Can Waste be Disposed of With Minimal Impact? Find Out How

Waste Free Wirral - Junk Removal Wirral
Have You Experienced Waste Free Wirral and Surrounds?
January 10, 2022
Junk Removal Wirral Do You Want to Smarten Up Your Home
So, Do You Want to Smarten Up Your Home?
January 24, 2022
Waste Free Wirral - Junk Removal Wirral
Have You Experienced Waste Free Wirral and Surrounds?
January 10, 2022
Junk Removal Wirral Do You Want to Smarten Up Your Home
So, Do You Want to Smarten Up Your Home?
January 24, 2022

Can Waste be Disposed of With Minimal Impact? Find Out How

If you own a business the last thing you want to worry about is all the waste that it generates. However the legal requirement is that if the business is registered then it has to comply with the law. So it’s worth giving waste the attention it needs and knowing what the law requires the business to do. 

The reason the law is so strict on waste management is that, unless it does so, a business could easily step outside the boundaries of compliance. However, these laws are not onerous and are relatively easy to adhere to. 

For example, one of them is that a business is compelled to use a licensed waste collection service provider. That is logical as dodgy waste collectors have been known to undercut prices and resort to fly-tipping the waste they collect. 

As a licensed waste operator in the area, Junk Removal Wirral provides waste management services to homeowners and businesses in the greater Wirral area. 

We help guide our clients in the management of their waste to ensure that they keep attention to the law and keep our surrounds clean and tidy.

What Waste Are We Talking About? 

There are so many forms of waste that challenge a waste collection company like us, and some of them require a specialized license, like for example hazardous waste. 

Overall, besides the regular waste collections we are familiar with that are carried out by the Council, if the business is one of farming, then there will be rules applying to how animal waste is disposed of. Pollution caused by fertilizers and pesticides used in farming practices are also strictly controlled by law. 

A professional practice like a doctor, clinic or health care facility use a lot of single-use medical consumables which need to be disposed of in different, and safe way. We have seen the vast amount of medical waste and personal protective equipment that requires safe disposal and isolation from the virus that challenged us all. 

The more dangerous waste as mentioned in the form of hazardous waste or radioactive waste is disposed of with extreme care and attention. 

An exceptionally large component of waste generated is construction and building debris. Dealing with this requires creative reuse of these materials for projects where foundations and fill is required, and most of this waste can be put to use again. 

The mining and oil industries are large generators of waste during production which lead to carbon emissions on a potentially dangerous scale. 

The Waste Disposal Chain

A business owner is also responsible for the manner in which the waste that is generated by the business is disposed of. There is a waste hierarchy in place for the management of its waste and all efforts are to be made to stick to the regimes below

  • Diminish: the process whereby a business is encouraged to consciously lower its raw material requirements in order to take the pressure off the finite reserves of the world.
  • Use again: Instead of simply treating items that are not needed anymore, such as computers and other electronics, find a new use for them, rather than throwing them on the waste pile.
  • Reprocess as much as the business can. All plastic, glass, cardboard, and aluminium can be reprocessed through channels that are available at recycling centers. Separate at source and make use of these channels. 
  • Convert to energy any waste that has the capacity to do so. Using biogas for a business which has converted its waste is a creative method of doing do. 
  • Burning of waste is an efficient and necessary way of getting rid of hazardous and medical waste, even though the process if burning does contribute the addition of CO2 in the air. 
  • Last resort: Landfill waste disposal is there as a last resort, but in many instances if often the easiest and a short-cut way to dispose of waste. 

Other obligations of a business include the manner in which waste is stored while waiting for collection or disposal and keeping the waste from imposing danger on people and the environment. 

The control and ultimate destination and record keeping of waste is up to the business, even if an outside waste disposal company does it, the waste transfer records should be up to date and accurate.

Adopt a Cheerful Outlook Towards Waste. 

Being waste-wise and doing the right thing is a good thing for the business: Stakeholders find favour with companies that do so. If you are a business owner, start with your staff and develop strategies to rid your waste according to the waste disposal chain. The business could end up saving a lot of money and gain a good reputation in doing so. 

Try adding a “green theme” to the business operations, looking at all the raw materials being used, from packaging to the way your waste is disposed of. In this way a culture of environmentally friendly practices will develop, getting the awareness and buy in of all concerned. 

The most effective way to monitor the upward progress of the business in terms of waste management improvements is to monitor it:

  • Start with an audit to establish the baseline, where the business is now
  • Get your waste management service provider on your side so that they can help you achieve your goals
  • Get sufficient waste disposal bins in place to manage your waste.
  • Remember to keep track of your waste disposals through the waste transfer forms. 

Junk Removal Wirral: Your Choice for Waste Disposal 

As a concerned waste management company based locally, Junk Removal Wirral is committed to helping keep the area clean. We are on standby to come and do rubbish collections and responsible waste removal at a time convenient to you. 

If you are a business, we encourage you to do your waste management according to the law, as this will keep you from infringing on the rules and helping save the environment from damage. Should you need any advice on these matters we will be more than happy to advise. 

Please contact us today for a No Obligation quote for your rubbish removal in the Wirral, Liverpool, Chester, and Ellesmere Port area. 

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