Spare a Thought for The Rubbish Disposal Guys over The Festive Season

Is Waste Management Getting Smarter We Hope So
Is Waste Management Getting Smarter? We Hope So!
January 1, 2023
Christmas Food Waste - Junk Removal Wirral
Enjoy Christmas but help Cut Down on Food Waste While You Do.
January 9, 2023
Is Waste Management Getting Smarter We Hope So
Is Waste Management Getting Smarter? We Hope So!
January 1, 2023
Christmas Food Waste - Junk Removal Wirral
Enjoy Christmas but help Cut Down on Food Waste While You Do.
January 9, 2023

Spare a Thought for The Rubbish Disposal Guys over The Festive Season

With the festive season around the corner, it is time to gear up and get ready for some well-deserved celebrations of a year gone and a new one on the way. Thoughts should go out to the people that are still working over this period. Not least are the rubbish disposal guys that will be on the beat cleaning up your junk for you. 

Given that at this time of the year, the junk volumes are higher than normal due to our excesses, there is little for them to celebrate. So, if you can, make an effort to make their day when they come by. 

Waste management provisions are an especially important part of our local services. It is not only the daily waste that we generate but also all the other kinds of waste that we decide to dispose of at this time. 

Local rubbish removal professionals like us at Junk Removal Wirral will be on hand to do a rubbish removal whatever junk is ready for collection over this time. By having a private waste management service provider on call you are assured of junk collections at very short notice, as and when you need it. 

We come to your door and collect the rubbish, no matter the type or size of the load. It means that your fun and enjoyment of a junk-free festive season is assured!

Rubbish Removal When You Need it 

If you are taking a short break over this period, you are sure to have some spare time to do some of the things that you were not able to get done during your busy year. 

Maybe you are thinking ahead to next year, what you are going to do and are making a few resolutions. You may want to make some space for yourself for a hobby. If a garage cleanout is envisaged, think about all the extra room you will have to work in. 

A garage cleanout normally generates a mixed bag of junk, much of which can be recycled, given away or sold as second hand. Call the Junk Removal Wirral professionals when you need this rubbish removed, we know exactly what to do with junk like this.

If you are really feeling energetic and decide to remove that hot tub that is not being used, the removal and disposal is particularly tricky if you are doing it yourself. In this case, get the experts, they will make the job much easier for you as they do hot tub removals all the time. 

Also difficult, because of their bulky nature is a refrigerator disposal and appliance disposal. Not only are they heavy, but they can’t be transported easily either. Don’t be tempted to do this yourself, it’s a back-breaking affair. Give us a call for this kind of rubbish removal when required. 

It could also be a suitable time to decide that your night’s sleep could improve the following year. Doing a mattress disposal is far more difficult than buying one. Ask the retailer you are thinking of buying a new one from if they take old mattresses, or alternately give the junk removalists a call. 

Doing a small renovation? Builders' waste is also a challenging waste stream to dispose of. Here it is particularly important to do the right thing and get it cleared the right way. Let us at Junk Removal Wirral show you how. 

Help us with the Separation 

Another way to spare a thought for the rubbish removal guys is to have your rubbish ready for collection in a format that they would love. You see, rubbish removalists like the Junk Removal team are always doing the rubbish disposal the correct way. 

The fact that not all rubbish ends up getting disposed of the same way means that when the team does a rubbish collection it should be in separate piles, to make it easy to identify what waste needs to be disposed of. 

In order to divert as much waste from the landfill as possible, each waste item must be considered for best treatment when it is no longer needed.

For rubbish removal personnel the messiest part of the job is having to pick at waste and try and separate it when it is all mixed up. Now, over the festive season, we tend to forget this and by doing so we make it difficult for them to do their job to the best of their ability.

Just imagine all your Christmas lunch leftovers oozing all over the plastic and glass bottles that you are throwing away at this time. It is almost an impossible task to do the right thing once they are all mixed up. 

And hey, it's not fair on the rubbish disposal guys, is it?

Think About the Environment 

This is also a suitable time to relax and bond with nature, get some walks in, and try and work off the excesses of the season. For many communing with nature also is therapeutic and while doing so an opportunity to think about our own contribution to improving our environment. 

Simple waste management actions that are responsible should be on the new year’s resolutions list of most of us in this era of what is on everyone’s lips: climate change. 

A lot has to do with waste, where emissions are creating greenhouse gases that are changing climate patterns. While the issue is so large and complex, our individual actions all make a difference if our waste disposal habits were to improve. 

So, while you are at it, enjoying your festive break, please, give the environment some thought! 

Cleaning Up Your Community 

We will know that you are thinking of the rubbish removal guys when you separate the plastic waste from the food waste leftovers. It’s the thought that counts, so they say. 

Please place everything in the appropriate rubbish disposal containers so that the rubbish removal trucks can come and collect when they are full. 

Rubbish removal is our life, we love cleaning up your community, even when you are enjoying your festive season. 

If you need a first-class junk removal service over the festive season, give us a call on   

0151 808 0407

We will do your waste collection anytime you need us. 


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