Add Value to Your House: A Good Cleanup Does Wonders

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Add Value to Your House: A Good Cleanup Does Wonders

Have you ever been invited to someone’s house and thought “Wow” what a great place? Chances are it’s not much different to many others, but the way its kept makes the difference. Often the answer lies in a simple word “Organized.” A well-organized home adds value. A neat house looks better than a messy and cluttered one. 

When planning to show or sell a house, a good cleanup is essential. It will sparkle up your home and add the extra bucks you are looking for. 

Perhaps before you do so, let us say that it’s not just about removing the household waste, as there is far more to it. It is suggested that you consider consulting someone in the know, someone who is a friend or its even worth spending money on a specialist in this area. 

Of course, finding a professional removal service in your area is easy. Once you have your household waste and garden waste together Junk Removal Wirral can be there on short notice to haul your junk away. That’s the easy part. However, there are a number of useful tips we’d like to give you in the lead up to doing the house clearance. 

Here they are:

Tips to Add Value to your House

Start outside as this could take longer than you think.

The Garden 

Let’s remember that a beautifully manicured garden does wonders for the eye and is a low-cost value add to a house. Besides the obvious of having a lawn that is freshly mowed, there are other quick fix ideas that could bring your garden to life.

The bad impression that an unkempt lawn makes, especially when it is full of weeds or has patches of poor-quality lawn can’t be underestimated. In fact, it’s not a bad idea to get the professional in for a day to do this for you, then you know you will have the best result. 

Ask your friendly nursery what flowering plants there are coming on stream. Doing a pop-up bit of landscaping through the creation of a few” islands” that incorporate some bright flowers will create an amazing visual impact. 

Of course, it may be best to consider indigenous, just in case you are showing to a green-thinker, and besides these will grow best in the surrounds they are used to. Look at your curb, around the entrance, first impressions last, so it’s an opportunity to make an impact first up. 

Once you have removed all the low hanging branches, trimmed the lawn, and cleared the gutters, put all your garden waste in one pile for the Junk Removal Wirral guys to whisk away. 

Let’s Go Inside

Now that you have got some advice you can get on with the house clearance with confidence. Bear in mind as you proceed those small improvements can make a significant difference. By this we mean touches of paint here and there, throwing out frayed furniture, adding new handles on cupboards and so on. 

It could be to your advantage to hire a cleaning company to do the big top-to-bottom job of getting your house sparkling clean. 

We recommend that you make space by removing the clutter. Where you put it is your challenge, but we don’t recommend that you clutter up some other space like the garage. A donation to charity will help others or putting the items into storage is a suggested solution. 

Either way, when you make space, the house looks bigger and more impressive. It creates visual appeal. 

Making Your Home Shine

While there are many other physical things that you can do to add value to your house, small renovations or big, adding a bathroom or upgrading your kitchen, these involve spending much bigger amounts of money. It’s often these two rooms, the kitchen and bathroom that are best to consider and they are the ones when renovated that bring the best returns. 

If you do these kinds of renovations, encourage your builders to work neatly, ensuring that renovation waste is kept in a particular spot and not spread everywhere. Renovations can make a huge mess and undo the excellent work you are doing in terms of your house cleanup elsewhere.

Junk Removal Wirral can remove manageable loads of construction waste, should you need this service. It is advisable therefore to do the renovations first, get the done and then proceed to the clean up stage, followed up by some final painting. A freshly painted house always is a good idea. 

Cleaning Up to Add Value

It is easy to underestimate the value of a clean and well-organized house. When you are thinking of showing it to people, and want to add value, a house cleanout does wonders. 

Getting a junk removal company to assist you with quick and efficient service is just a call away. At Junk Removal Wirral our men arrive their van and do the job for you. If you wish to recycle some of your furniture or old appliances that are cluttering up your space, just show them where they are and they will take them to find a new home. 

As a registered waste management company specializing in rubbish removal in your area, we can help you solve the problem of what to do with the items that you set aside when doing your house clearance. 

The advantage of using a private service provider is that you don’t have to haul anything t the curbside on rubbish collection day. No, we come straight away. By this we mean the same day or the day you nominate. We are even geared to come after hours or on Saturdays if you prefer. 

The cost of a cheap rubbish removal in the Wirral area, its simply a good deal to get us to help you with your rubbish disposal. 

We operate on the outskirts of Wirral to in Liverpool, Chester, and Ellesmere Port areas. 

Call us for Wirral & Liverpool on 0151 808 0407 and Chester on 01244 953100 or simply drop us a line on email. 





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