Time for a House Clearance Wirral
Time for a House Clearance
June 27, 2021
Wirral Junk Cleaner at Short Notice
When You Need a Junk Cleaner at Short Notice
July 5, 2021
Time for a House Clearance Wirral
Time for a House Clearance
June 27, 2021
Wirral Junk Cleaner at Short Notice
When You Need a Junk Cleaner at Short Notice
July 5, 2021

How deeply do we think about the disposal of our household waste? We know that the Council takes care of it for us, and there are bins provided so that we can separate the different types of waste that gets generated at home. When the collection truck comes past, mostly once a week, we are aware of a slight pungent smell in the air as the bins get tipped into the crusher at the back. Then it’s gone, and your waste has, well, for the week been taken off your hands.

If this sounds familiar, then we’d like to take you behind the scenes to understand what happens to waste and ideally where it should end up to not do any harm to the environment. 

You will be aware that your Council does not collect all the different types of waste that come from your home.  That’s because items like hazardous waste and electronic waste require specialist treatment before they are disposed of.

As a leading waste management company based locally in your area, Junk Removal Wirral takes responsibility to assist and advise residents of how they can dispose of the difficult junk items in the home. 

Let’s look at some examples:

Difficult Household Waste Items

  • Fluorescent tubes

When faced with having dispose of fluorescent tubes and compact fluorescent lightbulbs (CFLs), there are a few options, but not through the normal routes.  Along with compact low energy LED’s you should be careful what you do with them. Their toxic mercury gas is harmful, and should they break inside a room, the room should be vacated and left to air immediately.  These lights are accepted for recycling or placed in designated containers of specialist recyclers of household waste light bulbs. 

  • Hazardous materials

In the specified items that the Council won’t collect are included harmful materials like asbestos, paint strippers and chemicals. Car batteries, tyres and gas canisters are also forbidden. 

Clinical waste also must be carefully considered as there are items categorized as hazardous that can’t be disposed of in normal household waste bins. 

No doubt you have been faced with the difficulty of having to find a way to dispose of flammable materials, old bottles of pesticide, used motor oil or paint. Do some homework and check with the Council before including these in with the household waste bins. There may be a special bin collection point nearby that could help you dispose of them. 

Realizing that indiscriminate dumping or fly tipping of these materials is often the cause of toxic substances going into the wastewater systems or poisoning our drinking water should be enough to convince anyone that it’s a bad idea to pollute the environment this way. 

  • Old batteries

The heavy metals that are found in old batteries are potentially harmful if they leak into the ground or water if they are dumped at a landfill or any place that could damage the environment. 

Other batteries such as those found in laptops and mobile phones have the tendency to combust when they are exposed to excessive heat or pressure. Therefore, it’s especially important to ensure they are disposed of correctly. 

When faced with the challenge of having to dispose of old batteries, ask around or give us a call so that we can advise what best steps to take. 

  • E-waste

Finding an outlet for your used computers, TV’s or printers is relatively easy. A Google search will inform you of someone close by that performs the recycling of e-waste. E-waste is known to contain some toxins, while most of the parts can be reused. Therefore, it is not included in the mainstream channels of household waste.

Create from Household Waste

You can also look at the household waste you generate in a creative way and have some fun making useful things out of it. It requires a little effort but then it soon becomes a routine that you get used to. Start by making some space available for sorting out the different waste streams.  This could be right there in your kitchen where you can have separate containers for the various types of waste. 

If you use your food scraps for composting, you will be surprised how easy it is to have useful nutrients at hand to fertilize your garden. You can buy compost bins and various environmental accessories cheaply from the Council. 

To assist with the efficiency of your composting, let worms do the work for you. You can buy worms and add them to the compost bin, which can be the start of an interesting project at home. 

Getting to know the good people at the recycling centre will give you an interest in what happens to the plastic, bottles, and cardboard that you deliver there. Here you can follow the progress of recycled materials and discover what they are used for. This could inspire you to participate in creative activities, like jewelry, and other interesting projects using recycled glass or plastic especially. 

Why Use Junk Removal Wirral?

Managing household waste is the responsibility of every homeowner. For this reason, it’s good to know about the different types of waste involved and how best to dispose of them. If we don’t act responsibly the continuing piles of waste that come out of homes will end up destroying the environment.  Already we have seen signs of climate change and pollution levels in the ocean and on the land reaching unacceptable levels. 

When seeking waste removal services or help to manage your waste better, give us a call, and we can assist you with advice or professional household disposal services.  

Our junk removal and disposal methods are guided by best practice. Help us to keep your neighbourhood tidy and free of pollution. One way to do this is to let us help you with your waste management targets. 

Please contact us today for a No Obligation quote for your household rubbish removal in the Wirral, Liverpool, Chester, and Ellesmere Port area.  

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Email: enquiries@junkremovalwirral.co.uk

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