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Building Waste & Removal House Renovation Wirral

Building Waste Removal


With the increase in popularity of house renovation and remodeling shows on TV, it would appear that renovating your home is easy, quick, and happens without too much drama. In the real world though, renovating your house requires planning and a lot of patience, requiring you to put up with a bit of chaos while you convert your house into your dream home. Whether you are redecorating or carrying out a full renovation, it will pay you in the long run to do as much research as possible to avoid costly mistakes.


Tips for a successful home renovation from professional designers:

  • Live in your home for a few months first to get a good understanding of the flow of the house, and of how you can change it to work efficiently for you. Learn where the choke points are in your kitchen, how the sunlight comes into your house and even whether the roof leaks anywhere when it rains. 
  • Decide on your ballpark budget before you meet with a contractor or an architect. They will be able to advise you on what is possible to achieve on your budget. Expect that there will be expenses you have not planned for. A rule of thumb is always to add 10-15% to what you think the project will total, and if you beat these projections, your surprises will be happy ones. 
  • Decide what is a priority for your renovation, whether it is the living areas first, or an entire update throughout. Choosing between the necessities and the nice to haves can have a huge impact on the size of your budget.
  • Have plans professionally drawn up, and submitted to the relevant authorities. Start the process of looking for contractors if you are project managing yourself. It is a good idea to ask for references and even to visit current jobs your preferred contractors are busy with so you can see for yourself what sort of condition their construction site is in, whether it’s as neat and tidy as is possible on a building site, or whether it’s in a complete mess.
  • If possible, select a room that will be relatively untouched by the surrounding chaos which will become your sanctuary at this time. Keep your TV, kettle, and anything else you may need to keep yourself positive. 


How You Can Save Money on Your Renovation

The cost of a renovation or remodeling can quickly run away from you if you don’t keep your eye on the expenses. Here are some practical tips to help you save money. 

  • Plan on doing as much of the unskilled work yourself. Even if you are not handy, you can prepare the workspace for the crew before they arrive for the day. A great way to save some money is by preparing walls or floors yourself before painting and tiling, and even doing some of the unskilled painting jobs. You pay for the crew per hour, irrespective of how unskilled the task is, so the more you can do, the better. If you wish to try out some projects, YouTube is a great place to research and learn a new DIY skill and you can hire in any tools you may not have. Any electrical work or moving of utility lines require a licensed operator and are not DIY.  Consolidating your construction debris in one space can save on trash hauling expenses as it simplifies construction debris removal. 
  • Reuse and recycle as many materials as you can, for e.g., by painting existing cupboard doors and just changing the hardware, instead of an expensive brand-new kitchen will save you a fortune. Another great way to save is to buy building materials and fixtures from salvage yards, and from buy/sell websites. Occasionally when people move, they sell their slightly used appliances therefore you may be able to pick these up at good discounts compared to brand new ones. This is a great way of saving money while helping save the planet by recycling appliances. 
  • Use the sales for example, Black Friday and the sales around this day, to purchase electronics and other big-ticket items. You can save a lot of money by choosing the best time of year to make one of these large purchases. 
  • Make a list of kitchen appliances you will be removing. You can sell them on the buy/sell sites or on Facebook Marketplace. If there are no takers for your old appliances, make provision for professional appliance removal and disposal by a company like Junk Removal Wirral. If you have an old hot tub for removal, we can haul it away for you.  We will remove and recycle them for you, or we will dispose of them responsibly.  


Once you start on your house renovation, whether it is a small DIY operation of retiling your bathroom, or a professional renovation of an entire house, it will begin to generate construction debris and other waste that will need to be hauled away and disposed of. Furthermore, if you have a building inspection coming up or need to free up space in order for work to carry on, call us and we can have a junk removal team on site quickly, and take your construction rubble off your hands efficiently and with minimal fuss. 

Building waste from material packaging, materials cutoffs from tiles and timber, and debris from the demolition of the rooms in the house being renovated, are the typical trash items of a construction project that needs to be removed. Construction debris removal is better left to the professionals who are experienced in the collection and disposal or recycling of construction waste. There are regulations governing the safe removal and disposal of this construction waste, therefore it is important to hire a reputable rubbish removal company. Junk Removal Wirral will haul away debris from your construction site in a professional and efficient manner. We will remove all site construction waste quickly, and without leaving half the mess behind. 


Important questions to ask of your construction debris removal company:

  • Are they upfront with the costs involved with the trash removal?
  • Do they show up on time or communicate if there are any delays?
  • Do they have the correct permits to remove and dispose of your construction rubble?
  • Do they clean up the job site after the work is complete?


At Junk Removal Wirral, we arrive at the correct time as promised or we will communicate any delays. We have the correct permits for the disposal or recycling of your builindg waste. We clean the area up after ourselves. 

Our free no obligation quote is only changed when agreed to by both parties. 

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