FAQs About Rubbish Removal in Your Area.

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You may wonder what the easiest way is to remove rubbish. If it’s something you have in mind to do yourself, then how best to do it. Bearing in mind that there are so many kinds of rubbish from hazardous to recyclable that each category has to be treated in different ways. 

With so many variations in the kinds of rubbish that come our way and the many questions being asked about rubbish collection and rubbish removal, let’s look at some of the ones that keep on coming up day in a day out. 

At Junk Removal Wirral we attend to all the issues of waste management on behalf of our clients, in business or as individuals who require junk removal in Wirral and surrounds. Our rubbish clearance is conducted by a team of professionals who dispose of it responsibly. 

Some frequent questions that are asked are as follows:

How can I Manage my Household Waste better? 

Ask yourself if the junk can be reused or transformed into in some other form. If so, take it to a thrift shop and donate it so that someone else can use it. In your home if you are not separating your waste, it’s time to start, as this helps manage it better. Use the rubbish collection services available to you to the best of your ability. 

My Garden Waste is a Problem: How to dispose of it Best?

It shouldn’t be, because all garden waste can be composted and made into beneficial fertilizer for your garden. Don’t think of disposing of it in your green bins as this is not practical. If you have too much garden waste to manage, rather leave it to a service provider like ourselves who will come and collect garden refuse and take it to a composting operation. 

When Should I use a Man and Van?

This is an especially useful service that works when the load you want to move is not too big. It also works when you are in a hurry to get the job done, as a man and van service is flexible, and can be done at short notice. The man and van service is also a cheap rubbish removal or for that matter removal of any other items you need to relocate. 

When I Use a Service Provider for Removals Who Insures? 

Any registered and licensed business in the removal industry is required to take Public Liability Insurance and Goods in Transit Insurance. This means that your goods are covered by their insurance when in transit. It should be stipulated in the contract you sign. If less reputable service providers try to default on their obligations in the case of damage caused to your load, remind them of their responsibilities and if not resolved you are entitled to sue them. 

Which Household Waste is not Recyclable? 

Fortunately, the council does supply a grey bin for non-recyclable materials which can then be disposed of through the normal channels. Those you will be familiar with are sanitary products and nappies along with any form of rigid plastic. Your pet litter and pet’s old bedding are also included. Then there is wrapping and packaging such as bubble wrap, snack packets and polystyrene and cling wrap, grease proof paper and cellophane. These are also not recyclable. 

Can I Take Rubbish to the Tip Myself?

Sure, you can take your junk down to the tip or any of the household waste recycling centres. Services are courtesy of MRWA (Merseyside Recycling and Waste Authority) with opening hours from 8am until 8pm, every day of the week. Entrance to the center is free, and should you be renting a van to do so, make sure you have proof of residency in the form of a utility or council tax bill. 

What should I do With My Old Tumble Dryer?

When it comes to disposing of a tumble dryer or washing machine, these bulky appliances are often welcomed at a recycling center where they can still be put to use. Even if they are faulty a mechanically minded person may take the trouble to fix the fault and thereby extend the life of the machine. 

I have an old Couch to dispose of: How should I do it?

Bulky waste such as an old couch is best donated to a recycling center. There are a few around, call Junk Removal Wirral, and we can whip it away for you in no time at all. 

Don’t consider putting it on the curbside as you may cop a fine as a result. There is the council collection service, you will have to make the booking and wait for the day: it’s an option B if you need to get it done that way. 

I am doing a Bathroom Revamp: What about all the Old Fixtures? 

Well, there is still value in the old bathroom fixtures, and if they are in reasonable condition, you may find a buyer for these fixtures. However, if they are damaged, chipped or don’t look good, you may have some trouble convincing someone else to take them. Toilets, sinks and baths that are old can look grubby, in which case taking them to the tip would be the best solution. The easiest way to get them there is to use a man and van service. Quick and cheap as well. 

Why use Junk Removal Wirral?

When you need to move junk or any item from your premises at short notice you have a few options. Given you have the right vehicle to do so you can do it yourself. Otherwise for a reasonable removal cost you can use a local service provider like Junk Removal Wirral. 

If the load is of a reasonable size, try the man and van service for prompt service. No need to move your junk, simply show us where it is, and our guys will haul it away in their van. Pronto, no fuss, no frills. And the advantage is that they can do it at a time that suits you. Whether it’s in the weekend or after hours to fit in with your busy schedule, just let us know, and we will come when it’s convenient to you. 

Our services cover the Wirral, Liverpool, Chester, and Ellesmere Port areas. 

So, you have junk that you need to get rid of, call us on: 

Wirral & Liverpool 0151 808 0407

Chester 01244 953100

Email: enquiries@junkremovalwirral.co.uk

Website: https://www.junkremovalwirral.co.uk/



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