Junk Removal Wirral Houses with solar panels arranged on the roof
Go Off Grid and Clean Up
April 9, 2021
Christmas decor with tree leaves and a brown gift wrapped
Christmas Season Waste – Wirral
April 13, 2021
Junk Removal Wirral Houses with solar panels arranged on the roof
Go Off Grid and Clean Up
April 9, 2021
Christmas decor with tree leaves and a brown gift wrapped
Christmas Season Waste – Wirral
April 13, 2021

We are coming to the end of the year, and this is maybe a good time to take stock of the amount of clutter we have at home, and how we could clear some of it out before the Christmas period. This is traditionally a time when we give and receive gifts, and even in this crazy year when we are encouraged to stay at home and not socialize because of the Covid-19 epidemic, between us and the rest of our family, we will still manage to accumulate more belongings. 

Every household accumulates waste every day, some of it for recycling, and some that is not. We are a long way from achieving zero-waste, so until we reach that goal, we still have to consider options for our residential junk removal. 

The three most common options are:

  • Local council collection
  • Undertaking to dispose of rubbish themselves
  • Hiring a licensed junk removal company such as Junk Removal Wirral.


Local Council Collections

The local council in Wirral have three different coloured bins collected on specified days, green bins for general household waste, grey bins for recycling, and brown bins for garden waste. The garden waste collection service in the brown bin is extra and needs to be paid for. 

Items allowed in green bins exclude any hazardous waste, asbestos, paint, pesticides, and other items that are considered too dangerous for collection. There is a list here of the household items that are allowed for collection. 

Use the grey bins for recycling cans, cardboard, plastic, and newspapers, etc. Check here for a full list of items that are collected for recycling.

The brown bins for garden waste will only be collected from addresses that subscribe to the service. There are strict guidelines as to which garden waste will be collected and how it is to be presented, which you can check here

Wirral Council have measures in place to ensure the safety of the bin collection crews and their customers, while carrying out their duties during this pandemic. There are guidelines for the general public to follow, including social distancing, and ensuring all waste is contained in bins with lids closed and no loose waste at collection points, for the safety of all of us. 


DIY Rubbish Removal

This can add to the waste problems harming the environment as much of the waste we try disposing of ourselves will probably consist of the toxic items, or yard waste items on the list that cannot be collected by the council. If the items are disposed of illegally by dumping or fly tipping, it not only causes the pollution of our environment, but if the perpetrator is caught, they will be subject to a large fine. 

There has been an increase in fly tipping or illegal dumping during the pandemic as normal waste disposal and removal services have been disrupted, but these services are operating normally now, even though there may be some safety measures that have been put in place. 


Hiring a Waste Removal Company 

This option could be the solution to those difficult waste items that need removing from your home, but that don’t fit into the categories that the council can dispose of. 

Junk Removal Wirral is a man and van trash hauling service. This means that as long as two people can pick up the item and put it in the van, we can remove it. So if items such as electrical appliances, old furniture, e-waste, and garden refuse are cluttering up your home and garden, we can remove them quickly and efficiently. We deliver these items for recycling. We can also remove your construction waste from building and DIY projects. 

We do not have a license to remove hazardous materials such as oil, chemicals, raw meat, and medical waste amongst others, but we can suggest a solution to you if we are unable to help you. 


Some Interesting Waste Facts of 2020


  • British households generate over 26m tonnes of waste every year, meaning that the average person in the UK throws out about 400 kilogram of waste yearly. 
  • Of the 26 million tonnes, recycled are 12 million tonnes, and 14 million tonnes are sent to landfill sites. This gives an average recycling rate of 45%.
  • The UK government had set a target of recycling 50% of all household waste by 2020.
  • UK households create 7m tonnes of food waste each year, which is equal to a kg of food for every person on the planet. This equals a staggering £7.5 billion worth of waste.
  • 50% of this food waste still can be consumed, and can be donated to food banks, charities, or making food for animals.

Electronic Waste

  • The fastest growing waste stream in the UK is e-waste.
  • 2 million TV appliance sets are disposed of each year with most of them ending up in landfill sites, despite being accepted at many recycling places right across the country. The breakdown of these items is one of the main contributors to toxic chemicals found in landfills.
  • It has been estimated that a quarter of discarded e-waste could be repaired and reused. 


  • Aluminium cans are easy to recycle. Each aluminium can recycled can be back on the shelf within 60 days.
  • 16.2 billion aluminium cans are used in the UK every year.
  • Aluminium cans are worth 20x more than other packaging material and estimates are that there are over £30 million worth of aluminium cans waiting to be collected and recycled at any one time. This does not take into account the £36 million worth of aluminium sent to the landfill each year.


Junk Removal Wirral – How We Can Help You with Responsible Waste Removal 

Junk Removal Wirral is your local licensed junk removal company looking after the interests of your environment. We find practical ways to responsibly dispose of waste.  We aim to recycle much of the waste we collect, and to dispose of it in an environmentally friendly way. We are committed to keeping our environment as clean as possible.  

Contact us for a free, no obligation quote, indicating the pick-up time that will best fit within your schedule. Our service includes late hours, weekends pickups, and even a same day junk removal service. Let us help you maintain the safety and cleanliness of your surroundings.

Call us at the following number: 01518 080407

We look forward to hearing from you.

Email: enquiries@junkremovalwirral.co.uk


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