landfills and responsible waste management
What you Should Know About Landfills – Wirral
November 27, 2020
Junk Removal Wirral Houses with solar panels arranged on the roof
Go Off Grid and Clean Up
April 9, 2021
landfills and responsible waste management
What you Should Know About Landfills – Wirral
November 27, 2020
Junk Removal Wirral Houses with solar panels arranged on the roof
Go Off Grid and Clean Up
April 9, 2021

Recycling: Educating our Children

Leaving the responsibility to clean up our environment to a future generation is wrong and irresponsible. Our planet cannot handle any more waste, and we are facing an environmental catastrophe. Can we even imagine a world where our great grandchildren are unable to spend time on our beautiful local Liverpool beaches because they have become so polluted with rubbish that they are a poisonous mess? Maybe the oceans are so polluted that they cannot sustain life and any fish that exist are too toxic to consume. The oxygen levels in the atmosphere are depleted to the extent that normal outdoor relaxational and sporting activities cannot happen. That there is not enough plastic-free space, or unpolluted soil to grow our food, or even to live on. 

This is a nightmare scenario that we must avoid at all costs. Instead of leaving the problem to the next generation to solve, it is our responsibility to change our behaviour and begin training our kids to make recycling part of their lives. 


The Three “R’s” of Waste Management

Just as the traditional three R’s of reading, writing and arithmetic were an automatic life skill entrenched in all of us, so these new three R’s of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle need to become an essential life skill if we are to turn the degradation of our planet around. It is a life skill that we can introduce to our children from a very young age, ensuring that they grow up into responsible adults who care about the planet they live on. By making the three R’s of reducing, reusing, and recycling part of everyday life, will guarantee that it will quickly become second nature.


  • Reducing

Regularly having to replace disposable items or constantly having to rebuy items that are not made to last, costs us money and means more stuff to throw away. At least ninety percent of what we buy ends up being collected as trash in six months. It is important that children are made aware of what the sheer volume of this junk means to our environment, and to change purchasing habits. Creating awareness that gimmicky plastic toys that look like fun but will be discarded by next week, and soda that comes in plastic bottles can be replaced by a drink of water from the tap, will help children understand the consequences of buying more and more that will only end up in bags ready for waste removal.  

A lesson to take away from this is to reduce the amount of stuff we buy and to use what we have for as long as possible. 


  • Reusing

By changing our behaviour we can protect the environment. One of the most successful changes that has been made is in the reuse of carrier bags. Since we have been made to pay for plastic bags, their use has dropped by about 85% as reusable bags have become the new normal. 

The culture of consuming so many non-reusable and wasteful products in our lives present a danger that affects plants, animals, and people all around the world. 


  • Recycling

Teaching kids about recycling is an exciting challenge as it is a most important life skill for them to master. Show them that most of the discarded trash seen at the side of the roads in the Wirral area, or on our beaches, consists of plastic bottles, bags, glass bottles and takeaway containers that are all recyclable. This raises awareness that if each citizen took responsibility to recycle their own junk, instead of tossing it, would result in an immediate improvement in the cleanliness of our environment.  


5 Ways to Teach Our Kids about Recycling

  • Learn about our Environment

There are many programmes on YouTube and on regular TV about the effects that uncontrolled pollution is having on our environment. By showing children the effects this has on our animal and plant life will underline the importance of leading a sustainable life. Hopefully, they will grow into responsible adults who realise the importance of having a decent planet to live on. 


  • Make it Fun

Have different coloured bins at home to make sorting household waste easier for everyone. Start composting food waste, either in a special bin, or start a worm farm. Kids will enjoy looking for material to recycle. When you go shopping, make them aware of how much unnecessary plastic and other materials there is in packaging. 


  • Where does our Rubbish go?

Speak to the waste removal and scrap guys. Teach that landfills are filled with junk that never decomposes, so the less trash that finds its way into these, the better. 


  • Think about Purchases

We cannot sustain this highly disposable culture and the waste it generates in the long term. To avoid an environmental catastrophe, we must develop an attitude of using it up, wearing it out, or doing without, to control our levels of use and waste. 


  • Share the Knowledge

The best place we can start with caring for our environment begins with teaching our children to care from a very young age. If we reduce, reuse and recycle, and set a good example, our kids will automatically learn that caring for our environment is an essential life skill. There will be organizations like NGOs that work in the community to mobilize actions to help clean up the local environment in Wirral specifically, and the UK. We encourage you to join a movement and get the kids involved too.


We at Junk Removal Wirral are a licensed waste removal company that disposes of your waste in a responsible manner. If you need any type of household junk removed, we can help you. We use the landfill as a last resort, and only if we cannot recycle or reuse your junk. We are happy to chat to you and your children about our waste management methods when we pick up your junk.  Our professional crew takes junk away efficiently, and we offer a same day junk removal service if you require it. Otherwise, we can organize your trash pickup after hours or over a weekend if normal work hours do not suit you. 

We are your local junk haulers operating in the Wirral, Chester, Liverpool, and Ellesmere Port areas, and we are as concerned about our environment as you are.

Please contact us for a free, no obligation quotation. We look forward to hearing from you.

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