling.


  • Concrete and masonry


Builders rubble like concrete and masonry can be reused for filling in surfaces like driveways to level them out. Otherwise our team can haul away this waste and dispose of it in a responsible manner.


  • Doors and windows


Remove doors and windows by trying not to break the glass in the windows and scratching the woodwork. This will ensure they keep their value as there is a ready market for used doors and windows at yard sales and online shopping markets. 

  • Wood products

Used wooden beams and hardwood floorboards are easy to recycle and are sought after by DIY enthusiasts and interior designers, as using these in a design adds instant character. The better the condition of your wood, the more value it will have. So, it is worth removing it as carefully as possible if you wish to recycle it.


DIY or Contractors: Being Moneywise

People are spending more time at home, due to working from home and the extended self-isolation during Covid-19. This has led to an increase in all kinds of DIY activities around the house. It is very tempting to have a shot at a strip out yourself, as you will save money, but it depends on the complexity of the job, whether you have the correct tools or if you need any extra manpower to get the job done. Sometimes it will save you a lot of hassle if you hire a contractor, especially if the job is big, and it could be money well spent. 

Junk Removal Wirral will collect all the waste and junk from your demolition site. We have the correct license to dispose of waste responsibly. We recycle where we can and with as little junk as possible landing up in the landfill, we care as much as you do for our environment.  

We work to your schedule, and can manage waste collections after hours if that suits you better. We are your local junk removal company in Wirral, Liverpool, and Chester.  Please call us today for a free no obligation quote.


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