Cleaning Up Your Environment: How to Be Part of a Cleanup Campaign

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January 24, 2022
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Junk Removal Wirral Do You Want to Smarten Up Your Home
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January 24, 2022
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February 11, 2022

Cleaning Up Your Environment: How to Be Part of a Cleanup Campaign

Mobilizing a team of people to conduct a cleanup campaign is easier than you think, as there are many of our noble citizens keen on helping keep our environment clean. Whether the cleanup campaign is a local initiative or part of a National or Global campaign, each one needs a set of champions to inspire others to participate. 

Whether they are considered activists or responsible members of the society concerned about the state of our earth, they are important to our communities and need to be congratulated for the work they do. 

Whether you have been motivated to get involved in such a campaign or not, we encourage you to either continue to do so, or to get involved in one in your neighbourhood. 

Being a local cleanup company in the Wirral area Junk Removal Wirral who are the rubbish removal specialists in the area, focusing on cleanliness, we encourage all residents to be responsible about their waste. This starts with cleaning up around us all, whether it’s our mess or not, we can all help keep our environment clean. 

Organizing Cleanup Campaigns

The inspiration for a cleanup normally starts when there is a clear problem area or event that motivates taking appropriate action. Then when the urge arises to do something about it the organizer will get a team together to make up the cleanup team. 

The materials needed will depend on the extent of the operation. Bags will be needed for the collected materials, while the participants may need litter grabbers and gloves to enable the collection of the rubbish. These may be in the form of a donation. Canvassing for a donation for these is part of the process. Environmental non-profits or businesses that are environmentally focused are sure to contribute to a good cause, if it’s sold to them well. 

There’s a lot to be said for the community spirit that an event like this creates. It brings like minded people together for a worthwhile cause. 

A second option is to become part of an existing event, which is normally organized according to an annual calendar. Some of the more exciting ones to join include the following:

Join an Event 

It’s easy enough to join up with an event. Coming in April is Earth Day which this year has the theme “Invest in Our Planet”.  This is particularly relevant for businesses that can make a difference in their daily commercial activities by being more proactive with their sustainable business practices. By taking a greener route to the running of their business, they can make a big contribution to the reduction of carbon emissions and stabilizing the threats of climate change. 

The day of 22 April ’22 is used to ask the world which includes Governments, businesses, and the man in the street to act with boldness, in an innovative way to implement changes in the way things are done. 

Investing in the Youth 

While it’s unfair to expect the youth to inherit polluted earth, it’s the way it is. Without expecting the youth to shoulder the burden that has been created, it’s a great idea to bring them into the environmental awareness sphere at a young age. 

While cleaning up rubbish will not be a particularly exciting thing for kids to do, making it a teamwork issue helps encourage participation. The Keep Britain Tidy schools’ campaign is one example of getting schoolchildren involved. During a few weeks in the mid-year summer months schools can register their cleanup campaigns and take part in a national movement designed to cover as much ground as possible collecting rubbish in the area of their schools. 

Not only are the kids outdoors, but this is an event that brings new life to the school calendar, exercise for the children and an opportunity for them to learn about the importance of protecting our environment. 

The children who have a lot of energy helped add the miles to the Keep Britain Tidy and Eco-Schools million mile litter picking campaign, making it a big success. 

How to Glamourize Cleanup 

To make cleanups more appealing to the wider audience here are some ways to incentivize others to participate:

  • Make clean-ups fun and rewarding, take pictures, post on social media
  • Impress upon the younger people that they are making a difference to their environment and get them involved in nature and the benefit to the birds and animals.  
  • The act of litter picking is good for the psyche of younger people in that the exercise and activities help them keep active and they can socialize with each other  
  • People feel worthy doing something for their community and making a difference  
  • Getting out and having some form of exercise is good for all 
  • Create an overall picture of how the cleanup contributes to the greater good and dovetails with similar campaigns around the world. 

Junk Removal Wirral Supports Cleanup Campaigns

As a licensed waste carrier serving Wirral and the surrounding areas, we provide rubbish collection and removal services when junk is collected and needs to be disposed of responsibly. Any form of junk will be put into the correct waste stream and as much as possible will be recycled. 

Much of the junk found in cleanup campaigns is from single-use packaging and disposable items that are discarded carelessly. By picking up litter that is strewn in the environment during cleanup campaigns the communities are taking pressure off the pollution that takes place. As a partner to the campaign Junk Removal Wirral will support any cleanup campaign when it happens. 

Should you require any assistance when you cleanup your environment, please give us a call. Our services cover all forms for junk removal, whether at home or the business, no matter how big or small, we can do it. 

For any junk removal services that you may need please call us at the following number: 0151 808 0407

We look forward to hearing from you.



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