Domestic and Commercial Rubbish Clearance
Domestic and Commercial Rubbish Clearance
May 15, 2021
Commercial Waste Removal Wirral
Commercial Waste Removal
June 11, 2021

Waste Management

Waste Management Wirral

Waste management is all about how we handle our rejected or discarded materials from our homes or other places. It means following the 4 R’s of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Recover. It also means avoiding illegal dumping and any form of littering. Landfills and incinerating waste is one way of waste management that deals with the elimination of certain products that cannot be recycled and transformed into something useful. 

The purpose of good waste management is to keep as much junk as possible from reaching our landfills, thus ensuring a clean environment, as free from pollution as possible. The air that we breathe and the water that we use needs to be clean and pollution free in order for us to maintain our health. It also means keeping all forms of waste out of our rivers and eventually our oceans which are under tremendous pressure from all types of waste, especially plastic waste. 

Waste management has become more complex and difficult in recent times. Industrialization and the technological advances that continue developing, and a world population that is growing exponentially consuming more and creating more waste, is driving the demand for more products. This means more materials are being produced than ever before. Materials that may be toxic or hazardous to our environment if not managed properly. 

We Need Waste Management

We as individuals need to take responsibility as to what happens to our waste and to follow the rules governing waste management. This would include our household waste. Businesses and industry need to do the same. It is important for government agencies involved in waste management ensure that we as the public are educated about waste, and more importantly, pass these lessons about waste management on to the next generation.

Besides for household waste which is the garbage that is classified as municipal solid waste, there are also other types of solid waste, namely those generated by agriculture, mining, and industries. Of all the waste generated, solid municipal waste is the least, with mining being the largest creator of waste. The types of waste other than municipal waste are less visible to us because they are generated in remote areas. 

Mining and agricultural waste need to be managed carefully so that they do not contaminate the groundwater or run off into our rivers. Agricultural waste can also become contaminated by the huge volume of pesticides that are used during the production of food. The correct handling of the empty containers or of the unused pesticides presents a challenge. These hazardous materials react with oxygen in the air and form toxic acids which are easily washed into groundwater.

Industrial waste has been around for hundreds of years now, but the volume of the hazardous waste has grown. These wastes such as mercury and dioxins can be released as gases which contaminate our atmosphere, adding to the climate change problems, but these can also contaminate our water supplies.

We need to be aware of the toxic chemicals contained in household products, such as drain cleaners, paints, thinners, and pesticides we use in our gardens. We need to be aware of how to dispose of these, as they ought not to find their way into our garbage dumps. 

Waste We Can Control

As citizens, we cannot control how industrial, mining, or agricultural waste is managed, but we need to do what we can to manage our household waste, especially hazardous waste. 

Reducing the amount we consume, recycling where we can, reusing items by repairing instead of throwing them out, and sending items such as our electronic waste where the valuable raw materials can be recovered is something we need to encourage. Waste prevention and recycling are popular because we have all become aware and concerned of how important it is to manage the waste we generate. It makes sense to reduce the amount of waste as the cost of landfills and incineration grows, and we need to minimize the impact of all this waste on our environment, including our air and water quality. 

Why Use Junk Removal Wirral?

It is important that you ensure the junk removal company you are planning on using is professional and reputable to assist you with your waste management efforts. We are a local company that are committed to keeping our environment as safe for all of us as possible so we will ensure that your waste does not find its way into the wrong places.

There are many dodgy operations out there offering to dispose of your waste at exceptionally low prices who are likely to dump it illegally. This unfortunately is a common practice and is particularly harmful to our environment. You also need to be aware that you would be liable for a fine or even legal prosecution if someone is caught fly-tipping your waste.  

Here are some pointers to help you choose a reputable company that is responsible in the way they dispose of and manage their waste. 

  • They need to hold up to date insurance including trade public liability insurance.
  • Registered as a licensed waste carrier with the local authorities.
  • Display their registered company number and VAT registration number if applicable. 
  • Issue you with an invoice with their company details, and information where they are disposing of your home junk.
  • Honest, independent reviews from previous customers.

Our customers are our priority at Junk Removal Wirral, and we treat them as such. Our promise to you is to assist you with your waste management plan, recycling where we can and disposing of the rest responsibly and only when necessary. Our aim is to collect your waste from your home, removing it as quickly as possible with as little disruption to you as possible. We clean up after ourselves and leave the area where we have worked neat and tidy. We are the perfect team to call if your load can be carried by two people.  Our customer reviews on our website will back up our claims and put your mind at rest that we are the right team for the job.  

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