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responsible e-waste disposal Electronic devices, and electronic parts piled up for sorting to recycle and responsible disposal
Responsible E-waste Disposal – Wirral
November 13, 2020
household furniture waste piled up for waste removal and disposal
Bulky Household Waste Collection, Wirral
November 20, 2020
responsible e-waste disposal Electronic devices, and electronic parts piled up for sorting to recycle and responsible disposal
Responsible E-waste Disposal – Wirral
November 13, 2020
household furniture waste piled up for waste removal and disposal
Bulky Household Waste Collection, Wirral
November 20, 2020

Managing Waste in These Times

One of the major changes to have taken place in the waste industry over the last 6 months is the heightened focus on the pandemic, and not on waste disposal. The authorities are concerned that waste disposal has taken a step backward from where it was before COVID-19.

Their concern is justified, as more trash than before that has been generated during these past months has been disposed of in landfill sites and incinerators. There are a few reasons for this, but one of the explanations is that the distribution of waste generated has changed. With people staying at home and not commuting into cities, more waste has been generated in towns and surrounding countryside areas. Waste disposal services have also been disrupted even though they have been labeled as an essential service.

As a private, waste removal company, Junk Removal Wirral, we realise that we provide an essential, backup service to the Local Council. We continue to operate in a responsible manner while keeping an eye on the waste trends that are changing so quickly.


How Have Things Changed Recently?

  • Travel bans and restrictions imposed locally and internationally, reduced carbon emissions and air pollution. Far less fuel was used, and this decline in fuel use was of great benefit to our environment.
  • People were locked down at home for months on end, and with the realization that working remotely is feasible, our routines have begun to change. We realise we no longer have to live within commuting distance of our place of work, with the result that our entire lifestyle is undergoing a change. 
  • One of the early results of this is that prices for city apartments are on the decline while countryside properties are on the up. 

As far as waste removal is concerned, this has brought increased pressure on rubbish removal services in outlying areas. Waste removal services have experienced a rise in junk to be removed by local authorities. 

Meanwhile in the cities, fewer people at work meant less rubbish generated. Businesses also realised that employees working remotely meant that they had the choice of downsizing their offices. Maybe this is the new way of doing business. 


What has Changed in Waste Management as a Result?

The changing waste patterns coupled with social restrictions and staff shortages has unfortunately resulted in greater environmental pollution. Pre-Covid recycling and anti-plastic efforts have largely been suspended by the implementation of Covid-19 prevention procedures.

Large volumes of medical waste such as single use gloves and masks, are being dumped in parks, streets, and public places as preventative practices were put in place.

Even businesses with no association to healthcare have been required to put certain practices in place, use PPE, and practice sanitization. This is a requirement for offices, shops, restaurants and pubs, and non-compliance results in closure. 

Cleaning rules are in place to ensure that the disposal of PPE is safe to prevent transmission of pathogens to staff and customers. The separation of PPE from normal waste is essential. It is placed in plastic sacks, labelled “Offensive Waste”, and removed for incineration.


What Tips Can We Give? 

As far as waste handling, trash pickup, and garbage removal is concerned, safety issues have become more important. 

  • As one of Wirral’s leading garbage removal companies we ask businesses to involve us in their risk assessment and waste management planning.
  • By deep cleaning of bins, and keeping waste in secure places away from people, the risk of passing on pathogens will be minimized.
  • Best practice is not to let junk accumulate, but haul away junk regularly. 
  • Ensure that the collection point of your trash for your local waste removal company is out of reach of staff and visitors.
  • Separate the used PPE from your other junk.


Some Positive Signs for Climate Change

For months, no one was flying or driving due to strict lockdown regulations. Factories and industries closed down. The effect on the environment was positive, with greenhouse gas emissions dropping to pre-World War 11 levels. (Science of The Total Environment)

All over the world we have seen reports of wildlife being seen in places where they haven’t been spotted for years. The air in cities is less polluted and nature has been able to recover a little.  

Our beaches also had a chance to recover as Northern Hemisphere coasts were empty of the normal summer incursions by tourists. Fewer tourists meant cleaner beaches around the world.

Unfortunately, this window is only temporary, and as soon as the restrictions and regulations are lifted, the levels of pollution will soon rise to pre-lockdown levels. The damage inflicted by decades of pollution will not disappear permanently in a few months. 

The damaging effects this pandemic has had on the environment is evident in the spectacular rise in the use of not only single use masks, gloves and PPE, but also the billions of single use throwaways such as hot drink containers, takeaway food containers, and single use shopping bags. Many of these are destined to land up in our landfills and oceans, as waste removal struggles to get back to normal, and recycling centres open up again.

What this pandemic has shown, is that for a while our environment took a breather, but unfortunately because of how the practice of using disposable items is uncontrolled, it looks as though we are facing an environmental disaster. 

These environmental issues are not new however, and at Junk Removal Wirral we have been successfully dealing with them for a long time.  


Why Choose Us?

Junk Removal Wirral is your local licensed junk removal company, looking after the best interests of your environment. We find practical ways to responsibly dispose of waste.  We aim to recycle much of the waste we collect, and to dispose of it in an environmentally friendly way. Consider us as your local rubbish removal company near you, that cares about the environment we live in as much as you do. We are committed to keeping our environment as clean as possible.  

Contact us for a free, no obligation quote, and indicate the pick-up times that will fit in with your schedule. Our service includes after hours, or on weekends pickup, and even a same day junk removal service. Let us help you maintain the safety and cleanliness of your surrounds.

Call us at the following number: 01518 080407

We look forward to hearing from you.


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