Business Waste is a Big Problem, and Something Can be Done About It

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January 24, 2023
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When Moving bulky waste is a Challenge, Who to Call for Help removal
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January 24, 2023
Progressive Rubbish Waste Management Junk Removal Wirral
Progressive Ways to Make A Smaller Amount of Rubbish
February 19, 2023

Business Waste is a Big Problem, and Something Can be Done About It

Business waste has reached an all-time high, where paper misuse and printing especially is hopelessly too much of a contributor. Many of the printed forms, be it junk mail, newspapers, mailshots, packaging or mistakes made in printing, contribute to excess waste being generated by business.

There are many more areas of needless waste at work, but where business can make a difference by instituting a few initiatives to counter this. One is by encouraging its employees to be more careful with paper use, to look at recycling initiatives and ways to reuse some of the paper that is going to waste unnecessarily. 

But it is not only paper that is the cause of excessive business waste. There are many others, and the good news is that the majority of business waste- in the region of 70% is recyclable. This means that if done correctly, the control of business waste can greatly reduce the burden on landfills. 

Junk Removal Wirral is a licensed waste management company that provides rubbish removal services in Wirral and surrounding areas. We assist business in implementing schemes and waste reduction programs to help reduce the impact of waste on the environment. 

Identifying Business Waste

In forward thinking businesses, the management of waste generated by their employees and rubbish disposal methods are subject to a program of waste reduction, with targets which are set by a team that is committed to the project.

Such waste management programs will focus on the following waste streams:

  • Food waste

    In the office environment, the busy lifestyles of working people often dictate how food is acquired and consumed. In many instances food is bought on the day in the form of take-outs, which means that a lot of extra single use packaging is used.

    Ideally a sensible arrangement should be the provision of water and coffee in reusable cups and a canteen where food waste and packaging can be managed.
  • Electronic waste

    Always a challenge for business is what to do with their e-waste when equipment and gadgets are no longer used. This includes a wide variety of machines, printers and electronics, many of which contain toxic substances and are a danger to the environment. Once e-waste has been collected the business has the moral responsibility to ensure that it all goes to recycling. It is advisable always to use a licensed waste management company to manage this process for them.
  • General Waste

    The easy way out has always to provide one bin which all employees use to dispose of their trash. But it shouldn’t be like that. As most of the waste that is generated at work consists of paper, glass, plastic, and aluminium, and which can be recycled.

    By providing three or more well labeled bins to dispose of their junk separately, employees can all instantly start to contribute to the cause of reducing the load on the landfill. 

Towards a Sustainable Office Situation  

Working in a clean environment that is free of waste is good for employee morale and promotes good productivity. Doing the right thing when it comes to dealing with waste issues is another motivating action for everyone. Getting to this kind of sustainable office is a management issue and should be driven by a team of involved people. It needn’t be difficult either, and the results are satisfying. 

Here are some ideas for better waste management at the office 

  • Put together The Eco-Team

    This initiative should be driven by someone enthusiastic and persuasive who can help put in place the agreed upon routines that will help reduce office waste. 
  • Reduce paper usage

    Part of the program can be the drive to achieve zero-paper usage in the office. If this is impossible, because some paper items are always needed, then staff are to be encouraged to think every time before printing something, and when printing is done, to do double-sided printing. 
  • Composting of food waste

    Where the company has a garden, a compost heap is a great idea to help put nutrients back into the soil and to take an interest in making the surrounds more attractive. Naturally, any food waste or clippings from the lawn, trimmings from the foliage and any other suitable organic materials can be used to make compost. 
  • Recycle electronics

    The Eco-team could issue a policy regarding the reuse and recycling aspects of electronic waste. This happens when this comes disposing of the office equipment and gadgets at work and replacing with new. Often a secure storage place will be handy to collect the e-waste materials and to keep them there until the recycling can be done. 
  • Put a central recycling process in place

    Collecting the various recyclable materials can be done, much like the e-waste, in a central spot, somewhere on the premises, where recyclables can be held until they can be collected. Typically, these should be divided into the popular categories, glass, aluminium, cardboard and plastic. 
  • Provide office dishes, supplies for catering

    To help reduce the amount of packaging and food waste, eco minded businesses may supply all the necessary utensils and supplies, including water dispenses and reusable glasses for catering. It means that staff have everything at work and want for little, and won’t have to worry about using single use plastics and similar packaging supplies. 

Get a Partner in Waste Management 

With all these activities in place, it is a great help to have a reliable partner in waste management who will collect the office junk and get it recycled. Having a licensed local junk removal company on hand to come out as and when needed helps keep the office environment free of waste. 

Having an office waste management in the eco-plan that all staff buy into will help with the achievement of the goals of the eco-team. An environmentally aware company often gets the praises of their customers, and their suppliers, who are encouraged to do the same. 

Junk Removal Wirral encourages eco-conscious activities at home and at work, for the good of the Wirral community. 

If junk removal is needed in the Wirral, Liverpool, Chester, and Ellesmere Port area.  

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