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Your Personal Contribution to Help Prevent Climate Change – Wirral

As climate change becomes more evident all over the world, it's clear that the way things are going, we are all going to be in deep trouble one day unless we change our ways. As humans alone are responsible for the emergence of climate change, only us can do something about it.

As the beginning of a new year is the time that we make promises to ourselves, be it about health or financial issues, why not add another one to the list: to contribute to help prevent climate change. This may be to read up on the subject and be informed, join an activist movement, or simply by applying waste wise principles at home or at your business.  Whatever you choose, unless we start making big changes in the way we deal with our waste, we are going to be passing on an environmentally messy future to generations. 

Let’s discover how we can manage our waste more effectively and be able to reduce the amount of waste we generate, disposing of it more sustainably. 


What Contribution can we Make?

  • If you are involved in business, then a waste management plan should be in place which has targets built in to reduce waste levels and the effect on the environment. 
  • Let’s review our own waste habits of how we deal with waste and show others by leading from the front. 
  • The basic materials such as aluminium, glass, paper/cardboard and plastic should never end up in any other place than a recycling centre.
  • Join community activities in the Wirral area that participate in environmental programs, and keep up with local Council initiatives.
  • Remembering Reuse, Recycle, and always Reduce principles. Apply them to your everyday life.
  • Be aware of keeping as much as possible out of landfills and the oceans, protecting the soil, sea, and nature.


Setting your Waste Goals

  • If you are the goal setter regarding waste in your home or business, motivate all those around you to do recycling, especially by separating the basics like plastic, glass, aluminium and paper and not including these in Council collections. 
  • At home, the use of coloured bins or containers makes it easy to keep the different waste streams apart.  
  • Best you know exactly what you can deliver for recycling in Wirral  and where the recyclers are.
  • Outside in your garden, much of the garden waste can be used for the purposes of making compost. Start a vermiculture project for yourself to add value to your garden fertilization. The leftovers from the kitchen serve as a good source of food for your worm farm. 
  • Businesses in manufacturing especially, can be prone to producing methane gas from normal commercial activities. As this leads to greenhouse gas emissions, all the methane entering the atmosphere adds to the collective problem causing climate change.
  • Never underestimate the number of materials that are considered useless but can be reused for some purpose. In the UK alone the average amount of waste produced by a household is more than a ton a year. If this is the trend around the world, it's hard to imagine the impact that waste overall has on our planet. 
  • There are a lot of materials that are considered waste that can be reused. With each UK household producing an excessive amount of waste each day, estimated at more than a ton a year, this is sure to put pressure on our planet. 
  • We at Junk Removal Wirral, a private waste company based in your community, augment council collections by offering value added services, like after hours and a wide range of waste disposal items. 


Why Sustainable Waste Disposal is So Important

The pressure of the growing populations around the world, all consuming goods that end up in the waste chain, means that the environment is under increasing pressure. Pressure on the other hand is being put on governments to implement programs to do something about climate change by NGOs such as Greenpeace who are activists of climate change. These NGO’s are play a critically important role increasing awareness and lobbying with governments around the world. 

Food waste is also a big problem because discarded food is a methane gas producer. In the UK alone, 7 tons of food a year that is still edible is destroyed and thrown into landfills. Unfortunately, climate change affects mostly the poor. Struggling farmers who have their lands and homes destroyed by irregular weather suffer greatly, and food security is jeopardized in the process. This is commonly seen where cyclones or raging fires take place on levels never seen before.

Melting ice because of warmer water has been observed on a grand scale in the Arctic and Antarctic regions lately. No one can doubt that this is a result of global warming. The net result is that plants, fishes, and animal lives are affected, and in some areas, certain species are endangered. Additional pollution, the huge amount of plastic in the ocean, or oil spills are also putting the ecology of the natural environment at risk. Humans are in effect, through their indiscriminate waste habits, putting their own food security at risk. 


Why Use Junk Removal Wirral?

Climate change is really in the public focus. This is for good reason as it’s the problem faced by every country globally. In the UK we have seen floods and irregular weather patterns reminding us of the imminent threat. You may require waste removal services or advice on better waste management for yourself. Give us a call if you need any assistance with that. Our trash disposal services are ethical and responsible, so help us keep your town in pristine condition by calling us when you need junk hauling done.

Please contact us today for a No Obligation quote for your rubbish cleanout in the Wirral, Liverpool, Chester, and Ellesmere Port area.  

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