local waste removal company wirral
Why Stay Local with Waste Removal – Wirral
November 23, 2020
landfills and responsible waste management
What you Should Know About Landfills – Wirral
November 27, 2020
local waste removal company wirral
Why Stay Local with Waste Removal – Wirral
November 23, 2020
landfills and responsible waste management
What you Should Know About Landfills – Wirral
November 27, 2020

Why do we need to make the change in our lives and go green to benefit both our immediate environments and then ultimately, the rest of the world? 

Our world is in trouble from the overwhelming amount of all types of waste that we throw out. One way this is manifested is in global warming and the resultant disruptive weather patterns recorded not only in our country, but all over the world. One of the main culprits is single use plastic, but it is definitely not the only one. 

The good news is that by making some changes, we can all do our bit to make a difference to the damage occurring in our environment. It is important to remember that every single small change is a step forward to ensuring cleaner air, reducing the amount of waste being dumped in landfills, and keeping our countryside and oceans cleaner.  

If you are contemplating the idea of changing certain aspects of your lifestyle to make it more sustainable and eco-friendlier, consider getting your kids involved. You will also have less home trash removal to do. Once they understand why these steps are needed and how to achieve them, by the time they are adults this type of behaviour will be second nature and they will in turn pass these habits down to their own children. 

Here are some simple choices you can take to begin your greener lifestyle:


To Save Energy

  • Switch your lightbulbs to low-energy light bulbs which last longer than normal ones
  • Use the cold wash on your washing machine
  • When you need to replace your old appliances like fridges, buy energy efficient models.
  • Turn lights off when you are not in the room. 
  • Switch plugs off at the wall of all appliances and chargers you are not using.
  • Lower the temperature on the thermostat of your boiler or heater. The Energy Saving Trust recommends 18-21 degrees Celsius (64-70F) during winter and this will enable you to save on your energy bill and assist the planet. 
  • Using natural daylight for as long as possible in the evenings before switching on your lights is a must on long summer evenings.
  • Dry your clothes on a laundry line instead of the dryer when the weather allows.
  • Invest in solar panels to power your hot water system. It is becoming cheaper than conventional energy.


To Recycle Successfully

  • Invest in a multi-use bin, or different coloured bins to make sorting out your recycling simple, even for the youngest members of your family.
  • Cut down on your use of paper by printing on both sides of the sheet.
  • A compost bin will take care of all your food scraps, as well as your garden waste.
  • Use this compost to start your own herb and vegetable garden. This is a great way to teach your children while you grow your own food.
  • Remember to recycle the plastic shampoo and shower gel bottles from your bathroom.
  • Rinse any plastic items with food residue before recycling.
  • Try to use recycled products wherever possible, for e.g. paper. More and more products are being manufactured using recycled or reused materials. 
  • Donate your used belongings to charity shops or sell them online.


To Reduce your Use of Plastic

  • Stop using disposable plastic bags and replace them with reusable bags.
  • Buy a reusable water bottle to replace the single use plastic water bottles.
  • The same with a reusable coffee cup to replace disposable ones.
  • Reduce the number of disposable nappies you use by combining their use with the reusable cloth diapers. Even if you manage 2 a day you are saving the landfills from over 700 disposables annually.
  • Pack leftovers in reusable containers instead of plastic wrap.


To Reduce the Use of Fossil Fuel

Within a few years vehicles that are run on clean energy will probably be the order of the day, but until then, here are a few ways of reducing your carbon footprint.

  • Walk or ride a bike for short errands. This will ensure fitness for you as well as save fuel.
  • Keep to the speed limit.
  • Support your local restaurants. Not only does this help boost your local economy that is surely suffering from the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic and closures of businesses but will reduce your carbon emissions. 
  • Support local farmers’ markets to buy food that has not been transported over long distances.
  • Service your vehicle regularly to keep it running well, thus reducing carbon emissions.

Leading a sustainable lifestyle is a goal that many people try to achieve. Even by implementing one or two of these will make a difference in your environment. 

However, no matter how green we try and live, in these times there is always home junk removal needed and Junk Removal Wirral is one of the companies that pick up junk.  We offer everything from a furniture disposal service, to yard waste removal when your waste becomes too much for you to deal with. Our aim is to keep as much waste as possible out of our landfills and to ensure our environment is kept pristine in the way we all wish it to be. 

When you renovate your home to add greener features like solar panels, or any other energy saving devices and you generate construction debris, we are the experts at construction waste removal. We will ensure that it is disposed of in a responsible manner and in the right place, so you can rest assured that you are dealing with a responsible construction waste removal company.


Junk Removal Wirral is there to help you achieve your green goals. We will help you attain your waste management. We offer residential junk removal and yard waste removal in Wirral and surrounds. We are a licensed waste removal company and will dispose of your unwanted garbage in a responsible manner, recycling where we can. We can collect your waste after hours and at weekends and even offer a same day junk removal service.

We operate in the Wirral, Chester, Liverpool, Ellesmere Port area and we look forward to hearing from you.

Please contact us at enquiries@junkremovalwirral.co.uk 

Wirral & Liverpool 01518 080407

Chester: 01244 953100


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