Is Waste Management Getting Smarter? We Hope So!

Junk Removal Wirral Make Haste and Reduce Waste The End is Coming
Make Haste and Reduce Waste: The End is Coming
December 27, 2022
Spare a Thought for The Rubbish Disposal Guys over The Festive Season
Spare a Thought for The Rubbish Disposal Guys over The Festive Season
January 8, 2023
Junk Removal Wirral Make Haste and Reduce Waste The End is Coming
Make Haste and Reduce Waste: The End is Coming
December 27, 2022
Spare a Thought for The Rubbish Disposal Guys over The Festive Season
Spare a Thought for The Rubbish Disposal Guys over The Festive Season
January 8, 2023

Is Waste Management Getting Smarter? We Hope So!

Thanks to Earthshot and others, we are waking up to the dangers of waste to the environment. With highly original solutions being discovered daily, it could be argued that waste management is getting smarter. Well, we hope so, because it is urgent. 

Materials that are considered useless or not needed anymore are categorized as waste. Resourceful people who make money out of waste sometimes do so because they see a creative use for it and can convert it into a commercially viable product. 

There are many categories of waste, some having more value than others. Waste collection is continuous, like household waste collection performed on the municipal level. More dangerous waste like radioactive or hazardous waste requires a high level of safety measures to be put in place for collection and is a more intricate procedure. 

Local rubbish collection and rubbish removal are performed on a routine basis, while a licensed private company like Junk Removal Wirral is equipped to come on short notice or during emergencies to perform a rubbish clearance when required. 

What happens to waste when it occurs is the big question. Landfills were created as places where waste could be left to decompose and hopefully after a while the land would recover. In many places landfills haven’t been well managed however and remain scars on the earth’s surface. 

What Waste is Being Generated?

To the man in the street, many are only exposed to household waste. The daily deposits in the waste bin that go into the wheely and once a week get hauled off on rubbish collection day. It’s a collection of food that’s gone to waste, papers and packaging and anything that gets thrown out of the house for the week. 

This all goes directly to the landfill to do further damage to the environment. With our throw-away attitudes any single use plastic container, box or another packaging could end up the same way unless it is recycled. 

A bigger waste stream is what happens in the industry, called commercial waste, it can be any form of waste from the production process of a business. There are many categories of waste generated here, and the onus is on the business owner to keep waste minimal and have a waste management plan in place. 

When looking at the construction industry, there is a load of waste emanating from this source, and whether it is generated form demolition or during the process of building, there is a real opportunity to reuse and recycle these materials. 

Of course, there is a whole group of dangerous wastes, like medical, chemical, hazardous and radioactive waste, terms which are interlinked in varying degrees of ability to do harm. 

Last but not least, there is a steady stream of electronic waste that keeps on being generated due to our fascination with new technology and our throw away society. 

What Harm is Waste Doing? 

With all this waste around, it’s not surprising that a lot of harm is being caused. Although self-inflicted, it’s worse in some areas than others. One of the challenges is that less fortunate communities have municipalities that have fewer resources to fight the threat of waste.

  • The Dangers of Unattended Waste

    If not managed correctly waste starts to attract pests and vermin and starts to rot where it is standing. This poses an environmental threat prior to rubbish collection. This means that in the average household where the rubbish collection and junk disposal isn’t done timeously the presence of uncollected rubbish becomes a health threat.

    In a work environment hazardous waste poses a threat to employee safety and waste from production processes that contain chemicals are a danger to the environment and the staff too. Also waste water needs thorough treatment before it is released into the waterways.

    Therefore, the threat to the environment must be minimized through responsible waste management activities at home and at work.
  • What Should be Done for Waste Management?

    With landfills filling up, more space is necessary to do rubbish disposals which means that good forward planning and suitable land is needed to accommodate the growing rubbish coming from society.

    As landfills close because they are full, the restoration management must be on a high level to ensure that the land is not damaged forever considering the emissions that are still coming from the landfill site.

    Imagine a huge patch of land breathing CO2 and methane into the atmosphere for years to come. This is surely one of the major reasons why we are experiencing climate change patterns showing such danger signs.

    Good practices start at home however and every household, to make a difference, should start to minimize their waste and aim for a zero-waste target. It goes without saying that if every household were to recycle all their glass, plastic, cardboard and aluminium, these actions would go far to help our world against the growing impact of waste on our lives. 
  • Keep Wirral Clean

    It starts with us and that’s why Junk Removal Wirral as concerned licensed waste carriers near you are so determined to ensure that the community is kept clean and free of the hazards caused by indiscriminate waste management.

    From schools to businesses, let's do it. Think about what can be done to keep our towns clean, and report problems and illegal fly tipping if it is seen near you. Participate in any community actions that concern our beautiful environment so that we can enjoy it forever.

    Make recycling your next step in reducing waste in your surroundings, and get the family involved. 

Junk Removal Wirral: Your Helping Hand

When the need arises to have a household clearance, business cleanup or garden cleanup, there are sure to be many items that are difficult to dispose of. In this instance, a private junk cleaner and rubbish removal company can come to your assistance, at short notice.  

At Junk Removal Wirral, our commitment to the cleanliness of your town is assured through our motto of providing service excellence when it is needed. 

It means that no matter the size of the job, the complexity or how dirty it is, we are the ones for you. Then, think Junk Removal Wirral and call us.

When you need a rubbish clearing service call us on 0151 808 0407

We will be glad to hear from you.


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