Garbage Removal Companies and the Covid-19 Pandemic

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June 5, 2020
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Garbage Removal Companies and the Covid-19 Pandemic
June 19, 2020

Garbage Removal Companies and the Covid-19 Pandemic

Garbage Removal Companies and the Covid-19 Pandemic

These are difficult times for all of us, and to fight this epidemic we all must contribute by following the rules that the experts are advising us to follow to minimize the risk of getting infected. 

Households and businesses are emerging from weeks of shut down. People are going back to work while many others continue working from home. This pandemic has changed the way we live, communicate, commute, and work for the foreseeable future. Business models, educational institutions, and in fact, every aspect of our lives will have to change to accommodate this new normal.


The Importance of Safe Waste Disposal 

With people still heeding the directive of staying at home to keep safe, the way waste pick up is implemented also must change to comply with social distancing rules with little or no social contact. 

Spending more time at home has proved to be the perfect opportunity for all manner of house and yard cleanouts that we have been putting off for years, as we declutter, redecorate our homes, and spruce up our gardens. This has led to a huge increase in the amount of waste and junk generated. Although household waste disposal is an essential service, and its disposal is largely unaffected, bulky, waste items prove difficult to dispose of as many councils no longer offer their collection. Household waste recycling centres are closed as these centres attract crowds making it difficult to maintain social distancing rules, and have been closed for safety reasons. 

The options of recycling or reusing bulky waste such as old furniture and appliances has also been affected with the traditional reuse routes like eBay and even large charities which are unwilling to risk employee safety. This inability to reuse or recycle has resulted in many households storing more trash than they normally do, facing difficulty in disposing of it responsibly.  


Bulk Trash Removal during the Crisis

Waste removal companies such as Junk Removal, Wirral are taking all the necessary precautions to keep our customers and staff safe. Workplace hygiene has always been important for companies such as ours and we have taken every provision to ensure that our collection and removal of any type of waste is as safe as possible. Waste removal companies can assist you with trash removal during the crisis by collecting and disposing of your waste by hauling it away as, and when you need. 

We may have been advised to stay home for safety reasons, but it is not wise to let junk build up in and around your house as it may raise hygienic concerns that put your family at risk. If you find you have a buildup of waste, make sure your house stays germ and junk-free by calling a junk removal company to help you.


What to expect from a Waste Removal Company? 

We at Junk Removal Wirral are very aware that we have an even greater responsibility to ourselves and our customers to provide the service of waste removal and disposal in an ethical and safe manner. We are aware of fly tippers who are likely to take shortcuts in their waste removal practices, and we wish to encourage all of you living in Wirral and surrounds, to be aware of the safety rules we are recommending. 


Safety Rules to Follow

These are recommended for your safety and ours.

  • When we come to remove your waste, we would like you to stay your distance from our team, preferably staying indoors. This will ensure no contact or risk is involved in the removal process. As a matter of routine, we check the health of our staff to protect each other and our customers. Our company adheres strictly to the guidelines relating to safe Covid-19 practices.
  • We ask that you have your junk ready to be removed and placed together in an area where social distancing can be practiced. If you would rather that we do not enter your premises, please leave your waste outside where we can collect it. 
  • Please remember to keep a space of 1.5m between you and our crew. Keep interactions to a minimum.
  • We encourage electronic paper signatures. All our equipment are continually sanitized. We recommend payment by electronic means and use email to communicate, which is unlike our courteous, personal approach in normal conditions.


Safety is our primary concern

The routine of hand washing, not touching your face and wearing a mask has become standard practice with us during this time. Cleaning of work surfaces in your home, disinfecting items that may be virus-infected, as well as the general cleanliness of your property has become a necessity and waste removal is part of this routine.

As a responsible, well-established, licensed waste removal company in your area, we believe it is our responsibility to provide you with these guidelines for safe waste removal during these times. The pandemic is extremely serious, and every added precaution that you can take will save you and family members from exposure to infection. We recognize that it is vital that these safety precautions be implemented by both the householder and the waste remover during waste removal, so that you and your loved ones can be protected.


Why choose us?

If you require a safe and dedicated company for your household or office junk removal services, the professional, highly trained team at Junk Removal Wirral is standing by to offer you the very highest levels of safety. We offer our service at competitive prices and will conduct the waste removal according to the safe standards expected from a top waste pick up company. We arrive dressed in the correct PPE for the job and maintain the recommended distance from each other and our clients.

We are proud of our excellent reputation for customer service. We provide reliable and professional garbage haulage, so please call us first if at any time you need waste clearance services and we will give you the service you deserve. We arrive at your home or office at the agreed time, and if by any chance we are delayed, we will keep you informed. We also offer same day junk removal if you require this. 

Please contact us today for a No Obligation quote: Wirral & Liverpool: 01518 080407


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