men packing furniture into a vehicle for recycle or removal
Bulky Trash Removal, Wirral
August 16, 2020
person sorting junk trash for proper disposal and removal
Waste Management at Home, Wirral
September 27, 2020
men packing furniture into a vehicle for recycle or removal
Bulky Trash Removal, Wirral
August 16, 2020
person sorting junk trash for proper disposal and removal
Waste Management at Home, Wirral
September 27, 2020

Estate Cleanout, Wirral

Experiencing the death of a loved one is something we all are faced with at some stage of our life. We need to take time to mourn the lost family member during this difficult time. Where the deceased person has left possessions including a house, someone must deal with the tough task of an estate cleanout.   

The “executor” or “administrator” of an estate is the legal authority who deals with the administering the estate according to the Will of the deceased. Assets will be gathered, debts paid, and the estate is then shared out with the beneficiaries named in the Will. Unwanted assets may be sold or donated. 

This is a difficult time for everyone involved, but when faced with the task of removing and disposing of some belongings and items, Junk Removal Wirral are a licensed waste removal company and can assist you when you need us. 


Deceased Estate Rubbish Removal

When you are sorting through the possessions of a person who has passed away, we at Junk Removal Wirral are able to help with the removal and disposal of these items. Our trained team will remove any items for you in an efficient manner. Let us relieve you of the stress of this emotionally difficult task by helping you with a deceased’s estate removal. 

Just arrange a suitable date and time with us, and we will be there punctually. We will load all types of unwanted goods and remove them with minimal disruption to you. 


Here’s some advice to assist you when packing up a deceased’s estate.

  • Valuables and Personal Belongings

Our company Junk Removal Wirral serves areas including Chester, Liverpool, and Ellesmere Point. Our team is trained to be courteous when dealing with customers, and to treat you with understanding and sympathy while you undertake the difficult task of emptying a house of the personal belongings of someone you were emotionally attached to. 

Our advice would be to identify the important belongings that have sentimental value to you, and you wish to keep. Once these are packed up, we can transport them somewhere for safe storage. Separate the household goods that you wish would be divided up amongst the family and those that must be disposed of.


  • Small Items in an Estate Cleanout

Items from the garage, or stored in cupboards, can be sorted into piles. Small appliances, kitchen equipment, books, and clothes can be donated to a charity, thrift shop, or donated to a worthy cause. 

Old tools and gardening equipment such as grass cutters, rakes, and spades, are sought after items and can be donated to secondhand shops.

Any old paint tins, broken appliances, and items that are too old to be recycled are what we can help you with. We can remove all these unwanted items and dispose of them in a responsible manner.


  • Large Items in an Estate Cleanout

Old furniture and appliances that are no longer required but may still be working can be recycled. We are a company that is committed to recycling as many items as possible and we can help you with removing these heavy items and delivering them to secondhand or thrift shops that can sell them for you. 


  • Clean Up of Waste 

We at Junk Removal Wirral will always ensure that we leave the area we removed rubbish from, clean and tidy for you after we have removed all the waste. Our aim is to keep as much waste out of our landfills as possible, so that as much as possible of your unwanted estate waste, will be recycled for reuse.


Why Clear A Deceased’s Estate Early?

  • To guard against vandalism or theft

While the property remains empty during the wait for the estate to be wound up, there is a chance that it could be broken into and valuables stolen. If the property is being shown to prospective buyers there is also a chance that items could disappear as not everyone has the best motives. This is one of the reasons to get this cleanout done as soon as possible to prevent these kinds of things from happening. 


  • Limit the emotional anxiety

It is important to minimize the stress and depression that can take its toll on you during this emotional time, as the cleanout of the deceased estate may seem like a mountain you have to climb. Avoid unnecessary stress by delegating as much of clearing out and hauling junk away to us at Junk Removal Wirral. We realise the importance of getting this difficult cleanout done quickly and efficiently.


  • To locate persons with interest in the deceased estate

It is advisable to invite all beneficiaries of the estate to identify items they wish to keep early in the estate cleanout so that you know what is left over. By sorting out the balance of the goods, valuable ones can be sold, others donated or disposed of. Decisions about the property itself, its value, and whether to sell or rent it out, can be made once the estate is wound up.


  • Safeguard important items

You can ensure the safety of all items of value such as old photographs, jewellery, antiques, and electronic equipment by starting the cleanout early. 


  • Take an inventory for advertising for sale

By making an inventory of all the items you wish to sell early in the process will give you more time to make the best decision on how to go about selling these goods. Selling in a hurry often means settling for a lower offer. This also ensures that the value of items do not depreciate through lack of care or infestations by rodents. 


The administrator of the estate has a difficult duty in dealing with all the legalities of cleaning out an estate. Emotions may run high and cleaning out the property of a loved one is never pleasant. Therefore, it is advisable to hire a professional company to help you.


At Rubbish Removal Wirral we are committed to removing and disposing of your estate waste in a respectful manner. We offer a professional service, arrive punctually at a time agreed upon, and clean up after ourselves.

Please call us for a free, no obligation quote.

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