How Can We Help Clean up Our City and Its Waterways?

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How Can We Help Clean up Our City and Its Waterways?

Wirral is blessed by being near the sea and having a well-known waterway. Not only does this provide an attraction to tourists, but it also adds the dimension of added traffic on the water in the form of boats, yachts, and commercial activity. 

We all take our seas for granted, the oceans being so large we don’t imagine that those that live in the sea are vulnerable to pollution. 

Water becomes easily polluted too, as water’s properties naturally can dissolve most forms of elements that it encounters. Water is a good carrier of pollution as well, and even when it’s dissolved the water and is not visible the toxins are still there. 

Besides this, pollution may occur far up the river, and might of the famous Mersey that ends its journey as it enters the sea near Wirral is one of the strongest of its kind in the UK. 

At Junk Removal Wirral we are very knowledgeable of the legislation pertaining to pollution, and as registered waste management service providers we are here to help protect our environment through the promotion of responsible waste actions. We discourage the dumping of toxic substances that emanate from agricultural activities, from industry and other sources of pollution.

Just in our town, we have polluted waterways, and what tourists and other visitors would want to see that?

Responsible Waste Actions

With the Wirral water areas in focus with new development on significantly large scales, doesn’t it make sense to keep the surrounding water clean and free of pollution? While one would expect these initiatives to be arranged at Government level, ultimately its down to the man in the street to do so. 

After all, when we pollute our waterways, we are inflicting harm on ourselves. Not only that dirty water is a danger to health, but it’s all our responsibility to keep our environment free of pollution and a healthy one to live in. 

Keeping Our Environment Clean: It’s Up to Us

At home we like to keep our environment clean. We do so in the garden and in the house. Garden cleanups involved trimming, mowing, and attending to the messy areas. Once we have everything ready for garden waste collection, we call a service provider to do the garden waste removal.

The same goes with a house clearance, where on a daily basis household waste is removal in order to keep our place tidy.

The same can’t be said when we go out of our domains, as we assume it’s someone else’s job to keep the environment clean. Wrong! If we all take this view, then no one bends their backs to pick up any rubbish that is littering the place. 

But why, you may ask is this your responsibility? Well, until we have a completely clean environment, it is all our responsibility. 

Start with Our Own Waste Habits

Looking within, what is it that we could do to start better waste habits immediately? First would be to have a bag handy to put any rubbish you see lying around. 

At home keep your plastic use down to as little as possible, and some simple actions like having a reusable container for water, avoid single use consumer goods, and deposit you waste into recycling bags. 

Bring the rest of your family into line, and when you go out be aware of your environment and look for signs of pollution. 

When you do that perhaps you will come to the shocking conclusion that litter is strewn next to the road, and more attention can be given to recycling. Look at the water around Wirral and ask yourself if its drinkable. Well, how can we expect sea life to live happily in this? 

Imagine the global extent of the problem, as waste spreads through indiscriminate dispersal across the earth. 

Be A Waste Hero

When one imagines how pollution like plastic in the ocean can harm innocent wildlife you may be persuaded to act. 

Be inspired by others that have taken the lead across the world by saying “enough!” In this way you can lead and show that the activist in you would like to do something about all the waste that is piling up in the community. 

Some are leading clean up groups or doing it themselves, simply by going out there and scouring the beaches and surrounding areas, picking up litter, removing rubbish and helping clear up their local environment.

Others show cause and bring the problem to the attention of others by swimming great distances, or in freezing oceans to demonstrate a point. 

One of the easiest ways to get started is to join a conservation group or look for activities aimed at improving the welfare of the Wirral environment. You would be amazed how fun it is to work with similar-minded people. 

Junk Removal Wirral: Keeping the Environment Clean

While keeping the environment clean is the responsibility of us all, we at Junk Removal Wirral are amongst the leaders in waste management in the area. We encourage any activity by our residents and business that are designed to engage in clean ups. 

Not only that by starting at home in our daily lives we will begin thinking about the waste issue and become more focused to do so. We hope the few tips provided in this direction are useful. 

Keeping our surrounding ocean and the beautiful river we have been blessed with in a good condition will be both good for the development of your area and for the good of those creatures living in the water. Often, we cannot see what goes on beneath the surface and are oblivious to their fate. 

Please help keep our water clean and collect any plastic you see lying around or floating in it. 

To keep Wirral clean, we need a concerted effort and should you require professional services in this regard in the Wirral, Liverpool, Chester, and Ellesmere Port areas, don’t hesitate to call us. 

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