What to Do When You Are Faced with Building Site Waste

When You Need a House Clearance, Do It The Right Way
When You Need a House Clearance, Do It The Right Way
April 26, 2022

What to Do When You Are Faced with Building Site Waste

Doing a renovation is a great idea. Planning for it may involve drawings and searching the net for shiny new accessories, and this often overshadows the messy part which is the generation of construction rubble in the preparatory phase. Clearing building site waste quickly and effectively helps keep the area clean, allowing those involved in the building to get the job done quicker. 

But don’t let the joy of getting a nice new extension or home revamp be spoilt by building site waste, it’s part of the pain that one needs to go through when doing a renovation. Remember, no pain, no gain!

To clear construction waste, a competent waste company is needed. Not only that, but the building site waste removal must also be done by a licensed company. This is because with builders’ rubble there is always the temptation to take short cuts and sometimes it ends up being fly tipped somewhere. 

Junk Removal Wirral provides a wide range of waste management services on the Wirral peninsula which include the collection, transport, and disposal of building site waste. Other services include bulky household furniture removals, appliance removals, garden refuse removal and garage cleanouts.

The are some important considerations involved with builders’ rubble, not least the fact that it should all be recycled and not end up in the landfill. 

What can Building Waste be Used For? 

Not everyone knows that builders’ rubble has a value in recycling. It is composed of a range of different materials some having a good secondary materials market. The materials that come to mind immediately are old baths, basins, showers, doors, and windows. There are also materials that have aesthetic or architectural value, such as old pillars, columns, and effects that show a great deal of craftmanship. 

These items can be sold to a secondhand shop which is normally known for having used builders’ materials for sale. These materials are popular as many new builds use these old materials to add character. 

First its good to know that all building site waste can be recycled. By this it means that the builders’ rubble can be taken to a business that will process the waste products and convert this into a new form. A good example is the making of bricks from processed builders’ rubble. Another is the using of these materials like old concrete and broken bricks to make aggregates for building roads. 

If the new materials that are being manufactured are load bearing, then they need to comply with high standards that are set by the authorities. 

Waste Separation and Builders’ Rubble 

The most familiar principles of waste separation are likely to be found in the home. Green bins, yellow bins, brown bins, you name them, all colour coded to mean that a particular category of waste should be deposited in each one of them. 

The problem with building site waste is that when a demolition takes place on a large scale a bulldozer goes in and demolishes the structure in its entirety. This means that all the different components end up in one pile, with everything on top of each other. Bearing in mind that in some cases there may be hazardous materials in the pile, it can’t be assumed that the builders rubble is safe for reuse. 

Concerted efforts are being made in the deconstruction of buildings nowadays to disassemble the building meant for demolition in a planned way. This will save separation of the components at a later stage, which is a complicated job

This helps identify the individual components and to be able to assess both the quality and quantity thereof. From this point onwards the various buyers in the secondary materials markets can collect or receive the building site waste knowing that it’s not mixed up with other materials. 

Don’t let the Problem get on Top of You

Making space to do your renovation is key to having a good working area to do the changes that you are planning. It means that you shouldn’t let the waste get the better of you. This is why it’s important to have a reliable service provider who can haul the junk away. Some recommend that a fixed arrangement is made with the junk hauler to move the builders’ rubble on a planned basis, like once or twice a week. 

Place your building site waste in an area that is accessible for collection, while at the same time is not in your way. Instruct staff to ensure that the materials are not mixed up. Even when removing materials on site, keep resale in mind by not succumbing to the idea of wielding a large ten-pound hammer. 

The accumulation of demolition debris causes lots of mess, so it’s important to be on top of it all the time. As a rule, builders’ rubble should not be older than five days, so a routine of clearing builders’ rubble in Wirral and surrounds requires the services of a licensed waste management company like ours.

Arrange your Builders Rubble Removal with Junk Removal Wirral 

One call to our friendly professionals will ease your worries about your mounting builders’ rubble and what to do with it. Give us a call and we will give you a no obligation quote. 

After the builders’ rubble removal, we conduct a cleanup to ensure that the working area is clean and tidy. We ask that the rubble is free of toxins and harmful chemicals as we are not a service provider that handles hazardous materials. 

Once our team collects the builders’ rubble, we distribute it to ruse and recycling. Cement and bricks often make up the majority of it, but steel reinforcing and metal frames are extracted and sent for reprocessing to metal dealers. 

Handling the load is a job for the experts. Once we establish the size of the load, we can send the appropriate vehicle to transport it to the disposal site. We work in line with the goals of the authorities to achieve the targets for construction and demolition waste. 

Help us do our job by making sure that it is not disposed of illegally. For this reason, we strongly suggest you call us first when you are doing your renovation and you have builders’ rubble to dispose of. 

Call us at the following number: 0151 808 0407

We look forward to hearing from you.

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