When it Comes to Garden Waste Removal: Use the Experts

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September 17, 2021
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When it Comes to Garden Waste Removal: Use the Experts

For most people gardening is a hobby. But in reality, gardening is far more than that. It’s a therapeutic activity that helps people destress and has a calming effect. The act of getting out into the garden and watching little miracles happen in front of your eyes brings joy and pleasure.

Gardening is also something that can be enjoyed by young and old, male, and female, and which can be enjoyed together as a family. Gardening clubs bring like-minded people together, who get absorbed in their garden projects. 

When you are absorbed in your garden you tend to forget about the trials and tribulations of life, as you focus on what you are going, it takes you into another world. 

There are aspects of gardening that involve heavy work. This may mean you need some outside assistance to get the job done. It may be a tree that is too big or a branch that has fallen, or you have decided to landscape an area that requires some heavy lifting and earthworks. 

Great Gardens Add Value

Gardens are very rewarding and the more work that goes into them the more rewarding they become. Be aware that a garden never stops growing, and unless it is cared for on a regular basis, they become overgrown and untidy. 

The growth is also seasonal, requiring more work in summer than winter. Spring as we know it is often the time to do a garden waste clearance, in preparation for summer, and to make the garden ready for new growth. This also could involve trimming all the old growth, often a specialized job. 

Keeping a garden in good shape has another positive spinoff on house values. When kept neat and tidy, it creates a positive impression for would-be buyers who would, in most cases, choose a tidy property over an unkempt one. 

Of course, as a garden grows upkeep is necessary. In doing so the result is a buildup of garden waste, where a garden waste clearance becomes necessary. 

How to Do a Garden Clearance

Getting your garden ready for summer enjoyment or making changes to the style and layout takes some forethought and planning. Having surveyed the area you want to change, compile a list of what is needed to make the changes. When re-landscaping get some outside advice from someone in the know before you start. 

Some of the best advice is to get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible. By getting a team that has the right equipment and skills, the job will get done correctly.

The same applies to the issue of garden waste removal. The experts, like us at Junk Removal Wirral know exactly how best to deal with garden waste collection and garden waste removal. 

How to Prepare for a Garden Waste Removal 

Cleaning up a garden involves waste that can be turned into something else and waste that can’t. This means that the waste that is collected in your garden needs separation. 

When we talk about waste that can’t be used again, think of a broken gutter, a piece of asbestos roofing, a plastic chair or damaged wheelbarrow. The garden shed may also be an eyesore and needs to be cleared so as not to make the garden look untidy. 

Be aware that this kind of waste needs to be disposed of correctly. For example, asbestos is a hazardous material and needs to be treated accordingly. Plastic can be recycled, and the wheelbarrow repaired for further use, if it’s not too damaged. All these disposal methods are different, and a professional waste removal and disposal company will know what to do in their case. 

In our case Junk Removal Wirral is in your neighbourhood to deal with all different kinds of waste that need clearance. Note that a good deal of garden waste can be reused or recycled into material that is good for your garden. Never throw any building debris away before looking at your landscaping ideas, as construction wastes can be used for reinforcing slopes, or creating drainage where needed. 

Garden Waste is Beneficial 

If you are going to use a professional garden waste collection service provider, consider trying to reduce some of the bulky waste before it gets collected. The reason is that the charge for collection is based on volume, and if you can cut large branches into smaller pieces for example, this could save you some money. 

Wood could also have some value if there has been some cutting of large trees into logs for firewood. In this instance the wood can be sold, and the logs cut up by the purchaser. 

You may be tempted to stuff as much as possible into your green bin for collection by the Council. This could be an easy way out, and you could be depriving yourself of garden waste that could be beneficial to your garden when you treat it correctly. 

Most of the garden waste in terms of leaves, grass clippings, and trimmings as well as organic materials from the kitchen waste can be used to make compost. A simply constructed dedicated waste container that can house compost is a must for every garden. Deposit your garden waste in layers and let it decompose. Over a period of a few months, you can have ready to spread compost for the garden. Some additions, like newspapers, water or worms also add to the compost heap to speed up decomposition. 

When you Need Garden Waste Clearance 

The obvious choice for you when needing a garden waste clearance is to contact Junk Removal Wirral.  

Our team is on standby to collect and dispose of your garden waste efficiently and will leave your garden area neat and tidy. Garden waste is just one of our many waste collection services we offer. Our waste is always disposed of in an eco-friendly manner. 

Please contact us today for a No Obligation quote for your waste removal in the Wirral, Liverpool, Chester, and Ellesmere Port area.  

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