Every Responsible Act of Rubbish Removal Helps the Planet

Choose Your Removal Service Carefully: According to the Size and Kind of Load
Choose Your Removal Service Carefully: According to the Size and Kind of Load
May 17, 2022
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Getting rid of Business Waste is More than Just Simple Junk Removal: There are Rules
May 29, 2022

Every Responsible Act of Rubbish Removal Helps the Planet

The news seems full of reports of disasters nowadays. Floods from excessive rain, wildfires burning out of control and heatwaves that have never been experienced before seem to be on the increase. How can a single act of responsible rubbish removal help reduce these problems? It hardly seems likely, but if everyone does it, their actions will help reduce these incidents across the planet. 

Whether it’s the fact that we are all connected to social media and reporting is made a whole lot more accessible, there is no doubt that we are hearing a great deal more about an environment is experiencing a lot of change. A good deal of focus is on climate change, two words that are manifested by indicators that many places are recording high temperatures that have never been reached before.

The problems our natural environment is facing is directly caused by the actions of man himself, who is unsettling the delicate balance of nature through irresponsible actions on the land, in the sea and to the air that we breathe. 

So, with all this bad news coming our way, how can we help? How can our waste management actions contribute to the lessening of the effect we have on the environment? 

One reason for licensing rubbish removal service providers like us at Junk Removal Wirral is because waste management companies like ourselves lead the way when it comes to responsible rubbish removal. Every ounce of rubbish collection and rubbish disposal we do is done the right way. We are entrusted to be the guardians of rubbish removal to ensure that it is done in an environmentally friendly way. 

Getting the Better of Waste 

As we know we are faced with the problem of growing populations and a throw away society making use of many single-use items, especially those made of plastic. This has become one of the major threats to the environment. Not only that, our manufacturing practices, in an effort to maximize outputs also have been shown to cross the line with the disposal of toxic waste and harmful chemicals into water courses particularly. 

Landfill sites are becoming more responsible for the increasing generation of methane gas, which is known to be a big contributor to greenhouse gas levels. 

This all means that a professional waste management company has an onerous job to do to make sure that wherever possible waste products that are taken away when conducting a rubbish removal in your area are that we one of your most important service providers in your community. 

What Problems Are We Facing? 

We all agree that some serious action must be taken This is why climate change has become the major focus of Governments around the world. Let’s start with Pollution.

The key elements of nature, like water, air and soil are often harmed together because of way pollution spreads through the environment. Once polluted, soil and water take a long time to recover to return to their original pristine state. All pollution needs to be tackled together as they are all interlinked. 

For example, to prevent water pollution industry in particular needs to comply with the strict laws of the land, and there needs to be an enforcement process. In the same way citizens should comply with local Council by-laws when it comes to matters of waste disposal. 

Agriculture also brings with it pressure of pollution of the soil through the use of pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers. This is especially relevant as food security becomes more urgent and soil is put under pressure to yield higher returns. 

The overuse of fertilizers brings about a nitrogen imbalance in nature which causes eutrophication, and when this happens it affects plant growth, particularly in a marine environment. 

Being Responsible with the Way We Treat Our Planet 

As we strive to reduce the effects of global warming the focus is on changing human habits that are generating greenhouse gases. The rising tide of human overpopulation of course is not helping as the burden of the environment keeps increasing with it. This alone is putting strain on natural resources including food, and water. 

It also leads to increased industrialization as the world will need more fuel and food to survive. Then in the process, there is an increase in air pollution. 

With the generation of energy, especially the old-style energy using the likes of coal there is an unhealthy contribution to greenhouse gases. The world is trending to electric cars, solar power and generating biogas from waste. All these actions help with lowering carbon footprints. 

Being responsible starts with all of us. When you think about cutting down a tree, consider how old it is, how much carbon dioxide it has removed from the atmosphere in its life, and think about the consequences. 

When you are out fishing, there may be a quota to observe, or the fish you are catching could be on the endangered list. Be responsible with your habits, outdoor and indoor, and remember that waste management starts with you!

Junk Removal Wirral 

Our beautiful environment is under threat. The following years may see severe unpredicted weather patterns. This could be in the form of extreme temperatures and unusual rainfall patterns. We have come to expect this because we have been warned about the issues of global warming and climate change. 

A simple act of doing your rubbish removal the correct way will help mitigate such pressures on the environment. While you may think that your efforts don’t count, imagine if everyone were to do it right how quickly the issues will be resolved. 

Our friendly professional team is on call to assist with any rubbish removal that you need in the Wirral area. Our services on the Birkenhead peninsula are of the highest standard. So, when you have a need to get your rubbish removal done the correct way, let us know and we will come at the time you stipulate. Feel free to give us a call for a no obligation quote beforehand to that you can be surprised at our reasonable costs. 

Call us at the following number: 0151 808 0407

We look forward to hearing from you.

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