Waste Removal in Wirral, Liverpool, Chester, Ellesmere Port
May 1, 2020
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Yard & Garden Waste Removal Wirral
May 15, 2020

Garden Waste Removal Wirral

Summer is a time when we all love to be outside in our yards and gardens as often as the weather allows. It is a time for your children to play outside in the fresh air, and a time for entertaining family and friends to a barbeque or a pool party. It is important to ensure that your outside space is clean and uncluttered, your lawn is kept mowed, your patios and paths are swept and kept clean.

During the colder months it’s not always possible to keep up with yard waste removal. But as soon as the weather begins to warm up and you start enjoying the longer, warmer days, you realise that your yard needs urgent attention.  

Owning the correct equipment like brooms, rakes, a wheelbarrow, spade, ladder, and a lawnmower will make your gardening tasks much easier. Leaves in the house gutters and on the roof will have to be removed to prevent blocked downpipes. This will prevent your larger drains becoming blocked when the first of the spring rains begin. Clear and trim creepers on trellising to keep them looking tidy and if they are growing around your patio, you will be halfway to ensuring that this important area of your yard is ready for summer entertaining. Sweep and hose patios and terraces down, and if necessary, use a high-pressure hose to remove stains and mould growth. 

Check your patio furniture, if it looks old and neglected, you may wish to replace it. Old fencing that is damaged and an eyesore may also need replacing. Cracked cement walkways and driveways may need repairing and any old construction material like stones, bricks, gravel, concrete, clay and old tiles will need to be removed as these are a real eyesore. These larger items are easy for our waste removal company in Wirral to remove and dispose of in an eco-friendly way.

Lawn Waste Removal

The beginning of summer is the perfect time to start your lawn care routine. A good start is to clear and haul away the debris that has collected on the lawn over the winter months, such as branches, old toys and old abandoned lawn tools like rakes. It is also important to start dealing with the weeds in your lawn and clearing and tidying up edges.

You will mow your lawn about once a week in summer and this can produce a mountain of lawn clippings over time, so it is important to deal with them as you go. Rake them into piles and transfer them into waste bags for disposal according to your local trash regulations. A more environmentally friendly way to dispose of lawn waste would be to invest in a compost bin and make your own compost. The nutrients from your composted lawn clippings will feed your vegetable patch or flower garden. Normal yard waste like grass, leaves, and smaller prunings can all be added to your compost. Start a compost heap in a secluded corner of the garden if you do not have a compost bin. If you have used a weed killer on your lawn it is important not to put the clippings on your compost heap as these chemicals could kill your garden plants when you use the compost. 

Tree Waste Removal

Spring and summer are a good time for pruning and cutting back trees and shrubs that have finished flowering. It is also a time when many landscaping projects are undertaken. If you decide to trim branches and cut back shrubs and the branches are small enough, you will probably be able to deal with the debris removal yourself. 

But if the branches are larger, and any of these large branches pose a threat to the roof of your house or may damage other parts of your yard if they fall, they will need to be removed before being hauled away by a professional garden clearance company and be disposed of in the correct manner. So, if the removal of these logs and branches is too much for you and your wheelbarrow, you will need to call in a yard waste removal company such as ours.  We take pride in being able to remove tree trunks and logs with minimal fuss, and noise. Our man and van business can assist with your garden refuse removal if two people can pick it up and put it in a van. If the job requires more manpower, we can send larger trucks as we have the capacity to handle it – no job is too big or too small.  

Shed Removal

A shed can be a real advantage for the homeowner in terms of storage. But it should be kept in good condition, painted, and in good repair. A shed can be an asset, but if it is run down and weather-beaten, and is packed with a load of junk that you need hauled away, use this as an opportunity to clear out the contents of your shed whilst being busy with the general cleanup of your yard waste. 

If your shed is an eyesore that is too far gone to be renovated, one of the services we offer is shed removal, and our team will assist you to get rid of it completely. Now is your opportunity to replace it with a modern, weatherproof shed that will not only add value to your home, but also add valuable storage space for your garden equipment and patio furniture. 

This is also the time to haul away debris like old, broken appliances, toys and rusty, old furniture that may be cluttering up your patio, garden or shed. Our team will also collect any remains of unused building materials that you may still have lying around your yard from your last building project. 

We would love to hear from you if you need a free quote for your yard waste removal. Please call us on 01518 080407 or email: enquiries@junkremovalwirral.co.uk . We would be delighted to help you. 



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