Of all the Waste that Shouldn’t go to Rubbish Collection, its Plastic

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December 12, 2022
Junk Removal Services for a Cleanout When Needed
Junk Removal Services for a Cleanout When Needed
December 16, 2022

Of all the Waste that Shouldn’t go to Rubbish Collection, its Plastic

There is little doubt that plastic is a popular and widely used commodity across the globe. In our modern world, we are so used to plastic, we can hardly imagine life without it. But when it comes to disposing of plastic waste after use, it’s one waste type that should never reach the landfill. 

The problem is that there is so much plastic in circulation that is already in the environment. Does this mean that it’s a little too late to do anything about it? In fact, we are paying the price of our bad waste management practices in the past as its evident that already over 80% of the plastic that has gone into the rubbish collection is now lying in a landfill somewhere. 

This of course becomes very harmful to the environment, as plastic takes forever if at all, to decompose. Also, the plastics manufacturing industry itself has become so big and entrenched, that its difficult to convince users and manufacturers to consider alternatives. 

Naturally, waste management companies like us at Junk Removal Wirral are highly aware of the issue of plastic and try all possible ways to prevent plastic from polluting our local environment. 

In order to overcome some of the hurdles associated with the junk collection and waste disposal of plastic, many creative ways have been suggested to get on top of this harmful commodity called plastic and reduce its effect on the environment. 

But first, let’s remind ourselves why plastic is such a threat to our existence:

Plastic: Why it’s a Threat

The two major reasons for being in this position are because plastic is not bio-degradable, and the bad management including collection and disposal have now resulted in many environmental problems in metropolitan areas, in the rivers and seas and the countryside generally. 

There is no doubt that plastic is durable, but the problem is that it remains that way when it has been discarded. Most disposed plastics now lie on the land or in water. 

As a disposal method incineration isn’t the answer either as trying to dispose of the material this way releases harmful gases into the atmosphere causing greenhouse gas and air pollution. Similarly thinking that plastic can be buried in the sea is simply nonsensical given its hydroscopic nature and the contaminants plastic contains.  

Is Plastic a Necessity? 

Saying “down with plastic” is all very well. But let us ask the question whether plastic is a necessity. It would appear that plastic use is so deeply entrenched that we cannot do without it. 

Its use in packaging is universal and there can be no doubt about its role in preservation of the contents it is packed in, keeping products sterile, hygienic, and safe. Almost half the plastic used globally is for packaging, and ultimately its an inexpensive solution to manufacturers who need to preserve foodstuffs, medicines, and perishables. 

Plastics versatility cannot be disputed, and this has been thanks to continuous innovation of the materials both in the kind of plastic for various applications, and overall use across industry.

But this has come at a cost as we see, as there has been an explosion of plastic in use, and the waste management technologies and waste disposal disciplines have lagged in the process, putting this enormous burden on our environment.   Due to increasingly greater applications for use, these products generate huge post-utilization waste burden on the environment.

Correct Plastic Waste Collection and Disposal 

We have emphasized how important it is to keep plastic out of the daily solid waste disposal chain. Given that there is so much plastic around its little wonder that customers become a little careless about their waste habits. Keeping an eye on plastic needs a lot of focus and dedication. 

If plastic is to be recycled properly, the cycle of plastic waste collection, sorting into the different types of plastic, cleaning through washing, shredding and compacting needs to be done. This can only be done by a licensed recycling business.

There are a number of recognized ways to deal with your plastic waste. Here they are:

  • Curbside Collections

    Well organized communities promote the responsible collection of plastic in their neighbourhood through the provision of deposit and pickup points in the town. These very conveniently placed pickup points are a great way to encourage the residents to recycle their plastic and take part in a program to help reduce the footprint of plastic in their community. 
  • Selling Your Plastic Waste

    Imagine getting some money back for your plastic. If this sounds impossible, then look out for a buy-back center in your area. They may be a whole lot stricter about the plastic they take from you. This is because it should be separated into the different types of plastic, often by colour too. Also, they are sure to want you to have washed the plastic so that its ready for reprocessing straight away. 
  • Deposits

    Forward thinking manufacturers are asking deposits on containers and re-imbursement when the container is returned to them. This ensures that the plastic container is used again and again. 

All of this amounts to a way to efficiently collect plastic waste so that it can be reconverted into another product to promote the reuse of plastic. So instead of having carbon gases produced when the plastic waste is incinerated, or plastic waste that is not bio-degradable lying in the soil or our water, the threat of pollution is avoided. 

Junk Removal Wirral: We Play Our Part

Being at the forefront of fighting the war against plastic waste, Junk Removal Wirral and other concerned waste management companies play their part by ensuring that plastic is kept out of the environment. 

In this way our community health is assured, less raw materials are needed to make new plastic and the natural areas are free of the scourge of plastic.

Help us by following suite, and when you require help from a rubbish collection company, think Junk Removal Wirral.

Call the following number: 

0151 808 0407

We are ready to help with your waste collection exactly when you need us. 

Email: enquiries@junkremovalwirral.co.uk



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