blocks of recyled and disposed metals for reuse
Responsible Recycling of Metals, Wirral
August 10, 2020
men packing furniture into a vehicle for recycle or removal
Bulky Trash Removal, Wirral
August 16, 2020
blocks of recyled and disposed metals for reuse
Responsible Recycling of Metals, Wirral
August 10, 2020
men packing furniture into a vehicle for recycle or removal
Bulky Trash Removal, Wirral
August 16, 2020

Hoarder Rubbish Removal, Wirral

Most people are hoarders to a certain extent as we all tend to keep items that no longer serve any purpose, whether it is because we have a sentimental attachment to the article, or an attitude of just in case we may need it one day. But at the opposite end of the scale are the compulsive hoarders who accumulate so much stuff that it has a negative impact on their lives. Although their homes are packed from top to bottom with mess, they struggle to throw anything out. This is the picture that comes to mind when we think of a typical hoarder, and these are the hoarders we see on TV shows. But even your typical hoarder started somewhere.

Below are some signs that suggest you may have hoarding tendencies and need to change your habits with relation to any type of waste.

  • Difficulty in throwing away old items

If you find you are keeping all your old, used items instead of throwing them away when you have no further use for them, this could be a sign you are becoming a hoarder. If your old clothes, for example, are piling up and turning your house into an untidy mess, filling every available cupboard, it may be time to take stock and stop hanging onto stuff you never wear. Even if the item is of sentimental value and reminds you of a certain time of your life, if it has no practical use, it may be time to get rid of it and move on with your life. 


  • Uncomfortable when friends or family visit

If you have stacks of books, newspapers, clothes, and other items cluttering up every surface of your house, you may start feeling embarrassed when people visit. Your house is full of clutter, making it difficult to clean properly which is very off-putting for visitors when they are confronted with a dirty, smelly house. Hoarding affects our social lives negatively. 


  • Storing broken appliances and electronic equipment

If you keep every appliance or electronic equipment that breaks because you will fix it one day, suddenly you’ll find you are swamped with equipment that no longer works. A rule of thumb is that if you cannot fix it the minute it breaks, you probably won’t go back to it, so get rid of it. 


  • Find items in your fridge that have expired

Having a fridge packed to the brim with expired and mouldy items is a habit that needs attention. Rotten food is full of bacteria and mould and is dangerous for your health. It can also contaminate any fresh food you store in your fridge. A good habit is to clear your fridge of expired items before you head to the grocery store. 


  • Duplicate items

If you use your duplicate items, then obviously you are not a hoarder. But if they remain unused and are just taking up space, then it is time to rethink. Do you really need 10 wooden spoons? Or those mismatched glasses taking up valuable storage space in your kitchen cupboard?

Hoarding has become a well-known, recognised personality disorder through the popularity of various shows on TV. The extreme case of a clinically diagnosed compulsive hoarder personality does require professional help, but for some of us who are not extreme, but who still hang on to our clutter, we need to overcome this tendency to collect and stockpile huge amounts of stuff to make our lives easier. We may not be compulsive hoarders but accumulating too many things around the house can have a negative impact on our health and on our personal and family relationships. 


Why We Hoard

  • We hang on to stuff for sentimental reasons

We hang on to items that we associate with memories including things that we may have an emotional attachment to, for example, junk from your old parental home. But hanging on to this old stuff can be emotionally stifling and limit your own development. Getting rid of it, on the other hand, can be personally liberating.


  • We lack home management skills

If you are overwhelmed with junk, it is almost impossible to keep your household under control and well organized. This can lead to the stress of never being able to find anything or you may lose or misplace important papers. By removing the junk and getting better organised, you can save yourself a lot of stress.


  • We are addicted to buying stuff

We buy stuff we have no practical use for, and buying more and more adds to the clutter, especially if you never get rid of anything. Stuff you don’t really need ends up becoming junk, taking up precious space, leaving none for the things that matter. You struggle to toss anything you paid good money for, resulting still in more clutter. This can have a harmful effect on your life and lead to financial, social, and emotional problems.


The Dangers of Hoarding

  • The dangers of hoarding are not only psychological. Piles of belongings stacked inside your house can lead to accidents like tripping and falling, which is dangerous to older family members.
  • Piles of newspapers and magazines can pose a serious fire hazard.
  • Dust and mould covering all this junk can cause serious deterioration of air quality in your house. Overcrowding of stuff collects dust, and over the years this stuff will decay slowly and collect mould. Bad air quality is detrimental to humans and pets, leading to breathing and respiratory problems. 
  • Hoarding of old foodstuffs, either in the fridge or the pantry, will lead to a stinking house as well as pose a health hazard to all who live in it, encouraging rodent and bug infestation. 


If you decide it is time for action against years of hoarding, please call us at Junk Removal Wirral. We are your local junk guys and service the areas of Wirral, Chester, Liverpool, and Ellesmere Port.  We are ready for your home junk removal and can help you get rid of your clutter. We offer a same day service if you need us urgently. We also offer house cleanout services after hours and on weekends if this suits you. 

We collect any type of hoarded waste whether it is a deceased estate, basement cleanout, or bulk trash removal. Our professional team is courteous, and we will clean up the area we have removed the junk from. We recycle what we can as we are actively committed to keeping our environment clean, and any objects which cannot be recycled or reused will be disposed of responsibly.

Please contact us for a free, no obligation quote.

Wirral & Liverpool: 01518 080407

Chester: 01244 953100


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