Not All Waste is Junk: Making Useful Things from Waste at Home

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Not All Waste is Junk: Making Useful Things from Waste at Home

When you fill your waste bin with your household waste do you ever stop to think that there may be junk you can use to create something useful for the home? The fact is that in every bin of rubbish collection each week there are several items you intend discarding that could be put to better use than simply being dumped in the landfill. 

Whether it’s your daily cleaning routine or if you decide to do a rubbish clearance involving all your household effects, there will be rubbish that is useful. In effect what is happening is you are reclaiming the rubbish that would under normal circumstances be discarded and be part of your rubbish removal in Wirral. 

Rubbish collection and rubbish removal are services provided either by the Council or a private service provider like Junk Removal Wirral. Council collections will be on a particular day of the week, while we at Junk Removal Wirral can come any time, any day of the week when it suits you. 

By isolating useful items that can be made into something meaningful again, homeowners are reducing the burden on the rubbish collection service, and ultimately saving the items from potentially ending up in the landfill.

Let’s differentiate what could happen next. The items that are kept back can either be used in their original form, like a toilet roll inner which is used to keep a roll of wool thread, or it can be recycled into something else. Such an example is garden waste that is composted and turned into fertilizer for the garden. 

Creativity is Needed when Making Waste Useful 

Nowadays the terms “reuse” and “recycling” are used to describe the acts of salvage or conversion of waste to the waste that is reclaimed and put to good use.

Bottles converted into lamps are also good examples of reuse, while if they are ground into fine shards and used in a cement mix to make bricks, then one would describe them as having been recycled. Now that you have got the general picture, let’s look at the ideas for your home. 

The beauty is that anyone can make useful things out of waste. With a touch of glue, a pair of scissors, and some creativity the pastime of making something pretty and useful is one of the most rewarding activities you can do. And it is all free, no cost at all! 

And while it’s all happening the environment is breathing a sigh of relief in the knowledge that it does not have to have put up with more junk being dumped. 

Furniture Made from Waste for the House

There is no end to the number of creative furniture ideas that have been imagined from waste products. Whether it’s plastic containers, old pallets, cardboard boxes or leftover wood, these are all useful materials in the making of furniture that you would normally pay a lot for in the shop. 

  • Tables and couches from Pallets

Wooden pallets are bulky structures that are often discarded when a strut or plank breaks. But when disassembling a pallet a lot of wood is available to create a table, a sofa, or some shelving. Not only that, but you can also design it yourself and make it look completely unique. 

  • Talking about Shelving 

Maybe it’s wood, plastic or cardboard that is used for creating shelves, whether small like a spice rack, or large for keeping the kid’s toys in one place, these materials are solid enough to last the distance. 

The great thing about them is that you can freely paint your shelves in colours to match your decor, just to give them the unique, personal touch.

Imagine creating a ladder shelf for your towels in the bathroom, or a feature to hang lights on. The possibilities are endless, and exciting. Making them just needs a little enthusiasm and some elbow grease. 

  • Decorations

Why buy decorations you are going to end up throwing out after the occasion? All you need is some string, paper products and paint and it’s so easy to make your own. 

  • Flower containers 

A variety of materials are suited to making flower holders. This may be an old log, a plastic container, or an interesting glass jar that you really don’t want to throw out. Look around for any waste materials that can hold water and think about how these can be fashioned into a flowerpot. 

  • Lampshades can be expensive

Instead of spending the money on a lampshade, why not create your own. Glass bottles make excellent bases, and your waste threads can also be used to mould a lampshade to save you even further. 

Extending Your Creativity Further 

Once you’ve started turning waste into useful things, you may want to go commercial. Using waste materials conserves the use of virgin raw materials, and once these materials are identified and made accessible, the conversion to finished products may involve several processes:

  • Maceration or grinding by physical means  
  • Heat by means of gas, combustion or melting, 
  • Breaking down through composting, bio gasification, or microbes
  • Conversion of waste such as paper into new products 

Being a Waste Reclaimer in Wirral

We love the reuse and recycling of waste because it lessens the burden on the environment. If you start small and think about each bit of waste that is discarded and try and make something useful out of it, you are contributing to the cause. 

When this process of salvage and conversion is made into a commercial business, even more accolades should come your way. You may decide to substitute a portion of your original raw materials by using reclaimed waste and gradually grow the percentage over time, so that in the end with a totally recycled product. 

The benefit to the business is obvious: consumers like an eco-friendly product, as they feel they are also contributing to the protection of the environment by buying it. 

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