Waste Removal in Wirral, Liverpool, Chester, Ellesmere Port

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November 8, 2019
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Waste Removal in Wirral, Liverpool, Chester, Ellesmere Port

Waste Removal in Wirral, Liverpool, Chester, Ellesmere Port

Do you have a pile of waste in any part of your home or office that needs your urgent attention? Maybe you are moving to a new house, cleaning up your house in order to redecorate, or just spring-cleaning. Often the biggest difficulty facing you when preparing for a move or trying to clear out a space in your home or office is unwanted junk. You neither want it and you may not need it anymore, but you do not always know how to dispose of these unwanted items easily and conveniently. Maybe this house clearance job seems too large and overwhelming. This is where a waste removal company can assist you.

One of the most stressful jobs around your house is trying to figure out ways of getting rid of your extra junk. Starting with your garage, maybe you have not managed to park your car in your garage for years because every piece of junk that comes out of your home is stored in there. Junk consisting of stuff you no longer need or use like broken appliances, empty boxes from electronic gadgets you have bought, old computers and screens, broken old home appliances – you name it and it is in your garage. Time for a garage cleanout, but you have no idea where to start and every time you open that garage door and see the mess, your reaction is to close the door as quickly as possible. At some stage though you will have to do something about it. Put aside at least a weekend for your big clean-up.  

Here are some tips to make that mountain a bit easier to climb.

  • Remove each item from the garage onto the driveway. Make three piles as you go: Keep, recycle/donate, throw out.
  • Be ruthless, do not keep old broken junk in case you need it for a rainy day. If it has been piling up in your garage for the past few years, it is unlikely you will ever need it again.
  • Your ‘keep’ pile can be returned to the garage.
  • Your smaller ‘throw out’ items can be placed in appropriate bins and put out on the curb for rubbish day.
  • The challenge is disposing of the larger “throw out” items and the recycle/donate pile. Transporting these can prove a time-consuming and expensive challenge. Not only do you have to access a large enough vehicle, but you also must dispose of them in the correct dumps or landfill. It is against the law to dump rubbish in the wrong place and you will be liable for a heavy fine if you break this law. This is where a professional house junk removal company can help you. They have the trucks and the expertise, including the correct licenses, for legitimate waste removal, to assist you with your recycling/donating pile or your larger ‘throw out’ rubbish.

While you are busy cleaning out your garage, why not look a bit further and see what other spaces in your home could do with a spring-clean. It is time to go through all those cupboards, attics and basements that have been used as dumping grounds for many years for all your unwanted and unused junk. This time of shutdown over the Corona virus when we are social distancing and confined to our homes is the perfect period to take advantage of the opportunity of going through all our storage spaces and getting rid of junk and clutter. It could become a time of clearing out and de-junking our lives. Never before in our lifetimes have we been forced to stay at home, so this is the ideal time for a complete overhaul of our homes.

Some other waste removal considerations

  • Keep all the items you want to dispose of in one place. This way you will save on labour charges as the team from the waste removal company will have easy access to it.
  • If you are clearing unwanted items from your home, the same principle applies in sorting your goods into piles to take junk away easily.
  • We want our actions to be as environmentally responsible as possible. It is our responsibility to recycle as much as possible and our waste removed in an accountable manner.
  • Some charities may be able to take items such as books, clothes and furniture that are in good condition, so reduce the amount of waste by donating to these charities. Any furniture will need a fire-resistant sticker if it is to be donated.

How to Choose a Waste Removal Company

It is especially important to choose a garbage removal company carefully, because it is your responsibility as the owner of the waste to ensure it is disposed of in a legal fashion and not fly-tipped somewhere as the fines for illegal dumping are high.

  1. Before you hire a waste carrier request proof of registration. Check that they are registered on the Environment Agency’s website, or at your local council offices.
  2. Refuse any unexpected offers to remove your rubbish, especially if the cost is too good to be true. There is no such thing as cheap rubbish removal and pricing junk removal is a specialist job.
  3. They must be able to tell you how your rubbish will be disposed of, which of it will be recycled and which will be headed for the landfill or another legitimate disposal facility.
  4. You must be supplied with proper paperwork i.e. an invoice, and a waste transfer note or a receipt which must include a description of the waste being removed.

Waste removal is an important way to ensure that our home environment is kept tidy and clean. It is our responsibility to ensure that it is carried out in a legal and professional manner to make sure our environment does not suffer as a result. The best way to ensure this is to use the day to day waste management services offered by our councils and municipalities, and for anything out of the ordinary, to use a professional, reputable waste removal company.


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