Dealing with Junk Removal through Setting Waste Goals

Business Waste Management is a Big Problem Junk Remova Wirral
Business Waste is a Big Problem, and Something Can be Done About It
February 20, 2023
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Business Waste Management is a Big Problem Junk Remova Wirral
Business Waste is a Big Problem, and Something Can be Done About It
February 20, 2023
Household Cleanouts in Winter Tackle the Difficult Areas Junk Remova Wirral
Getting Down to Household Cleanouts in Winter: Tackle the Difficult Areas
March 8, 2023

Dealing with Junk Removal through Setting Waste Goals

We all love to get buy new things, clothes, appliances, toys, you name it. But the essence of it is that when it comes to waste disposal of the old unused things that we no longer need, is this done correctly? 

So, let’s be waste-wise, and work out what we want and don’t want and do some cleaning out. Some will go to recycling; others were given away and the rest hauled away as junk by a service provider. 

The three preferred options for hauling away junk are:

  • Local council collection
  • Undertaking to dispose of junk yourself
  • Hiring a licensed junk removal company such as Junk Removal Wirral

We are a professional waste clearance company that operates responsibly, recycling where we can, and only disposing of rubbish in the landfill when there is no alternative.

Domestic Waste Clearance 

Everyone in the family needs to be involved in how waste is managed in the home. We can all try and reduce our consumption to begin with, as the reduce, recycle, reuse, and rework mantra becomes second nature. 

The day-to-day managing of your household waste may involve recycling where you can, reducing the amount of waste you generate, and ensuring that what you need to be removed is disposed of safely in an environmentally friendly manner. 

Industrial Waste Clearance

The industry is a big source of waste generation. This is because of the processes involved in manufacturing in factories. Factories are normally located in industrial areas where the waste clearance processes are different from domestic waste clearance routines. 

In a factory situation, the waste that is generated often has to be treated before it is released into the waste channels. This treatment may be to remove toxic substances that are in the wastewater that is released back into the water course. 

Hazardous Waste Clearance 

A hazardous waste clearance practitioner will be appointed by the business to do hazardous waste clearance regularly. This is a separate waste clearance stream that often involves the offending hazardous waste being incinerated in an autoclave. 

Medical Waste Clearance 

With a huge increase in medical waste generated in the form of PPE, needles, and hospital supplies over the past year, a whole new set of protocols had to be put in place. The result was huge extra pressure on the waste clearance routines.

How can we Solve the Problem of Waste?


As the focus on recycling intensifies, more and more people are becoming aware of the benefits of keeping e-waste out of the landfill. Events such as recycling drives, and awareness campaigns will help motivate communities to take part in this practice.

The Wirral Local Council encourages electronic waste collection at the electrical bank at a local recycling center. 

A Household Waste Recycling Centre can also recycle it for you. 


The fashionable trend of upgrading electronic equipment, even when the old model is perfectly good to use, means that a lot of the electronics considered e-waste are still usable. 

This means that they can still be reused by others. In the Wrexham area, some charities collect old electronics and DIYers rebuild electronics from e-waste. This practice of reuse must be encouraged. 


Recovery is the process of separating the components that have high value out of the piece of electronic equipment. This is a form of recycling but it’s a recognized process of extracting metals like silver, tin, gold, palladium, and copper from the products.

It saves money and energy this was as it replaces new, original mining extraction of them.

There are many trace metals of different types in electronics, and if society is aware of this recovery is something that could contribute beneficiation in the production of products in the world.

What Contribution can we Make?

  • As a business owner, your business would need to commit its operation to a waste management plan that commits to the reduction of its impact on the environment.
  • Improve our responsibility to alter our waste practices and to be an example to others.
  • Start with the basics in the home or the business with aluminum, glass, paper/cardboard, and plastic recycling. 
  • Become part of the community efforts along with the objectives of the local Council to help contribute.
  • Responsible waste disposal through reuse, recycling, and reduction and will go far to achieve these objectives. 

Setting your Waste Goals

  • Starting with the whole family get everyone to think about and practice recycling, especially taking the basics like plastic, glass, aluminum, and paper out of the Council collections. 
  • Make the collection fun, using individually coloured containers for the collection of basic recycling materials. 
  • Work with the recycling centres which are there to assist you with your recycling efforts.
  • Starting right in your garden try and compost as much as you can because when garden waste reaches a landfill it gives off a lot of methane gas. Start a worm farm at home, where you can feed your household scraps to these little wrigglers. This in turn will give you great compost for your garden. 
  • Be aware in the work environment or at the home of methane gas generation and what can cause it. It’s the greenhouse gas emissions that do all the damage to the environment and which cause climate change. 
  • Many of the waste materials that we find are good for reusing. 
  • There are a lot of materials that are considered waste that can be reused. With each UK household producing an excessive amount of waste each day, estimated at more than a ton a year, this is sure to put pressure on our planet. The movement to improve how waste is managed is gaining momentum thanks to many responsible individuals pushing for this. 
  • We at Rubbish Removal Wirral offer flexible collection times, more so than the council collections. This could be convenient for you when you need us, so give us a call when you need us. 

When rubbish removal is needed, and you need to be assured that it will be dealt with correctly, call us on

0151 808 0407

We will be glad to hear from you.



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