What to Do with a Hot Tub You Hardly Use

New Ideas to Help Improve Waste Reduction and Disposal
New Ideas to Help Improve Waste Reduction and Disposal
November 19, 2022
Of all the Waste that Shouldn’t go to Rubbish Collection, its Plastic
Of all the Waste that Shouldn’t go to Rubbish Collection, its Plastic
December 15, 2022
New Ideas to Help Improve Waste Reduction and Disposal
New Ideas to Help Improve Waste Reduction and Disposal
November 19, 2022
Of all the Waste that Shouldn’t go to Rubbish Collection, its Plastic
Of all the Waste that Shouldn’t go to Rubbish Collection, its Plastic
December 15, 2022

The idea of having a hot tub at home appeals to most of us. After all, who can blame anyone for thinking that it’s an ideal place to relax and pamper the body with the feel of water soothing the skin? The facts are that many of those that have invested in a hot tub at home hardly ever use it. 

For some reason, the intention of lounging in a hot tub every other evening after work to ease a tired and aching back doesn’t seem to materialize. On top of that, a lot of hot tub owners have only realized after they have bought one that a hot tub uses a lot of energy, and with the tightening of belts, this isn’t an ideal situation to have if it is not being used as intended. 

Recent research shows that over half the households in the UK are not using their hot tubs. After the spike in sales during the lockdown days, it appears the appetite for hot tub use is waning.

The difficulty is that hot tubs don’t have a good resale value, and once purchased, their value declines rapidly. Getting rid of a hot tub is also problematic as we will see. Junk Removal Wirral has received many requests about hot tub removal. Being a bulky item, the answer is not straightforward as we shall see.

We mentioned the cost of electricity as contributing to the high cost of a hot tub. This is a big factor in hot tubs not being used, as owners prefer to save the £ 100 monthly cost involved, and also save on the chemicals required to keep the water clean. 

Hot Tub Removal: Should You, or Shouldn’t You?

Besides the fact that hot tub has become expensive to run, there are some additional reasons for them not being used as frequently as intended. It means that in many households they have become a white elephant and are covered or isolated and considered in the way. 

For some reason, owners also underestimate the maintenance required to keep a hot tub going, and others may feel that it’s an unnecessary burden on the environment in a climate that already has many environmental challenges. 

On the other hand, if owners are trying to minimize household costs, then luxuries like owning a hot tub are sure to be the first ones to be cut, especially if it is not being fully used. 

Additionally, many new owners who had the time on their hands under lockdown conditions simply don’t have the time to spend relaxing in a hot tub now that they are back at work full time. 

Also, regarding maintenance, hot tubs are known to suffer from weather damage, leaks, and other accidental harm, all of which require money to be spent on them. 

With all these factors to consider, owners are considering what to do with their hot tubs that they are not really using. 

What are the Decisions to be Made? 

The first and the most obvious is to limit the cost of running a hot tub. Therefore, the decision to decommission it should be considered. In this way, the potential to damage it, and the cost of running and maintaining it will be limited. 

This means that it will be necessary to disconnect the electricity and water supply and drain the tub of water. It’s a good idea to cover the hot tub completely so that the outside weather elements can’t do any damage either. 

Hot tub owners that get to this point face a few hard decisions. What to do with the hot tub from now on. If it’s not being used, why keep it?

The secondhand market is likely to be full of hot tub owners trying to do the same, which means that the price you are going to get is not going to be very satisfactory. This means that you are going to lose on your investment, especially if you acquired it recently, and this is a hard knock to take. 

Others who can’t be bothered with the trouble of advertising it, removing it from its position, and getting it sold to a new owner may simply make a call and ask a junk removal company to come and collect it and dispose of it.

If you are energetic and something of a DIYer you may choose to remove the hot tub yourself. This means breaking it up and transporting it to a place like a landfill that will accept it. 

Hot Tub Removal Made Easy 

Remembering that a hot tub is robust and was built to last, the job of breaking it up isn’t for the faint-hearted. Also, there will be components that you would want to isolate, protect, and sell, like the pump, its fittings, and some others. 

Calling a junk hauler like Junk Removal Wirral is a good idea, as they are in the business to do so. Ensure that you know how it will be disposed of and insist that the hot tub disposal is done in an environmental way. This is part of our contract with the junk hauler, and it's ultimately in your interest to know because it’s a bulky form of waste that in normal circumstances is hard to dispose of. 

If you decide to trade it in for something else or sell it on the open market, the removal and transport become a big hurdle to overcome. Again, you may want the junk hauler to do this for you. 

In the case of the professionals at Junk Removal Wirral, our man and van service could perform this task for you and simply deliver it to the client of your choice. 

Get in Contact for Hot Tub Removal 

One call and we are there when you need a hot tub removed. If you decide to remove the hot tub, decommission it first and then simply contact us. 

Either go online on our contact page or email us directly or call on the following number: 

0151 808 0407

We look forward to hearing from you.

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