Fridge and Bulky Removal Wirral
Fridge and Bulky Removals
June 11, 2021
Time for a House Clearance Wirral
Time for a House Clearance
June 27, 2021
Fridge and Bulky Removal Wirral
Fridge and Bulky Removals
June 11, 2021
Time for a House Clearance Wirral
Time for a House Clearance
June 27, 2021

Nothing screams neglected quite like an overgrown, untidy front garden with overgrown shrubs and trees, and a lawn that needs a good mow. It just makes everything look sad and uncared for, which does not make for a good first impression of the house or the garden. What could make it look even worse is if there are any broken old pieces of gardening equipment, cracked paving, old, rusted gates hanging by a hinge, and piles of garden waste left over from the last time any cleanup was carried out.

The warmer summer weather encourages our garden plants to grow even faster, and it does not take long for the lawn or for hedges and shrubs covering a trellis to send out new growth and appear untidy and unkempt. Your terrace probably looks like it needs a bit of maintenance and cleaning, with cracked paving and mould growing on it. The garden shed may be in disrepair and need some fixing up. In fact this sounds like the ideal time for a garden clearance and general yard tidy up.

Cleaning up your garden can seem daunting, but with a bit of planning, and with some assistance from Junk Removal Wirral to remove the garden waste you will no doubt generate, your garden clearance will soon have you and your family enjoying time outside again.

  • Make sure that you have the right garden tools for the job to make it easier for you. Gardening gloves and a pair of secateurs and some hedge cutters to cut back overgrown shrubs and dead wood, and some yard bags, or a recycling bin to throw the branches into, is a good place to start. If you have a composting bin, use this for any dead leaves and smaller branches, as large branches will take too long to break down.
  • Mow your lawn and trim the edges. This will go a long way to making your garden look neat, tidy, and well-cared for.
  • Clean up and weed any beds you may have. Replace high maintenance plants that do not look good anymore with more low maintenance varieties to simplify your gardening routine. Your local garden centre will be able to advise you on varieties that thrive in your area, and also which ones to plant if you wish to attract bees and butterflies to your garden. 
  • Plant a small vegetable garden in a sunny spot and enjoy your first crop of delicious fresh organic veggies within a few weeks.
  • Tidy up pot plants and replace those that look a bit tired with some colourful flowering plants for some instant colour. Place colourful hanging baskets to brighten up your patio or front door area. Remember to keep these well-watered when the weather gets hot as these baskets tend to dry out easily. 
  • Use a high-pressure hose to clean your terrace and any garden paths. Repair broken and cracked paving and put any construction rubble aside for Junk Removal Wirral to remove for you. The same applies to any broken pieces of trellising that needs replacing, as well as old garden implements you no longer need.
  • Clean out your garden shed or your garage which are both places where junk tends to accumulate. We can take away any sort of yard waste and dispose of it in a responsible manner, so even if your council is unable to remove your waste, we at Junk Removal Wirral are able to. 

Cleaning your garden will have a positive impact on your property for the rest of the summer season. You will be able to enjoy your outdoor living space way more and will be ready to entertain family and friends in a space that you can be proud of. 

Why Use Junk Removal Wirral for Your Garden Clearance

When your garden waste threatens to overcome you, we at Junk Removal Wirral will come to your rescue by providing an affordable garden clearance service in order for your home and garden to return to its former glory. Our company is a licensed waste removal business which will dispose of your garden waste in a responsible manner, at the same time keeping our natural environment clean and healthy.  

If you use a dodgy operator or try and get rid of your garden waste yourself, be aware that it is illegal to dump your rubbish indiscriminately, and there are harsh consequences for fly tipping. Although many landfills have been closed during the pandemic, it is still illegal to fly tip, so stay on the right side of the law by using a professional garden clearance company. 

Junk Removal Wirral is a licensed local waste removal company, and we will be happy to assist you with your garden clearance. Our commitment is to keep our community pollution free. We recycle where possible and will dispose of your garden waste in a manner that minimizes the effect of this waste on global warming. 

  • At Junk Removal Wirral we are committed to the responsible removal and disposal of any type of household, garden, or office junk. 
  • Our junk removal team are a phone call away and will assist you with the clearance of your garden rubbish. 
  • We recycle your garden waste where we can to compost making initiatives and only use the landfill option as a last resort. We are proud to be part of the local community and we endeavour to keep our environment clean.  
  • We have the correct licenses which are issued by the local authorities. We are experienced in collecting and disposing of many types of different waste. 
  • We will carry out your garden clearance no matter how much waste you have accumulated, at a price to suit your pocket.  
  • We arrive on time at a time that suits you, and we even offer after-hours rubbish removal if that is what you require. 
  • We leave the area that we have removed the rubbish from clean and tidy.

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