When Waste Collection Doesn’t Happen
When Waste Collection Doesn’t Happen
August 6, 2021
Garden Waste Removal Wirral
Garden Waste Removal – Keep Your Surroundings Beautiful
August 19, 2021

When you need to dispose of any items that are too big or too bulky to manage yourself, you may need the services of a professional rubbish clearance company. The council’s services are great for getting rid of normal household rubbish, but what happens when you have larger items, or items that they do not remove. Or you decide to have a rubbish clearance spring clean,  and you need to get rid of this waste as soon as possible. 

Junk Removal Wirral is a professional rubbish clearance company that is committed to removing any type of waste you may  need to get rid of quickly and with the least amount of trouble to you. 

There are certain situations that arise where you may need your waste or unwanted items to be removed fast. 

  • Arrival of a new child.

    This is an exciting time in your life and requires some juggling around of your home space. You may decide to clear a spare room for a nursery, and you need to get rid of furniture and any clutter that has accumulated over time. Once you have decided what you want to throw out, we can remove it for you quickly and efficiently, leaving you with a clean space to plan your nursery.
  • Preparing your home for sale.

    There is nothing that puts off potential buyers more than a cluttered, untidy house, so when you decide to put your house on the market, you have the perfect opportunity to clean out all your extra clutter that you have been meaning to get rid of. A neat, uncluttered home will present to potential buyers better, and hopefully this will translate into you receiving a higher price. This will also help to clear out excess furniture that you are not using any longer. You do not want to have the expense of moving unused stuff, so this is the ideal opportunity to get rid of your unwanted things.
  • Setting up your home office.

    Many of us are required to work from home because of the pandemic, so setting up a space at home that is quiet and has room for any office equipment that we may need, will probably require that we clear out a space that already is full of furniture. We can remove and dispose of any stuff you do not need anymore, and we clean up after ourselves.
  • Garden waste and construction waste.

    Besides for the normal, compostable garden waste such as leaves, grass cuttings, and clippings when you do a garden cleanup, you may decide to replace paving slabs, or build a garden wall. This will generate considerable amounts of rubble like lumps of concrete, bricks, old pavers, and even piles of sand. This type of rubble creates an eyesore in your garden and is difficult to get rid of yourself, but does not present a problem for us. We can load it up and take it away at a time that will suit you. 
  • Old appliances and bulky items.

    Old appliances like fridges are difficult to get rid of safely as they contain materials and gases that are harmful to the environment so cannot just be tossed in a landfill. Old mattresses and carpets are also difficult to dispose of as they contain substances that create toxic gases when they break down, endangering the soil and groundwater sources at landfills. There are steps to be followed when disposing of them, so it is important to use a rubbish clearance company that know what they are doing. Bulky old furniture is difficult to dispose of on your own. Not only is it heavy, but it is also difficult to transport. Many charities will accept your old furniture if it is good condition, and you may even be able to sell it by listing it on online market sites. So this may be an easier way of getting rid of it rather than just scrapping it.
  • E-waste.

    Electronic and electrical waste is the fastest growing waste stream as our gadgets have a very short lifespan and are considered obsolete as soon as the latest model is released. These items need specialised disposal methods and should be recycled and reused where possible. Some of their components are very toxic and do not belong anywhere near a landfill. We can remove your e-waste items and deliver them to the correct recycling depot where they will be dealt with responsibly. 

There are certain items that need to be removed by a company that has a hazardous materials license. These include items that are flammable, such as oil, petrol,  diesel, paint, and gas bottles. Aerosols and fire extinguishers also fall into this group. Medical waste also may only be removed by specialist removal companies. Food products such as raw meat and domestic waste that is not bagged is also prohibited. If you are not sure about an item, please discuss it with us and we can suggest solutions if we are unable to handle it. 

If you need a once-off removal of any household, garden, commercial or office waste please do not hesitate to contact us as we are experienced in the removal and disposal of all these types of waste. 

Why Use Junk Removal Wirral?

When you need to get rid of bulky items or any other items that your local authority cannot help you with, or if you need to get rid of any waste in a hurry, Junk Removal Wirral is a phone call away. We organise your pick up at a time to suit you, so even if you need us after hours or at a weekend, we can help you. We also offer a same day rubbish removal service if you have something you need removed urgently. 

We are a professional rubbish clearance company, and we follow practices that are best for preserving our immediate environment around Wirral as well as for the planet. So when you hire us to remove your waste, you can rest assured that we will dispose of it in a responsible manner. 

Please contact us today for a No Obligation Quote for your household rubbish removal in the Wirral, Liverpool, Chester, and Ellesmere Port areas.  

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