From Business Waste to Household Junk – Waste Management is a Global Problem

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Community Waste Projects Ideas: It’s a Rewarding Thing to Do
March 15, 2022
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Community Waste Projects Ideas It’s a Rewarding Thing to Do - Junk Removal Wirral
Community Waste Projects Ideas: It’s a Rewarding Thing to Do
March 15, 2022
When You Need a House Clearance, Do It The Right Way
When You Need a House Clearance, Do It The Right Way
April 26, 2022

From Business Waste to Household Junk – Waste Management is a Global Problem

Managing waste is a global problem that has every nation and all its local communities working on plans to lessen its impact on the environment. This filters down to the sources of the waste generated, such as business waste or household junk removal. 

Many of the problems that waste causes are man-made, and changing habits, like our single-use culture or irresponsible attitude to the way we dispose of waste and junk, can be challenging

Not only that, the harm that these problems cause is damaging the very world we live in, both in nature itself and to ourselves as humans who live together on this planet. 

In some countries, especially those less affluent, waste management resources are limited, which results in high levels of waste being dumped directly into landfills and streets, where it stays for years. 

It’s a phenomenon that can’t be ignored even though it may not affect a country whose waste management systems are more advanced; it still remains a global problem. The effects of any form of pollution are being felt far and wide through the likes of global warming and waste spreading far and across the oceans.

There is good news though. By managing your business waste and household junk responsibly, you can be part of the solution.

As a local household junk removal and business waste removal company, Junk Removal Wirral is equipped with a team of people devoted to managing solid waste responsibly using the best practices. 

We echo the concerns of all involved in the management and control of waste and strive to do the best we can to manage waste responsibly.

What kind of Waste Are We Worried About?

We often tend to think about dry mixed recycling as the answer to the waste problem and if this is done, then our efforts to reduce the burden on society enough. But waste reduction is a much bigger challenge as we will see. 

Packaging Waste and Recyclables

The term dry mixed recycling has been coined to describe a range of waste materials that have the potential to be reused or transformed into alternate products. We probably know what they are, but it is good to remind ourselves of these materials again. 

These of course include waste products made of plastic, glass, cardboard, or aluminium. The common products are packaging materials, bottles, jars, boxes, and many forms of single-use packaging including milk cartons, plastic cooldrink and water bottles. 

The percentage of these waste products that reach recycling across the world varies so much, with many countries, particularly the less-resourced one, at very low recycling percentages.

Construction and demolition waste 

The last decade has seen the world wake up to the fact that construction and demolition waste can be reused or reprocessed into the like of bricks or aggregates. This has led to huge strides towards reducing this category of waste. As demolitions take place greater thought is being given to the deconstruction process and how to separate construction and demolition waste for constructive use that averts it away from landfills. 

This sort of waste includes cement and concrete, bricks, tiles and other ceramics, wood and glass and insulation materials amongst others. 

E Waste

As technology advances at a fast rate the lives of electronics seem to get shorter, and the advertisements to upgrade to smarter electronic gadgets grows. This means the replacement of older models and the need to dispose of the electronic waste increases. 

Otherwise called WEEE, (Waste electrical and electronic equipment) this category includes a diverse range of waste types including electronic equipment that may well contain materials considered dangerous to the environment and to humans if disposed of irresponsibly

Therefore, the recycling of e-waste including TVs, monitors, refrigerators, freezers, and air-conditioning units is encouraged. This category also includes home appliances such as tumble dryers, dishwashers, washing machines and kitchen appliances. 

Healthcare Waste and other Hazardous waste

The recent increase in medical waste, including the PPE that went with it, has put many of the waste channels under additional pressure. New protocols were established to handle this. Besides this, the normal channels of hazardous waste require a specific waste treatment protocol depending on the hazardous waste type. This is normally undertaken by specialist waste removal companies, qualified to treat such waste.

How is Solid Waste to be Managed Better in the Future?

The first observation is that if the world is going to get on top of the problem it must outpace the increasing amount of solid waste that is being generated globally. Otherwise it’ll be a losing battle. 

It means that sufficient financial resources must be allocated to the poorer countries and waste management plans must be enforced and rolled out properly. 

As it is, the responsibility of each one of us, you as an individual managing business waste or household junk removal can make a difference daily through your own waste management habits.

When you do want to do a junk removal, use a registered provider to dispose of your waste as this will ensure that the job is done correctly. 

Household or Business Waste Collection? There’s Junk Removal Wirral 

Recycling and identifying waste for reuse becomes a whole lot easier when it has been separated at source. For us as a service provider it makes doing a junk collection a whole lot easier. We are able to decide at a glance what the best ways of doing the rubbish removal and disposal are. 

The junk collection team can swiftly remove the waste on your premises at a time that is convenient to you. As Junk Removal Wirral is a private service provider that is licensed to conduct waste management activities in the Wirral area, we provide an essential service that helps keep the environment free of junk. 

Whether it is e-waste, construction waste or packaging and recyclables, each of these categories should not reach the landfill. We find creative ways to dispose of them in our efforts to practice responsible waste management.

Help us by sorting your waste in preparation for our collection and then contact us for a speedy removal, the same day, on the weekends, or after hours, we are there to provide excellent service. 

Call us at the following number: 0151 808 0407

We look forward to hearing from you.



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