Furniture Removal: How to Make Your Furniture Last

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Furniture Removal: How to Make Your Furniture Last

Whether its inside or outside furniture, household furniture is expensive, and its upkeep is an integral part of a keeping a house looking good. When furniture gets old or is not looked after properly, it gets shabby and starts to look tired. The consequence of this is that furniture then needs to be replaced and in doing so, more expense is incurred.

When a furniture removal is needed, this has to be conducted with care and by a qualified service provider, otherwise the furniture is likely to get damaged further. When replacing furniture and having to do a furniture removal, the item of furniture needs to be disposed of. As we will see there are a few good options to dispose of furniture responsibly, by recycling or giving it a second life. 

Junk Removal Wirral is a licensed waste removal company with a team of professionals experienced in furniture removal. In doing so we have seen many items of furniture that could have been preserved better, thereby avoiding replacement. 

We investigated ways to extend the life of furniture and have these useful tips for you. 

Furniture Maintenance

We mostly worry about a clean floor rather than the furniture we sit on or eat at. Whether it’s a table or a lounge suite, it needs regular maintenance and cleaning to keep it from deteriorating. 

By doing so it helps keep an eye on areas where the furniture may deteriorate so that corrective action can be taken in time. It also keeps the furniture free of marks and dirty patches that come form normal wear and tear. 

Use a professional from time to time to help keep leather furniture looking good. 

An effective way to preserve the integrity of furniture is to apply stain proofing. By doing so you will prevent permanent staining which causes ugly marks on your furniture. It may be a time-consuming activity, requiring each piece to be done individually, but its worth it. 

It is understood that when cleaning your furniture, in order to ensure that the furniture is kept looking like new, its wise to use the correct furniture cleaning agents. These should not be too strong and it is advisable to use products suggested by furniture manufacturers. 

Make sure that the cleaning agent is appropriate for the kind of furniture you are cleaning: like special ones for leather, excellent quality furniture polish for wooden furniture and so on. Check out the labels when you buy them to be sure you are getting the right cleaning agent. 

Enforce House Rules

From the start you would want to set the furniture-use rules in order to get everyone in the house to comply. Such rules would include no eating on the furniture or not letting the pets lie on the couch. This may be difficult to implement. 

Getting the family to obey your home-made rules, especially if they are used to close affection may be difficult. For a “just-in-case” occasion, why not invest in a good cover for the couch, so in the event of a slip up it’s covered. 

While on the subject of pets, be on the lookout for pests which could infiltrate the fabric or wooden parts of the furniture. You wouldn’t want any infestation. Which is another reason to keep pets away from the furniture. 

Handling Your Furniture 

It’s best to invest in superior quality furniture with a manufacturer’s warranty if possible. This will give you peace of mind when it comes to the durability and way in which the furniture will last. 

Don’t be tempted by aggressive advertising to choose the first thing that appeals to you. It won’t necessarily be the best for you. 

Remembering that furniture is made to stay in one place and not be dragged around all the time, its advisable to handle the movement of furniture in your house when cleaning or re-arranging with care. The less furniture is moved the better. 

Otherwise, when you have to move the furniture try and pick it up rather than pulling in across the floor, an action that is not good for the floor or the furniture. 

It’s also advisable to fix any breakages as soon as they happen so that the problem is not exacerbated, and the furniture is damaged even more. 

Regular maintenance and care of furniture will help you stay ahead of your furniture from depreciating. By limiting the damages and preventing stains through irresponsible use as well as applying regular cleaning, you should be able to extend the life of your furniture. 

Replacing Furniture 

The idea of getting contemporary furniture is always exciting. Its something that renews the freshness of a house and creates a fresh style too. However, when you do, there is always the hurdle of removing the old and replacing it with the new. Furniture is heavy and bulky, and most people are not equipped to do a furniture removal themselves. 

Its worth the extra cost to leave this part to the experts. After all, like the team at Junk Removal Wirral, they do it every week, helping the residents of the area to install modern furniture and to find a beneficial use for the old. 

When you Need Furniture Removal 

We are based locally and are on standby to help you with a furniture removal when you need it. We are a licensed waste operator, and Junk Removal Wirral is situated locally to give you immediate service when you need it: after hours, weekends, you tell us when. Our disposal methods are based on responsible practices. We believe in upcycling and recycling and go the extra mile to make sure that what we do is not harmful, to the environment. 

As a community minded organization, Junk Removal Wirral also works with charities who are able to find goods homes for used furniture and other personal items that are no longer needed. Imagine your old furniture brining joy to some deserving home: that would be a good feeling. 

If you would like any furniture removal done, be it new or old furniture, just contact us through email:

Or you can call us at the following number: 0151 808 0407

We look forward to hearing from you.



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