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April 20, 2021
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Garden Waste Collection

Garden Waste Collection Wirral

The beginning of a new season is the time when we like to get busy in our gardens as they start greening up after a long winter. Pruning needs to be done, lawns must be mowed, old, dead leaves need to be swept up. Visits to garden centres offer inspiration to re-landscape different areas of our gardens, planting annuals to brighten up our spaces, and filling pots and hanging baskets with colourful plants. Garden Waste Collection

The arrival of warmer weather brings with it opportunities to spend more time outside in our gardens, and for the children to play outside. The longer warmer days mean time spent entertaining family and friends at our outside barbeque or if we are lucky enough to own one, at the swimming pool. This means ensuring that the outside entertaining areas of the home are clean and free from any junk and your terrace is in a good state of repair. 

Ensuring that you have the correct tools for the job will make your work much easier. Large brooms for sweeping outdoor entertainment areas and paths, a wheelbarrow, a lawnmower, and a long ladder to climb up when you need to reach the roof and gutters to remove leaves and twigs, and a rake for gathering up old leaves.

The amount of garden waste produced in your garden can quickly accumulate and become a problem. So make sure you keep on top of it by removing and disposing of it regularly before it gets out of control. At Junk Removal Wirral, our garden waste removal service will keep your property free of garden waste, and we can collect this waste as often as you need us. We are a phone call away.

In the UK, millions of tons of garden waste is produced each year, and much of it ends up being incinerated or deposited in landfills, where it not only takes up valuable space, but increases the harmful gas emissions when it breaks down, adding to the environmental problems of global warming. Every gardener can help reduce the amount of garden waste collection they need done by either their local authority or by using a garden waste removal service. Follow these tips to help you reduce your garden waste.

  • Composting your garden waste and food waste is the easiest way of reducing the garden waste you produce. Start a few compost bins with garden waste, add paper and cardboard to the mix, as well as any kitchen scraps. This will help you with your recycling efforts by dealing with your household waste. Instead of buying chemical fertilizers for your garden, you will soon have your own rich compost, full of the nutrients that your garden plants need. 
  • Invest in a garden chipper that will deal with any branches you cut off during pruning. The wood chips make the best mulch and when placed on your soil and around your plants, will suppress future weed growth and keep the soil moist. As the mulch breaks down, it will feed your soil too. 
  • Grass clippings make up about 50% by weight of your garden waste, so adding these to your compost heap, or even leaving them on the lawn to break down on their own, will make your pile of garden waste smaller, and at the same time improve the quality of your soil when you use your own compost.
  • Please note that if you use a chemical weed killer on your lawn or anywhere else not to add these clippings to your compost heap for the next few rounds. These weed killers will contaminate your compost, causing it to kill your plants instead of feeding them. 

Why Use Junk Removal Wirral?

When you need your garden waste removed, you do not want to wait around for days for an unreliable waste remover. Our professional team at Junk Removal Wirral is trained and equipped with the right equipment to collect and load your garden waste onto a truck. We will arrive at a predetermined time and will call you before we arrive.

We take pride in ensuring there is no harm done to our client’s garden or property while we collect the waste, and we make sure that it is neat and tidy when we leave. 

We can remove your old, broken garden furniture items, as well as any broken fencing or trellising. If you are replacing or repairing your cement paths or driveways, please call us to remove your old construction materials such as stones, old concrete, tiles, or gravel. It is important that these materials are removed and disposed of in an eco-friendly, responsible manner. 

If someone offers you cheap garden waste removal at an exceptionally low price, it is probably too good to be true and you need to think about it before you accept. You should beware of fly-by-night operators who may dispose of your waste illegally, polluting the environment, and this practice will also put you at risk for a large fine. 

To ensure that the company you are dealing with are responsible, make sure that they are licensed as a waste carrier with your local authorities. They also need to issue you with an invoice displaying their company details, as well as the details of where they will be disposing of your garden waste. 

At Junk Removal Wirral we treat our customers with respect. We will fetch your garden waste when it suits you, and we even offer a same day pickup if that is what you require. We will carry out your garden waste collection and disposal as neatly as possible, and we clean the area we have been working in after ourselves. Our garden waste disposal is eco-friendly and ethical, and we recycle where we can. The  customer reviews on our website will confirm our good reputation. We are proud of our reputation as being a reliable, professional, and affordable garden waste removal company.

Call us at Wirral and Liverpool: 0151 808 0407 or Chester: 01244 953100 for a no-obligation quote,

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