When You Need a House Clearance, Do It The Right Way

From Business Waste to Household Junk - Waste Management is a Global Problem
From Business Waste to Household Junk – Waste Management is a Global Problem
April 15, 2022
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When You Need a House Clearance, Do It The Right Way

A fully furnished house contains a wide range of items from furniture to appliances and a lot of personal effects. They may accumulate over a long period of time and depending on the owner’s habits, some houses become extremely cluttered with things if they keep adding to their possessions.  When having to do a house clearance in one day it becomes an enormous task. 

A house clearance is no easy task and requires the professionals to do so. This is because the size of the job cannot be underestimated. It involves having to clear everything from a property, lock stock and barrel. At the end of a house clearance the property must be completely free of any personal effects of the occupier and all junk removal completed. 

The size of the job often means that more than one day may have to be put aside to do a house clearance particularly if the occupant has been a hoarder. Compulsive hoarding is quite common in society and is evidenced by the vast number of possessions that are found in the property that requires the house clearance.

The job of doing a house clearance can only be carried out by a registered waste management company as there are certain regulatory conditions attached to doing a house clearance. Junk Removal Wirral is a licensed waste carrier operating in the Wirral and surrounding areas. In addition to houses, we do apartment clearance, office clearance and general waste removal services. 

Why do you Need a Licensed Operator to do a House Clearance?

The circumstances for having to do a house clearance are different: in some circumstances the house may not have occupants, which could be because of a deceased estate or a foreclosure. 

It would mean that there is no one to advise on what is in the house that could be dangerous to health or harmful to the environment. The licensed waste management company will have personnel trained to identify any items that could potentially be harmful and would know how they should be disposed of. 

These items would include several common household items, perhaps asbestos which was common in old houses, electrical appliances that may contain toxic substances, batteries and solvents like oils and paints. 

If a house uses fluorescent tubes and other energy saving light bulbs called CFL’s, these require special attention and need to be disposed of in a particular manner known to a licensed junk removal company. The garden shed could be filled with many potentially harmful pesticides and herbicides that require proper disposal. Likewise when doing the yard clearance, old tyres and pieces of plasterboard are considered items needing special care. 

The Scope of a House Clearance

As indicated earlier, the extent of the job largely depends on what is in the house, the condition of the property and where it is situated. Even in the case of an apartment clearance, the cost is related to the access and the amount of possessions in the unit. If it is on the third floor with no elevator, it’s more difficult for the service provider to access than if it is on the ground floor. 

In the case of a hoarder, expect the place to be disorderly or at least very cluttered and difficult to clear. A high-volume content will cost more than one which is well apportioned and not overcrowded with items. 

The favourite place to store unused things is the garage, and often this becomes so full that it's difficult to get the car inside. In this instance the quantity of items also must be taken into consideration when quoting on the house clearance. 

Attics and lofts require inspection when doing a house clearance just to make sure that there are no surprises, and these areas are included in the quotes. There are always bulky and awkward items that may require tools like ropes and pulleys to lift and remove. Even a simple mattress that we use daily requires special care when being disposed of and is viewed differently from other forms of junk. 

Normally the purpose of doing a house clearance is to make sure the house is free of anything so that the next occupants can move in. This means that all the current household goods must be collected and disposed of or stored appropriately according to instructions. 

Hazardous and toxic substances are to be clearly identified in the process as to that they do no harm. Heavy and bulky goods that need special lifting equipment will be assessed and an extra cost could be incurred for their removal because of their size or weight. 

House Clearance? There’s Junk Removal Wirral 

The cost of a house clearance will depend on its state and the amount of goods that need removing. A responsible junk removal company like Junk Removal Wirral is ready to remove and dispose of house contents whenever you need a house clearance. 

We use recycling and eco-friendly methods to dispose of the junk and separate it on the spot at the house to ensure that each waste stream is disposed of properly. Our professional junk collection team will arrive equipped with all the necessary tools to do the house clearance in the shortest space of time possible and leave the place neat and tidy when they are finished.  

Our house clearance quotations are free, and we quote after inspection of the area concerned. When we arrive to view the area needing to be cleared, please be sure to show us all the areas around the house, upstairs, downstairs, attic to basement so that we can inspect the contents. A yard clearance will involve the garden shed and garage as well as what could be on the patio and other areas where there are items that need clearing. 

Be sure to show us everything so that our guys can do the job to the best of their ability. Remember that a house clearance can take a day or longer, so put the time aside for that purpose. 

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