When Waste Collection Couldn’t be Easier: The 1-2-3 Guidelines

Getting Rid of Business Waste is More than Just Simple Junk Removal There are Rules
Getting rid of Business Waste is More than Just Simple Junk Removal: There are Rules
May 29, 2022
How a Waste Clearance can Contribute to Lowering Environmental Impact
How a Waste Clearance can Contribute to Lowering Environmental Impact
June 10, 2022

When Waste Collection Couldn’t be Easier: The 1-2-3 Guidelines

We are probably all aware that the world is being spoilt by our own waste management practices resulting in uncertainty in weather patterns and the explosion of waste materials in our environment. Unfortunately, this has become a huge problem in communities around the world. Waste collection service providers are having to work harder than ever before and regulations regarding waste disposal are becoming increasingly stricter. 

Quite simply, these measures have become an urgent matter. Rising temperatures, freak storms, and unreliable weather patterns are all signs that we are doing something wrong. And the ones that suffer the most are our flora and fauna, on land and in the water.  

This means that waste collection is one of the worlds’ highest priorities when it comes to getting waste out of the environment. Whether its collecting plastic on the beach or responsible use of builder’s waste, the importance of managing waste cannot be overemphasized. 

This is why waste management companies like Junk Removal Wirral exist. It’s a daily job, a tough one, with rigorous waste collection and waste disposal laws that have to be complied with. 

  1. Waste Collection: Some Guidelines 

    One of the most important issues about waste collection in our communities and neighbourhoods is that waste must be collected safely and frequently when it is generated. 

    Getting rid of waste by efficient waste collection methods ensures that the risks to health or contamination are minimized. It is very crucial that the waste, whichever type it is, is collected from the spot it originates, and is taken straight to the place of ultimate disposal. 

    • Waste Streams 

      Not all waste is the same, and the various kinds of waste need different ways of collection. A big disposal bin may be needed for bulky waste like cardboard, but in the case of leftover food, there will be a need to contain it to ensure that it does not attract vermin or flies. 

      The area waste is stored before a waste collection is done needs to be kept spotlessly clean, as that in itself is a potential trap for unwanted pests. 

    • Recyclable waste

      When preparing waste for recycling, always keep the waste collection guys in mind. At Junk Removal Wirral our team of waste collection professionals is well equipped to collect waste. Gloves are essential, not only to protect against sharp and dangerous objects, but also contaminated waste. Waste collection is not an easy job, it’s messy but the importance of it is undisputed. 

      So, when you are preparing your waste collection, think about making it easy for the waste collector. Put the various waste streams in different coloured bins, keep containers sealed and make sure the waste collection area is clean. 

    • Waste Containers 

      Holding your waste in the correct waste containers while it waits for waste collection is equally as important as any other factor in the waste collection process. As you may be supplied with a 200 liter or group of coloured bins, the job will be done for you. These bins are designed to make waste storage and movement as easy as possible. Most will be equipped with wheels to make it easy for you to take your waste to the waste collection area. 

      As most of them are made of plastic, the reason for this is clear: they are light and easy to clean. Make sure that they are cleaned often to prevent any form of contamination and to help against attracting flies. 

      The number of containers, particularly when running a business, must be sufficient to hold the waste generated by the business until the next waste collection cycle.  Be aware that waste does have a value, and to prevent reclaimers from scratching around in your waste, keep the waste containers in a secure place. 

  1. Waste Readiness Hints

    The process of collecting waste for waste collection needs the correct equipment and protection against the messiness of waste assembly. It means investing in a pair of litter pickers, gloves and possibly boots if you are going to work in damp and dingy places. 

    If you have a business, equipping your waste collection workers with the right personal protective equipment is mandatory. This equipment may also involve cleaning gear like rakes and shovels, while keeping the place clean after waste assembly will need detergents, buckets, and mops. 

    • Transporting waste 

      Best advice is to leave the transport of waste to a registered service provider. This is because they will know exactly what to do with the waste and where to dispose of it best. 

      However, if you are doing it yourself make sure that the waste is transported is secured properly on the vehicle or mechanism you are using to transport it. You wouldn’t want anything falling off into the road on the way to the disposal site. Ensure that you comply with the local laws for transportation and that waste doesn’t pile to unauthorized heights in the vehicle. 

      Make sure you abide by the rules when disposing of your waste, as there are regulations in place for a reason, and that is to protect the environment. 

      Use the shortest route and remember to clean your vehicle and any containers used after making the disposal. You will probably also need some form of personal protective equipment with you when you dispose of your load, so remember to take it with you. 

  1. Call the Professionals: Junk Removal Wirral

    Now that we have briefed you on the last part of the process, the transportation, why not just leave it to the guys who do this part best? 

    Yes, you’ve guessed it, Junk Removal Wirral is your go-to professional in waste collection in Wirral area. We are a registered waste management company operating on the Wirral peninsula, so whether you are in Ellesport or Chester, we are the guys for the job. 

    You may need your waste collected at short notice as a one-off, or on a regular basis. We can do anything you need, quickly and efficiently, on weekends, after hours, you name it. We are here to provide excellent service. 

    So go the stress-free route for waste collection and simply phone the following number: 0151 808 0407

    We are ready to help with your waste collection exactly when you need us. 

Email: enquiries@junkremovalwirral.co.uk




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