How can Refuse Collection Assist with the Reduction of Your Carbon Footprint?

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How can Refuse Collection Assist with the Reduction of Your Carbon Footprint?

Regular refuse collection by either your local municipal authorities or by a specialist refuse removal company is the first step to ensure the clean healthy environment that we all wish to live in. 

Consider your own home. Your household waste will include foodstuffs, plastic, paper, glass, paper, and cardboard, as well as any garden waste. Add other waste products you wish to get rid of such as old clothes, electrical equipment and electronics, and even old appliances and household furniture, and it becomes apparent that at some stage you will need to consult with a professional waste removal company to ensure that these are disposed of safely and legally.

What is a Carbon Footprint?

This is a term that is connected to climate change, and it is the impact that our everyday lives have on our environment. We often think that climate change is only affected by big business and industry. But in fact by changing our routines and putting in place a few simple changes in our lives we can reduce our carbon footprint and have an effect on greenhouse gas emissions. So if everyone made these changes, we would see big results. The following are some tips on how we can start living in an eco-friendlier way.

  • Small actions such as unplugging and turning off your devices when you are not using them will help save energy. Other ways of saving electricity at home is to switch off your lights when they are not needed.
  • Reducing water consumption by showering instead of bathing, and even turning off the tap when you brush teeth will save on energy and resources.
  • Instead of taking your car when going on short trips, take your bike or walk. Vehicles contribute to greenhouse gas emissions so minimize its use where possible, and improve your physical fitness.
  • As far as your shopping habits go, try to buy locally grown and made food products. Imported food products need a lot of resources to reach your home, so buy local and not only boost our economy but also reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Buy energy efficient household appliances when your old ones need replacing, and please dispose of the old ones responsibly. Junk Removal Wirral can help you with this.
  • Reduce, reuse, recycle is the environmental mantra. Try and cut down on food wastage, avoid single use plastic, reuse containers where possible, and recycle as much as possible. Your aim should be to keep as much of your waste and unwanted items out of the landfill as possible. Remember to recycle clothes, toys, and household goods through thrift shops and charities. 

This shows that even small actions can reduce your carbon footprint and can make a big difference. 

We all need to not only reduce our carbon footprint, but to ensure that when we need to dispose of any rubbish, it is done the right way. The illegal disposal of rubbish has a huge impact on our environment, and it is up to all of us to take responsibility for what happens to our rubbish once it leaves our homes.

Fly Tipping and its Effect on the Environment

Fly tipping is what dumping waste illegally is called. This waste can be anything from liquids, solids, household or industrial. Some large companies are guilty of dumping tons of waste in forest and private areas although this practice is illegal in the UK and is punishable by a fine. Many feel that the fines are not high enough to act as a deterrent. Fly-tipping costs local taxpayers millions of pounds a year to clean up, and there is pressure for the government to increase the fines significantly to ensure that these offences do not happen.

Fly tipping can have dire consequences on the environment. Often the industrial waste that is dumped consists of chemicals and toxic materials that are not bio-degradable and that should be disposed of using specialised methods. These leach into the surrounding soil and groundwater and cause severe environmental damage.

Illegally dumped food waste will decompose, encourage pests and rodents and even disease causing bacteria that  can spread. Fly tipping is a danger to our environment and to us citizens and should be strongly discouraged. 

Businesses and households need to dispose of their waste using professional rubbish removal services that use the landfill as a last resort. There needs to be awareness created around the dangers of fly tipping, with members of the public sharing information to the correct authorities so that we can bring an end to this practice.

When Your Need Rubbish Removed, Use Junk Removal Wirral

Junk Removal Wirral is professional and reputable, committed to keeping our environment safe and clean. Our promise to you is that we recycle where we can and ensure that your waste does not end up in the wrong places. 

There are many fly by night companies offering ridiculously low rates but unfortunately they will dump your waste illegally. This is harmful to our environment, and you need to be aware that you will be liable to be prosecuted and fined if someone is caught fly tipping your waste.

Our customers are important to us, and we aim to provide a great service. Our promise to you is to assist you with your waste management plan, recycling where we can and disposing of the rest responsibly and only using the landfill when necessary. We arrive on time to collect your waste, work quickly and neatly to remove it with as little disruption to you as possible. Our team will leave the area where we have removed your junk from swept and tidy. 

Please read the customer reviews on our website which will back up our claims and put your mind at rest that we are the right team for the refuse collection and junk removal job.  

Please call us at Wirral and Liverpool: 0151 808 0407 or Chester: 01244 953100 for a no-obligation quote for refuse collection or junk removal,

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