Getting rid of Business Waste is More than Just Simple Junk Removal: There are Rules

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May 23, 2022
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Getting rid of Business Waste is More than Just Simple Junk Removal: There are Rules

Any commercial concern, whether a restaurant or factory, mine, or shop, generates business waste through their daily activities. In fact, business waste accounts for a major slice of the waste generation both here and across the world. 

To control the correct disposal of business waste all businesses are required to comply with the law. This is a very reasonable request of business owners, who need to stick to the regulations and ensure that their waste management practices are done properly. It means that a business must have a waste management plan, and a team of people that implements it. 

There are Legal Requirements 

Part of the legal requirements is that business waste can’t be disposed of by anyone other than a licensed business waste removal company. In effect it means that the business is not allowed then to remove any of its rubbish and other business waste itself. 

Bear in mind that even a home that is being renovated and has construction and demolition debris to dispose or is generating waste from some sort of business activity also needs to comply with the commercial laws.  

Business waste in Wirral area is dealt with in the same way. A licensed waste removal company like Junk Removal Wirral is mandated to do this job for anyone with a need to dispose of business waste. We remove all types of junk on the peninsula, from household junk removal to business waste removal. 

Junk Removal Wirral offers quick junk removal, as and when it is required. This is dependent on the size of the load. If the loads can be uplifted by two people, then we are the ones to do it. 

Managing Business Waste on the Premises

The need to manage business waste at its source is driven by the disposal requirements and the regulations surrounding them. As there are many kinds of business waste it is important that they are separated where they are generated and not get mixed up with each other. 

Correct disposal procedures are vital in order to minimize the harm that business waste can do to the environment. When we consider what the potential effects of uncontrolled business waste removal can have on the environment, we will see why it is so important to do it according to the law.

Having recognized that it is the duty of business to protect human health and the environment from the potential harm that its waste can cause, a good start would be to use more materials that are recyclable in its processes. 

By reviewing all the processes involved in the waste chain, a business can evaluate whether their processes are complaint. This involves the storage of waste in situ, the removal, and the disposal processes. Besides, there is no sense in incurring a big fine when these processes are not compliant with the law. 

The advantage to the business will be found immediately in supply chain savings, with improvements in ordering, a reduction of raw materials that go to waste and general staff productivity increases. Also, less will be paid to landfill taxes as the waste levels are decreased and more waste is recycled.

What Business Waste Are We Talking About?

A business generates a lot of categories of waste, also depending on the nature of the business, some waste may be more hazardous than others. Clearly it all needs different levels of treatment, which is why a licensed operator is required. 

  • Day-to Day General Waste 

    We know this type of waste: it gets binned in the office, and is a mixed bag of paper, disposable coffee cups, polystyrene trays, and food packaging. Encourage recycling at the business by offering different bins for each category you’d like to recycle. 

    This helps isolate items termed dry mixed recycling. Like plastic bottle, cardboard and paper, and cans. This makes their recycling a lot easier. 

  • Waste from Business Processes

    This could be a very wide range of waste categories, as a building company would mainly have builder’s rubble and other construction and demolition waste, while a food outlet like a restaurant will have leftover food items to deal with. 

    Manufacturing companies that use chemicals always present a danger to the environment, and these waste products need specific treatment when it comes to disposal.  

    It is always good for the health of the staff at the business to have safe waste procedures in place. They will make a valuable contribution to the company’s goals to maintain good hygiene. Customers too, and health authorities are likely to show more appreciation for the business if everything complies. 

Use a Licensed Waste Carrier

Unfortunately, as a business, unless it is licensed to do so, it cannot dispose of the waste itself. As part of the waste management strategy of the business, it is as important to have a good, licensed waste carrier on hand to do the dirty work. How do you know if the waste company is registered? 

Check on the Environment Agency’s Public Registers who is registered in the Wirral and Chester areas. This will give the answer. Of course, you can save time and contact Junk Removal Wirral, the established and respected waste management company based in Wirral. However, if you want to ensure that your waste removal is being done correctly, some of the important questions to ask are where the waste is going to be disposed of, and if it will go to a licensed or an exempt recycling site.

With the environment being under increasing pressure from pollution, the onus is on the business sector to contribute to the reduction of waste. This can be done by reducing the use of non-recyclable raw materials, as well as having waste compliant checks and balances in place in the business. 

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