Disposing of Waste: What You Should Know About Duty of Care

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Disposing of Waste: What You Should Know About Duty of Care

In waste language, three words are considered very important: They are “Duty of Care”. They are about the responsibility of all of us who generate waste. As a householder or business owner, you are considered a waste holder. Waste holders are everyone that produce, carry, keep, treat, import, produce, or dispose of controlled waste and you are required to abide by the term “duty of care”. 

In layman’s terms as a householder, it becomes your responsibility to ensure that you give your waste for disposal to an authorized entity. There are quite a few of those who are authorized to do this and therefore the authorized entity also falls under the duty of care. 

However, you may also be a business owner who is also classified as a waste producer: someone whose commercial activities produce quantities of waste. This could be in the form of a shop, office, factory, or a trades person such as an electrician, builder, or plumber. 

The waste producer may also be an institution like a hospital, clinic, or similar generator of waste materials, all of them bound by the duty of care. 

An authorized entity is like Junk Removal Wirral, who is the receiver of waste and the carrier of waste, and ultimately the responsible company or person who is authorized to do so. We are also called a waste carrier. As with our company, all waste carriers are registered and run as a business for profit. We comply with the Duty of Care. 

Make sure folks, when you use a waste carrier that it is licensed to carry your waste. 

So, what is it you should know about Duty of Care?

What You Can Do About Being Responsible about Waste 

Waste as we know it happens every second of the day, in business or at home, when there is something that requires to be discarded by disposing of it or recovering it and using it in some form again. 

But when waste needs to be disposed of the full journey must be known to the producer or generator of the waste. So, the responsibility rests on that person to check that those involved in the disposal chain are legitimate and registered to do the rubbish collection and ultimate rubbish disposal. 

This can be done by checking the waste company’s license and enquiring where the waste will be taken to. It is advisable too, to ask whether the proposed place that the waste will end up is also licensed to take the waste.

So, the Duty of Care is passed all along the waste disposal chain to ensure that nothing goes wrong, and the waste is not illegally dumped anywhere. 

Waste: Where you Can Help 

As we are all aware, keeping our environment clean and free of junk is all our responsibility. Too often we are confronted with issues that occur because of some irresponsible act that occurs. And this happens often whether in the ocean caused by big shipping companies or by individuals who fly tip because they take short cuts with their rubbish disposal. 

We are all empowered by Duty of Care to help prevent those actions by reporting them or helping bring the perpetrators to book. You are free to enquire whether they have an environmental permit to carry out the actions that they are proposing. 

In the case of you wanting to transfer waste to someone else, such as a waste carrier, check that the carrier has the correct permissions to do the intended transport and ask where the load will be deposited. Always ensure that the waste is properly described so that it is deposited in the appropriate place. 

Our staffs at Junk Removal Wirral are trained in the best practice of waste management and carry out their duties with the responsibility that is expected of a leading rubbish removal company in Wirral. The role we play in the surrounding area in controlling and disposing of waste is always environmentally friendly. We practice duty of care in everything we do, and this is one of our guiding principles. 

When Waste Rules are Transgressed

On a broad scale, the transgressing of the laws on waste management are causing an environmental problem and resulting in a health risk to the public. An example is our rivers, of which this area of Wirral has one of the most famous, the Mersey.

Local rivers in the area are also polluted. There are only a few rivers that are considered to be in good ecological condition in the UK, unfortunately. This is because of they are polluted from the wanton disposal of plastics, particularly single use containers, pesticides and fertilizers from agriculture, and accidental sewerage spillage that could otherwise been avoided.

As a citizen of the area, our responsibility is to report such careless actions that pollute our waterways, in order to be part of the solution. By being on the side of the environment and looking out for breaches and pollution occurrences we will all act as an extra set of eyes to “police” the situation. 

Never give your waste to anyone whom you are suspicious of fly tipping, and always report illegal actions.  

When Waste Removal is Needed

If everyone took waste seriously the position would not require so much attention. But the duty of care is in place to guide us all so that we do the right thing. 

As a local waste carrier, licensed to dispose of rubbish correctly, we hope that waste becomes less invasive on our local environment as we strive to abide by the rules that are in place. 

By applying the principle of duty of care down the waste transfer channel, and being careful about how everyone’s waste is handled, we are sure to get it right.

Any queries that you may have, problems that you face with the disposal of junk in the area, don’t hesitate to discuss your concerns with our staff at Junk Removal Wirral. 

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