Moving On: Your Lease is Up, and What to do with All the Rubbish

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February 23, 2022
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Moving On: Your Lease is Up, and What to do with All the Rubbish

When you are moving on from the property you have leased, you are sure to have a large amount of junk and unwanted items that you don’t want to take with you. At this point, you ask yourself what you can do with them. Besides wanting to move on and leave the old to go to the new, you still have an obligation to clear up your mess before you go.

Leaving a property clean also increases your chances of getting a speedy deposit return, and after all that’s what you want. There is no need to sour your relationship with your landlord right at the end, is there? 

The good news is that there is no need to worry about this issue, it’s a common dilemma faced by property renters and there are tried and trusted ways of dealing with the junk at the end of your lease.

In dealing with end of lease cleanouts the team at Junk Removal Wirral are often commissioned at the end of the process to uplift and ensure that the place is left free of junk and ready for the next tenant. 

In between there are some steps we recommended to make the process quicker and easier. Here they are for you to follow to make life simple with the occasion arises:

Don’t Let Anything Go to Waste if it Can be Used

What one person has no more use for maybe another will gladly welcome it. Old couches, chairs tables, clothing, children’s toys, and appliances that still work, even if frayed at the edges or needing a little TLC are not to be thrown on the junk heap.

When thinking of others that may find use for them, use the channels available to get them into the system. Like your local church or nearby charity shop who will readily take them on board and look for deserving homes for them. 

Check out whether the charitable institution will come and pick up the items, and if not, your cheapest option is a man and van who will come and collect for you and drop them off on your behalf.

Think of the joy when someone deserving gets use out of one of your items you would otherwise have relegated to the junk heap!

Make Something Out of Junk 

Another worthy thing to do is to transform junk into some other useful form. Ok, it may take a bit of ingenuity and creativity, but it’s fun!

The idea here is to save some of your junk to make into something else that can be used. It may not be practical when you are aiming to pack up and move to a new place because there may not be sufficient time to do this. 

In any event, it’s a worthy thing to do and requires some creative thought. You can either use the item in its current form, by a method called upcycling. This is like making a lamp out of a bottle that you love and feel you want to keep because of its design, shape, or sentimental attachment. 

Secondly there will be left over plastic, cardboard, glass, and aluminium that are all well suited for recycling and should end up at the recycling centre. 

Get Money for Your Junk

You’d be surprised at what people are prepared to pay for that you’d consider as junk. Take a cursory look at a street market to see the range of miscellaneous items that many consider to be worthless, but surprisingly there is a market for everything, and many people buy there.

This gives confidence when trying to sell your junk. A well-advertised garage sale is just one way to get started as there is no need to move your stuff extremely far. Members of the community and friends will arrive in droves in the hope that they will find a bargain on the day. Add some snacks and make the occasion a happy one and you are sure to offload a lot of your unwanted items.

Other avenues open to you include selling online. Try posting good photos of the items that you’d like to sell- and remember that everyone likes to bargain, so be prepared to build that into your price that you offer. 

Coming down in price by a few pounds often seals the deal as the customer feels that they have won the price battle. Of course, the price you quote should be for collection at your house, and in the event of you having to drop it off anywhere, don’t hesitate to add on the extra. 

Once these channels have been used to dispose of your unwanted junk, you will have a pile of leftovers that are probably not saleable. This requires you to find alternate ways to dispose of them. 

Best use the means available to you through the Council collection services of if you need it done quickly without any fuss, then use a service provider like Junk Removal Wirral. 

When you Need to Move

We all move on at some stage of our lives. When signing a lease for premises we often don’t envisage what will happen when we must move again at the end of the lease. But when the time comes to move, the contract will stipulate that the premises are to be left in the same condition as when you moved in.

It means that the end of lease clean up job must be done, regardless of whether you feel like it or not. The sooner it’s done, the sooner you get your deposit back. 

When doing this you are sure to need the services of a junk removal company like Junk Removal Wirral. Our service is designed to be on hand when you need us, weekends, after hours you name it, we come same day if it’s urgent. 

You will be dealing with professionals in the business, who are a leading, licensed waste management company covering the Wirral, Liverpool, Chester, and Ellesmere Port areas.

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