person sorting junk trash for proper disposal and removal
Waste Management at Home, Wirral
September 27, 2020
waste management during pandemic
Managing Waste in These Times – Wirral
November 16, 2020
person sorting junk trash for proper disposal and removal
Waste Management at Home, Wirral
September 27, 2020
waste management during pandemic
Managing Waste in These Times – Wirral
November 16, 2020

E-waste is considered to be any electrical or electronic equipment, and products, that are no longer wanted, no longer working, or nearing the end of their life. But because of the speed that technology is advancing, many electronic devices which are still working perfectly are considered obsolete. 

The tendency to update our equipment to the latest model before the old ones are even broken, is driving the huge amount of e-waste that has to be disposed of. Any working electronic device that has had its features updated will become e-waste.

E-waste is the fastest increasing household waste stream globally. The life cycle of electronics is becoming shorter and shorter, and as the performance of new products improve, we all want the latest model. Repairing these items is often not an option as it is cheaper to replace them with a new one.

The list of electronic items gets longer each year as many new products are added. Demand for these new electronic products amongst us consumers is sky high. The latest model tempts us with additional features that are difficult to resist.

Here is a list of common domestic E-waste items.

  • Electric stoves
  • Microwaves
  • Refrigerators
  • Dishwashers, washing machines and dryers
  • Tv’s
  • Video Game Systems
  • DVD and Blu Ray Players
  • Cell phones and smartphones
  • Laptops
  • Tablets
  • Desktop computers and monitors
  • Fax machines
  • Copiers
  • Printers
  • Lights, night lights, smart lights
  • Remote controls

In fact, the list is endless, as any item that plugs in or needs charging can be considered potential e-waste.


The Effects of E-waste on Our Environment

E-waste can have a disastrous environmental effect. These broken or unwanted electronic items contain toxic chemicals like dioxins, mercury, cadmium, and others which are dangerous to human life.

  • When e-waste is buried in the landfills, these chemicals begin to leach into the groundwater in microscopic traces, causing serious damage to soil, water, air, wildlife, and of course, humans. 
  • Toxic fumes are released into the atmosphere, causing damage from inhalation.
  • Mercury is one of the hazardous substances contained in e-waste that has been proved to cause brain damage.
  • The more e-waste reaches the landfill, the more these toxic materials show in the groundwater. This water eventually finds its way into our oceans and into our food putting all of us at risk.

Up to about 10 years ago or even less, developed countries bundled up their e-waste and exported it to developing countries. This practice was hugely detrimental to these countries and has now been stopped. These countries did not have the technologies to recycle the components of electronics. This resulted in damage to the people that worked with this e-waste, as well as massive environmental damage due to the accumulation of chemicals in the soil, water, and their food. 

The problem is extensive. To get some idea of the amounts under consideration, in 2019, 52.7million tons of e-waste was generated worldwide. The UK averaged 52.6 pounds per person of e-waste which is the second largest amount. (Norway averaged the most per person at 57.3 pounds.) The United Nations has warned that this figure will reach 72.8 million tons by 2030.


How can we solve the problem of E-waste?


Recycling has proven to be a solution. By keeping these unwanted electronic items out of our landfills, we can help protect our environment. The message that needs to be reinforced is that we need to recycle older items rather than throwing them out.

Put your electronic waste in the electricals bank at your local recycling centre. Don’t put it with your household recycling because this type of waste needs to be reprocessed by a specialist waste disposal company. 

At the Wirral Council, computers that are not reusable can be taken to the Household Waste Recycling Centre where it will be recycled for you. They advise that you make sure to delete all personal information from the hard drive before disposal to prevent identity theft.

Your local council offers bulky waste collection from your curb, so they will collect fridges, freezers, and stoves, but you have to schedule a pickup with them. However, due to the Covid-19 epidemic, the number of these pickups have been reduced. But we at Junk Removal Wirral can remove these items for you and you can rest assured, we make sure that they are recycled where possible or disposed of correctly. 

Some retailers offer a product exchange, so they will take your old electrical item back when you replace it with the latest model. They then ensure that these older electrical items are disposed of safely.


Donate your old electronic goods that are in good working condition to a charity or a thrift shop. Although you may no longer need it as you have upgraded, it could still change someone else’s life for the better.


Parts from the devices are high value, and once they are recovered, can provide manufacturers with recycled metals that can be used to make new products. This serves a positive purpose in that raw metals do not have to be mined as these recycled metals are used instead. The mining process to extract the raw metals used in the manufacture of these products also causes huge damage to the environment.

Some of the metals in e-waste that still have value include silver, tin, gold, palladium, and copper. Hard drives are reprocessed by shredding them to extract aluminium ingots which can then be used in the motor industry. 


Why Choose Us?

We at Junk Removal Wirral are your locally licensed junk removal company and we are committed to looking after the health of our environment. We can collect and dispose of your e-waste in a responsible manner. Our aim is to recycle as much of the waste we collect as possible or if we have no option, to dispose of it in an environmentally friendly way. Consider us as your local rubbish removal company that cares about the environment we live in as much as you do.  

Contact us for a free, no obligation quote and indicate the pick-up times that will fit in with your schedule. Our service includes after hours or weekend pickups, and even a same day junk removal service. Let us help you keep dangerous e-waste out of our landfills, ensuring the safety of our environment for generations to come. 

Call us at the following number: 01518 080407

We look forward to hearing from you.


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