Being a Junk Cleaner at the Big Events is Hard Work

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Being a Junk Cleaner at the Big Events is Hard Work

Every weekend in the UK, especially during the summer months, sees a big event happening, such as a pageant, sports event, or a festival of some sort. Here, large gatherings of people come together to witness a spectacle and have a good time. While this is all well and good, the trail of mess and rubbish removal that needs to be dispatched is often a sight for sore eyes. Being a junk cleaner in this situation becomes a very important job. 

One thing about us is, that we know how to have a party and celebrate huge occasions. An occasion like the Platinum Jubilee is just the right occasion to do so, and with millions out on the streets, a lot of fun is had. 

June is known for sunny days and is a time to go out and have a good time. But spare a thought for the poor junk cleaner that won’t have time to join in. And in these cases, the levels of rubbish removal move to new heights. 

Being a registered junk cleaner in Wirral, doing rubbish collection and rubbish removal is all in a day’s work for us at Junk Removal Wirral. The challenges are the same, and the need to clean up is intense. By the following day, the venue must look spotless, cleaned with no sign of junk. 

To tackle these big projects, we are equipped with all the required gear and methods to do rubbish collection and rubbish removal. 

The Fun is in the Occasion

When the sheer size of an event involving millions of people is considered, the proportional levels of waste and junk cleaners that are needed to attend to the various categories of junk generated is huge. After all, a Platinum Jubilee has never happened before. It celebrates Her Majesty the Queen becoming the first British Monarch to provide a record-breaking 70 years of service to the people. 

By participating in celebrations over four days involving millions of jubilee-inspired people at host of events and activities which have ignited the imagination of the people across the UK and further abroad, imagine how much junk there will be.   

And this is a common thread will all big festivals, football matches, and celebrations. 

Junk Cleaners Also Think Recycling

To be a good junk cleaner and to make the job of rubbish removal and disposal easier it’s best to have a clear idea of what categories of junk are recyclable. Besides having to pick up the litter, whether empty packets of fries, polystyrene containers full of ketchup or empty cans of beer, they will all be mixed up with each other creating an unholy mess that needs to be separated for recycling.

This is a dirty job, but it must be done. While licensed waste management companies like Junk Removal Wirral are champions at recycling, a lot of the hard yards are needed at the level of the junk cleaner to assist with this. 

Food waste is a another enemy when it comes to disposal as it constitutes a sizable amount of waste in the overall waste stream. 

Imagine the food waste from the over 70 000 people that will have reveled at the big jubilee lunches over the Platinum Jubilee weekend of celebrations. So much food will have been consumed at the massive street party arranged and in peoples’ backyards where everyone enjoys a sunny day consuming barbequed meals and enjoying some festive spirit. 

More than that, the event will have sparked the imaginations of those further afield across the UK. Jubilee lunches, while being a great act of fellowship and enjoyment is likely to have recorded one of the biggest piles of food waste from a single event in our history. 

Parties, Pageants, and the Throwaway Society 

Single-use plastic is one of our biggest causes of junk buildup and pollution. The summer heat means thirsty people. Water consumption in single-use plastic is one of our biggest polluters. 

It means the junk cleaners while in attendance, are excluded from the enjoyment of being at a party like the Platinum party at the Palace. The music of the entertainers will be ringing in their ears, but they won’t be dancing like the rest of the partygoers. 

Imagine the mess created from this single event, some 25,000 delirious party people watching some of their favorite bands! 

For the pageant to be successful a huge number of volunteers are needed to make the event a success. Organizing, controlling, and cleaning up are some of the key activities that make an event like this work. 

Dubbed the “People’s Pageant” such a celebration has brought together people from all walks of life from the famous to the man in the street, the military, film stars to the Her Majesty the Queen herself.

While this is all happening those entrusted with cleanliness do their work, keeping junk out of streets, out of watercourses, and making sure that the next day our country is looking as good as new, free of junk and litter. 

Little thanks go to a junk cleaner, doing the hard work as always, going about the job of making sure rubbish is disposed of in a responsible way. Let’s think about the junk cleaner when we enjoy showcases like the Platinum Jubilee or the FA cup. Every event puts pressure on the amount of junk that needs to be removed afterward. 

From Junk Cleaner to Disposal of Junk

Rubbish removal services in the Wirral area are conducted by registered waste management companies like Junk Removal Wirral who diligently collect rubbish at short notice and dispose of it into the correct waste streams, mostly to be recycled.

Given that a lot of the waste matter that a junk cleaner collects at big events consists of cans, bottles, plastic, and cardboard all these materials can be put back into the system as recycled raw materials for reuse through recognised manufacturing methods. 

Should you need your waste to be collected, give us a call at Junk Removal Wirral for a quote if you are in the Wirral and Chester area and surrounds. 

Rest assured that you are dealing with a professional junk removal service with many years of experience. 

Call on the following number: 0151 808 0407

We look forward to hearing from you.




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