small home office with green wall paint
Home Office Cleanout, Wirral
July 7, 2020
blocks of recyled and disposed metals for reuse
Responsible Recycling of Metals, Wirral
August 10, 2020
small home office with green wall paint
Home Office Cleanout, Wirral
July 7, 2020
blocks of recyled and disposed metals for reuse
Responsible Recycling of Metals, Wirral
August 10, 2020

Construction Debris Removal Wirral

Large construction projects or smaller home renovations that involve excavations and demolitions generate construction waste that needs to be hauled away. Construction waste contributes over a third of the UK's total yearly waste with 25 million tonnes of construction waste destined for landfills. For a construction to progress, this waste needs to be removed without the building activities being interrupted. 

This is where Junk Removal Wirral can assist you. We collect and dispose of your construction waste in Wirral and surrounding areas. We supply a hauling service to remove your construction waste and we can dispose of it in a responsible manner.

About a quarter of construction materials used in a project become waste. The purpose of keeping as much of this waste out of landfills is to avoid potential damage to our environment. Below are ways of dealing with construction waste. 


Ways of Dealing with Construction Waste

The trash that collects on the construction site comes from the process of demolition and building. Demolition results in substantial pollution and generates a huge amount of construction debris, so focus on deconstruction instead, to recover as much usable material as possible.

 There are ways of reusing and recycling this construction debris.

  • Wood or lumber is one of the largest components of construction debris. But it can easily be reused or recycled.
  • Bricks, cement, concrete scraps, and other masonry can be crushed and reused to make bases for roads, paths and leveling out floors.
  • Metal and steel scrap can be separated and kept aside for recycling.
  • Cardboard and paper used for packaging building materials can be recycled.
  • Plastic waste can easily be recycled.
  • Separate glass waste, and recycle safely.

There are some construction debris that are hazardous, and need special care when disposing of it. Your junk removal company will be able to assist you.

  • Plasterboards are often found in construction debris and need to be hauled away by your junk removal company.
  • Cables with oil, coal, or tar contaminants
  • Any insulation containing asbestos or gypsum materials
  • Oil based paint or varnish remover

When dealing with construction debris, the items that are classified as hazardous must be separated from those that aren’t. 


Reducing Your Construction Waste

Always consider which waste materials are reusable or recyclable before you dispose of any construction debris. The waste management hierarchy (seen below) should be applied to how you deal with your waste.

  • Reduce
  • Reuse
  • Recycle
  • Dispose

If you focus on how your business will minimize construction waste by reducing, reusing, or recycling, before you dispose, you will find planning your methods for managing waste is considered best practice in the industry.


How to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Construction Waste

Always select to reduce construction waste, but sometimes if this isn’t possible then look for ways to reuse or recycle.

  • Reduce waste by buying carefully. For example, buy pipes and timber in the correct lengths to reduce the offcuts from cutting them to size. Use pre-cut materials in standard lengths that will not need cutting and fitting. This ensures that any leftover materials are not dumped in the landfill.
  • Reuse materials like doors, windows, and roof tiles in another project. Another way to reuse materials is to support manufacturers who allow you to return packaging for reuse. 
  • Recycle a large volume of your construction waste, including metal, paper, plastic, glass and more. Separate your recyclable waste so that it can easily be removed. Your waste management contractor such as Junk Removal Wirral will be able to advise you on how to recycle as much as possible. 

There are programmes for the responsible, sustainable, disposal of construction waste once you have reduced, reused, and recycled.

  • Prevention: the laws governing the disposal of construction debris prevent illegal dumping and fly tipping. Junk Removal Wirral is a licensed waste removal company that will dispose of your construction debris in a responsible manner. 
  • Minimization is a process which prevents waste from being generated in the first place and revolves around Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. 
  • Recovery is where waste is recycled or reused to make other useful products and this can lead to saving the costs of obtaining new materials.


Who Can Help Reduce Construction Waste?

Because there are so many specialized roles in the construction industry, it is important to involve each one in a waste management plan for a building project. Here are some of the role players and how they can help with the reduction of construction waste.

  • Developers take the biggest risk for a new development and are acutely aware of the overall cost of the project. Budget is of the utmost importance for them and they are likely to include a waste management plan to reduce, reuse and recycle to save as much money as possible.
  • Architects can control the amount of construction waste as their cost estimates will form the basis of the construction budget. They can keep tabs on costs and keep waste percentages under control.
  • Designers influence the way the project will look, can influence that new technology and energy-saving products are used in the project, and are most likely to be mindful of reusing and recycling items.
  • Builders and other contractors who are responsible for the demolition and construction of the project need to focus on minimizing construction waste and must be motivated to manage construction waste carefully. The cost of the removal of uncontrolled construction waste can mount up quickly.
  • Town planners are aware of the rules governing the disposal of construction waste and can ensure that any plans submitted comply with these environmental concerns.


Benefits of Reducing Levels of Construction Waste

  • A successful waste management plan will keep costs down by reducing the amount of waste to be disposed of. This will save you money and increase the profitability of the project.
  • Reducing the amount of construction debris will save our landfills from harmful deposits. 
  • Our environment will benefit from the decrease in construction debris, and this assists our communities with long term advantages of disposing of this waste in a sustainable manner. 


Why Choose Junk Removal Wirral

At Junk Removal Wirral we specialize in the collection and disposal of all kinds of waste. We can remove your construction waste and debris in the Wirral, Chester, Liverpool, and Ellesmere Port area. We are a licensed waste removal company and you can be assured we are as committed to a clean environment as you are. Please contact us for a free, no obligation quote. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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